Knowing the Playstyle of a Diamond Player

Improving Your Gameplay in the Ranking System

Some players may have fond memories when they had the chance to Press the Queue Button, and gave a try to the least ugly Champion they got to see in that particular Match. Some of us, had no idea about the Minion wave, how to farm gold, or even when to strike Towers without dying in the process.

Furthermore, with some determination and a little bit of luck, some players kept their motivation in League of Legends to learn a little bit more. And so, little by little players around the World began their story in the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre, for multiple gaming sessions.

LOL ranked
Getting Competitive

Now advancing through time, around a couple of months, with more than a hundred matches in your main account, you tend to familiarize yourself with the contents. First of all, you memorize the names of the Champions that belong to your account. Additionally, you have a clear understanding of the different five main Roles in League of Legends, and somehow you discover a preferred function.

Later on, you learn the different Abilities, starting with the powerful Ultimates. Certainly, with this kind of knowledge, you get a better chance to understand when to attack or retreat. Time goes on, now you have vital information about the importance of some Wards, how to complete a dominant item, and the gold bonuses from the last hits.

Most importantly, you acquire some skills in reading the state of your game, have some prediction about the possible outcome, and how to counter-attack the enemy team. By this moment, you’ll probably have the possibility to play Ranked matches, understand some Champion’s synergies, and their counters. Indeed, when you discover the lol Ranked Tiers, you have a clear idea about your overall performance, compared to the overall gaming community.

The Overall Ranking System

lol versus
The Wheel of Fate is Turning

Within every video game that somehow implements a “unique” way to create a competitive environment within their multiplayer options. Therefore, whenever you see a PvP (Player versus Player) system in a particular game, there’s always a higher chance that the development team has something set. Indeed, it doesn’t matter if you have to play alone or within a team of real players, there’s always a number that basically represents your expertise in the video game.

Furthermore, to make things a little easier for the gaming community, usually, there are subgroups that represent a range of numbers from inferior to superior. Hence, when you belong in the group with the lowest tier, it also means that your number is practically lower than the average. Indeed, when you continue the struggle and persevere in the path of improving your gameplay, you’ll surely move higher.

Sadly, sometimes this difficult process of belonging in the highest group of a particular game is not that easy. Especially in those games that require team synergy and cooperation with other real players. Above all, it only takes a singular player that doesn’t want to collaborate at all, making a match not that pleasant to the rest of its teammates. At the same time, you’ll possibly lose important points, and lower your possibilities to continue on the right track.

LoL Rank System

In the League of Legends environment, things look very similar to the standard Ranking method from all the multiplayer games on the market. But, before we dive into the administrating mechanics of this particular part of the game, less discuss first how to unlock this feature. Indeed, when you create a new account and type the log-in credentials, you have no possibility to play Ranked Matches on the go. Even though sometimes you already have a deep understanding of the League of Legends META, you need to complete some requirements first.

First of all, you’ll need to gather the experience needed in your account to reach level 30. Due to this particular requirement, people sometimes take more than a couple of weeks to reach this milestone. Even though you have the opportunity to increase the experience with Boosts from the League of Legends Shop, you still take some time.

league roles
Choose Your Destiny

Additionally, the other requirement is to unlock at least 20 Champions in your collection. Even though it doesn’t matter what Role or archetype these characters have, you still need to reach this number. Sometimes, to reach this goal as soon as possible, people tend to buy the most cheapie Champions in the League of Legends Shop. Still, though, sometimes these characters tend to avoid the META at all costs.

When everything is set and ready, the next step is to complete the calibrating process. As a result, once you complete a set of ten Ranked games, you’ll automatically take your place in the ladder. Most noteworthy, the outcomes and your individual performance will surely determine the place where you belong. Therefore, players sometimes find this part of the game somewhat stressful and unfun.

League of Legends META

Nothing becomes settled when it comes to mastering this important aspect of the game through its lifespan. In contrast, though, to keep things alive and interesting, elements like this need to keep changing. As a result, on more than one occasion, each year we found ourselves in outstanding changes that mold the future of the random matches.

Lol meta
Welcome to the Arena

Indeed, it only takes a little alteration in the mathematical formula to revive one Champion that had an underwhelming performance in the last season. Therefore, some forgotten characters for the gaming community seem to “revive” out of nowhere to stomp their Role. Still, though, after some “calibrations,” those Champions drastically affected the recent chances, gain/lose a fraction of their power. Hence, we get to see things fairer and avoid the chance of looking at the same picks in every tournament.

Taking this into consideration, we never know for certain what chances the Riot team can come up in the next couple of patches. As a result, we have no idea on how to invest the Blue Essence properly, and which Champions to master beforehand. Therefore, players always have hope that someday their favorite characters may gain some boosts to make them more interesting.

Players Playstyle and the LoL Ranked Tiers

ranked system
Challenge Accepted

Now that we know a lot more about the different mechanics that revolve between the Ranking System, lets us now discuss further the types of players that you’ll find on each tier:

  1. Bronze Players:

    People within this group usually have less experience with the general game mechanics from League of Legends. Therefore, they usually have little difficulties moving the camera and loose their own Champion from time to time. Similarly, they have no knowledge about the main Roles and probably use Support Champions in top-lane. It only takes a little more gaming sessions to gather the right knowledge and advance further in the ladder.

  2. Silver Players:

    This is practically the place where almost all of the Casual Players belong. Certainly, people that usually play a couple of matches in a week tend to stick here practically forever. Indeed, they may gather some knowledge by taking examples from the eSports tournaments, but lack executions. Most noteworthy, since they usually have the motivation, they often have not much care about the outcome.

  3. Gold Players:

    Gamers in this group, show perseverance in the game and have enough incentive to continue clicking the Queue button. Similarly, they find loses as positive outcomes to improve even further. Most noteworthy, they have advanced knowledge about the game mechanics of League of Legends. Furthermore, they already have all the different names of the Champions and the famous abilities under their memory. Last but not least, they usually have an equilibrate roster under their belt, which they become accustomed to.

  4. Platinum Players:

    Things become a little more serious when you reach this group in the Ranking System. This time around, they already familiarize themselves with the multiple Champions, all of the abilities, and the best builds they can muster. Furthermore, they already know the synergies with different types of Champions and their counters. Above all, in eSports tournaments, they have the knowledge to understand all the professional gameplays, read the situation of the match, and have some possible critics as well.

Knowing the Diamond Player Playstyle

Reaching this milestone in the Ranking Ladder can be a great achievement from every player that takes lots of gaming sessions in this particular game. Indeed, it probably takes a lot of training, gathering knowledge of the game, and outstanding perseverance. Furthermore, reaching this gaming level requires motivation and focus on becoming one of the best players in the actual community.

lol diamond
Let it Shine!

Players that reach this breakthrough, already have around a couple of years constantly doing random matches, and improving their game style with experience. Furthermore, due to their expertise, they allow themselves to takes some risks and still get positive outcomes. As a result, they have the freedom to play Champions that aren’t in the League of Legends META list and still own their matches.

Additionally, they already have mastery in the Last-hitting department, which helps them gather Gold at an impressive pace. Plus, they know how to read the progress of the match and create countermeasures when things look dire. Above all, they usually never give up since they trust in their skills and have experience in turning the tables. Last but not least, they have more understanding of the different cooldowns and create amazing combos with their abilities in the middle of some team fights.

Finally, they usually manage to create astonishing gameplay moments and flashy moves in the middle of the match. Therefore, the audience in platforms such as Twitch will find their gameplay entertaining and insightful. Most noteworthy, they have the potential to acquire a decent salary by playing the game they love and feel comfortable with.

Tips to Reach the Highest Places in the Ladder

Here we have some important information that may help you boost your chances in becoming one of the best players in your region and reach Platinum in practically no time:

climbing ladders
Moving Foward

Focus only in one Champion:

Sometimes, with the aid of a Champion that you sympathize with and feel comfortable with, it can give you better chances to win. Furthermore, you’ll have a lot of experience in its cooldowns, builds, and possible combos from their abilities. Additionally, you’ll have a better knowledge of the possible counter picks and how to avoid unnecessary confrontations. It may feel boring playing with the same thing all the time, but it can help you to boosts your chances in the Ranking Ladder.

Focus within one Role:

If you feel like playing only with one Champion is absolute madness, you still have the chance to keep your interest in one particular role. First of all, you need at least three Champions that belong to a single part of the map. They can either be from the Jungle, Top-Lane or even Support. As a result, you have more chances in continuing a match after someone took your favorite Champion or becomes banned.

Learning to Read the META:

After some bombs drop and a meaningful patch arrives in the main server, read the changes carefully. With this in mind, you’ll have a better understanding of the important outcomes that may appear with these recent modifications. Indeed, when you finally get to spot some of the outstanding changes in some Champions; you’ll always have the option to pick it for yourself, or ban it as quickly as possible.

Know-How to Counter:

league counter
Trap Card

Even though banning a Champion is sometimes the best answer to avoid lots of complications in a match, you still have other answers. Indeed, you always have the chance to pick another option that practically neutralizes that threat and have the chance to make things a lot easier for you. Still, though, it requires some practice with the Champion that you’ll have to pick and also, a lot of knowledge in when to give powerful strikes to the enemy.

Understanding Your Capabilities:

Above all, you need a lot of synergy between you and the Champion that you’ll have in command. Consequently, when things feel “right,” you’ll know the important timings for each piece of equipment, what skills to master first, and when you’ll shine in the match. Therefore, you’ll have that constant “feeling” when you can go all-in when a team fight comes, or avoid it completely.

Moving Beyond

Even though you may reach a point when you have all the Champions in your account and already have a deeper knowledge of your favorite characters, it is never enough. Remember that all of the progress requires the assistance of good team-mates. Therefore, even if you become the best player of the match, there’s always a chance that you’ll lose it anyway. Furthermore, there is always the case that you’ll stomp on some players, but at the same time, other players will constantly outshine you as well.

lol space
To Infinity…

Still, though, with all these positives and negatives, you have the possibility to become one of the best players in League of Legends. Indeed, after a while, you’ll surely notice that all of the practice will make an impact on the overall performance.

Finally, when things keep moving on the right track, you’ll have the possibility to gain an incredible salary by constantly playing League of Legends. Most noteworthy, you can either have a huge channel or have the chance to form a powerful team. Seems like this game will stay with us for a long time, which means that is never late for you to start practicing.

Smurf Accounts

Even though there’s always a possibility to buy Diamond League Accounts, you should prepare yourself beforehand. Therefore, when you try to invest in this particular experience, you require outstanding knowledge in the game, and how to react in the Platinum group.

Indeed, if you feel like you still need some practice, there are other options when you buy League of Legends Accounts. Overall, you always get the chance to increase your enjoyment in the game.

Still, though, you always have the freedom to get a lol Smurf Account that belongs in the higher ranks. As a result, you’ll have a taste in a relatively different part of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions about LoL Ranked Tiers

How can you unlock the Ranked Matches?

First of all, you need an account that already surpasses the level 30. Furthermore, you also need at least twenty Champions unlocked in your personal roster.

How many tiers are available in League of Legends?

At the moment, there are different tiers such as:
– Iron.
– Bronze.
– Silver.
– Gold.
– Platinum.
– Diamond.
– Master.
– Grandmaster.

Required to increase my performance in LOL?

To improve your gameplay you can either:
– Focus only on one Champion.
– Focus entirely on one of the Main Roles.
– Learn to Read the META.
– Know-how to pick and counter-pick Champions.
– Understand Your Capabilities.

Are there Smurf Accounts with higher Ranked positions?

You always have the chance to find advanced lol Smurf Accounts but it is always recommendable that you stick with your current place in the Ranking Ladder. Therefore, you’ll understand what is happening and find enjoyment in your games.

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