LCO MSI 2021: Chances and Bets

League of Legends fans from Oceania are really hyped for their favorite representatives to compete at MSI 2021. Fans are already placing their casino bets on mobile casinos, online betting sites, and the League of Legends client to support the LCO MSI 2021 representatives on their difficult battle against two powerhouse regions in the LPL and LCL. There are some fans that aren’t as confident but judging by the performances of this team in both Day 1 & 2 there is a chance that the team will bounce back stronger after the 3rd and 4th round robin.

LCO MSI 2021 Representatives

Pentanet.GG is the LCO MSI 2021 Representatives after winning the LCO Split 1 in dominant fashion against the other powerhouse teams such as PEACE. The team which is led by their ever-charismatic jungler – Billie Eilish’s long-lost twin, Pabu, is looking confident and simply happy to be finally part of an international tournament. Despite being tournament underdogs and the least likely to get out of their group according to MSI 2021 Power Rankings, they might still be able to achieve the impossible.

Pabu flashing the "Unicorns of Loss" whiteboard - LCO MSI 2021
Images preceding unfortunate events

To be perfectly blunt, the LCO shouldn’t expect to rise up against powerhouses like Royal Never Give Up who are the 2nd favorites to win the entire tournament but since the VCS dropped out of the tournament, they have a chance to extend their run until the Rumble Stage. This way, the region can be seen as a real competitor even among the wildcard teams as their predecessors at Worlds (Legacy Esports) have shown when they beat MAD Lions and SuperMassive Esports.

Pentanet.GG’s Day 1 Performance

Let’s not kid ourselves, for those that actually watched the games we know that PGG got absolutely stomped by both Royal Never Give Up and Unicorns of Love. To be fair, this is the first international tournament for a good majority of the team and we can really attribute inexperience as one of the big factors to why they lost both games so hard. Fortunately, we know that the boys have the confidence to compete against the best and aren’t daunted even by those stomps.

Pentanet PABU explains the Oceanic bridge to LCS, being mistaken for Billie Eilish, and more
Travis Gafford Interviews Pentanet.GG’s Pabu

In between a lot of the times the opposing team outplayed Pentanet.GG, the team showed that they had the right ideas on how to engage in fights. The biggest problems that the Oceanic representatives really showed is that they couldn’t find the right timing to do things and were constantly outmaneuvered around the map. In an interview with Travis Gafford, Pabu mentioned that the game against RNG was definitely winnable. Whether or not that’s true, he’ll just have to prove it on the next games.

Pentanet Stepping Up The Meme Game?

Something that Pentanet.GG is definitely ahead of everyone else right now is in terms of their meme game. Flashing a whiteboard containing the words “Unicorns of Loss” just before getting stomped by UoL definitely got them on the top of some League of Legends meme pages. We know they weren’t really THAT serious when they did so but the fact that it still happened is funny. We love the confidence coming from the boys and hope to see more throughout MSI 2021.

Off-game memes aren’t the only thing we want to see from our LCO MSI 2021 representatives, we also want to see some funny League of Legends compositions like that might turn out to be great. Pabu has one of the most flexible champion pools in the tournament so we’d like to see more than just his Fiddlesticks get chosen in the competition. This is the perfect opportunity for the team to entertain the fans at home and go down to be remembered.

Pentanet.GG’s Chances of Winning MSI 2021?

We’re gonna have to go somewhere between 0-1% Let’s be realistic, watching Damwon Kia just smash Cloud9 like they were some minor region team isn’t something a minor region team should expect to beat. Miracles can happen in Bo1s but in the case of a Bo3 or even the finals Bo5, there’s literally such a microscopic chance of winning the entire tournament at all. However, winning shouldn’t be the only thing driving the LCO MSI 2021 representatives but there are other important things too.

Just facts

MSI 2021 is the proving grounds for the best in every region. By showing the world that the LCO is a region that fights and isn’t just some random team that just got in for the sake of representation, the LCO will receive a larger viewership and more support from the fans. It’ll be a while before Oceania reaches the level of some of the other major regions but until then, the biggest priority is to start rebuilding the Oceanic League of Legends esports scene after the Dissolution of the OPL.

Expectations For MSI 2021

Other than what we’ve seen from the LCO MSI 2021 representatives, the tournament so far has been an joy to behold. There have been some interesting games such as the Turkey vs Brazil rivalry and the C9 vs Damwon Kia disaster. There are still a few days left before the group stages end and that means that we should enjoy every moment of the tournament before we go on a short break again waiting for the Summer Season to start.

DK Showmaker taking off his glasses
Looking for a real challenge?

Looking at the performance of Damwon Kia against Cloud9, we can safely say that they aren’t the unreachable gods that every elevates them to be. Royal Never Give Up is showing a really good showing in the tournament and they might just be able to put up a fight against the reigning world champions. Aside from the mid lane, it looks like an even matchup across the board between RNG vs DK and we’ll only truly know how the game will go once they get their head-to-head in the rumble stage.

Where is the best place to watch MSI 2021?

On the 1st day of MSI 2021, the Riot Games Twitch stream had a very considerable delay compared to the YouTube broadcast. These are the two options that you can choose from but if you prefer to stay updated, go on YouTube instead.

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