LCS Finalizes NA Representatives for Worlds 2020

The North American League of Legends Championship Series has finally narrowed down to the Top 3 teams that will serve as the NA representatives for Worlds 2020. With the LCS summer season coming to a close, let’s take a look at how these teams managed to secure their slots in the biggest tournament League of Legends has to offer. With the Worlds Finals approaching just around the corner, does North America have what it takes to compete against the strongest regions that will face them at Worlds this year?

PowerOfEvil posing for the Player of the Week award for being an NA representative
NA is going to Worlds once again!

Meet the NA Representatives for Worlds 2020

Since North America has been showing mostly average performances in recent international tournaments, the LCS only gets 3 seeds with the 3rd seed having to participate in the Play-In stage. The North American league does not compute Championship Points, which means that only the Summer League matters when it comes to participating at Worlds. Since the LCS has finalized the 3 teams left in the tournament bracket, they automatically qualify for a spot at Worlds.

1. Team Liquid

Even at the beginning of the split and Doublelift’s departure from the team, there wasn’t any doubt that Team Liquid would make it to the World Stage again. After Cloud9‘s disappointing elimination from the tournament, Team Liquid has become the tournament favorites in the LCS. As the region’s 2nd place team after a consistent regular season finish, Team Liquid is looking to continue their dominant streak and take on the 2nd and 3rd teams on this list.

Tactical playing with Team Liquid on stage for the first time
The boy genius with the big boots to fill

Team Liquid’s strength lies in the talent and synergy that their individual members has to offer. Established members like CoreJJ, Impact, Broxah, and Jensen proved that they still have what it takes to take on rising talents. Meanwhile, the newest addition in the team – Tactical – is proving to everybody that he can take on the expectations of fans after replacing Doublelift in the starting position and smurfing the whole split.

2. FlyQuest

It wasn’t a secret that FlyQuest had what it takes to become an NA representative but what was surprising was that FlyQuest managed to defeat Cloud9 3-1 placing them in the lower brackets. Even more surprising is that they beat Team Liquid in a close match, coming out on top 3-2 and is the first NA team to compete in the 2020 Summer Playoff Grand Finals. Looks like the organization’s mission to save the world is getting one step closer.

FlyQuest playing a game on the LCS stadium
Saving the world one game at a time

The team is also made up of seasoned veterans who have been also manage to perform well during the split. Santorin has been making great progress being a key member of FlyQuests roster alongside PowerOfEvil. IgNar’s addition to this roster also gives the team some much needed life and acting as a great team player that just makes the team function more fluidly. The team as a unit is a deadly combination of skilled players to look out for.

3. Team SoloMid

After a 2-year drought, TSM finally qualifies for the World Finals once more. The team has a history of being a consistent NA representative at Worlds but because of their recent struggles, they have missed multiple tournaments. The fans have been faithfully supporting the team through hardship and success, and finally, they are about to be rewarded for their amazing story coming into the the playoffs this year.

Bjergsen giving a thumbs up after winning
What’s that on your left, king?

The reunification of North America’s star players in Doublelift and Bjergsen has sparked something inside the organization that just screams LCS. Despite a very shaky and questionable start to the season, Team SoloMid managed to claw their way to the top and prove that they aren’t just a popular brand. While their Jungler – Spica – still has a lot to learn along the way, he’s proved that he more than contributed to the team’s success.

Cloud9’s Disappointing End to the Summer Playoffs

Despite finishing 17-1 on Spring, winning the Spring Split, and starting out 9-0 in the Summer Season, Cloud9 still lost their chance to participate in the World Finals after getting kicked into the lower bracket by FlyQuest and ultimately getting eliminated by Team SoloMid in the lower bracket tournament. This is the first time the organization will skip out on participating at Worlds even though it was the organization’s best regular season run.

Cloud9 looking disappointed after losing
There’s always next year for Cloud9

Cloud9 has been receiving a lot of flak especially from the fans since there are quite a few that attribute to C9 skipping Worlds to Sneaky being kicked out of the starting roster. Even if Zven has been performing out of his mind during the split, the “hardcore” fans aren’t convinced that his effort was enough. Whether or not Sneaky would’ve made a difference in the result of the tournament will remain unknown.

The North American League of Legends Scene Moving Forward

Now that the NA representatives have been established, the only thing left is for the fans to wait for Worlds and support their region in proving to the world that they are more than capable of fighting for the Summoners’ Cup. Nearing the end of the split means that organizations will start scouting for new talent soon. Why not take a chance by playing in the region by buying one of LolFinity’s NA Unranked Level 30 Smurf Account?

TL vs FLY Highlights ALL GAMES Round4 LCS Summer Playoffs 2020 Team Liquid vs FlyQuest by Onivia

The search for North America’s League of Legends pro-players begins soon. It’s time to fill up the roster and bring more talented players who can prove that the region’s players are prominent for a reason. An unranked smurf can give you a chance to become one of those players and become a candidate for the LCS organizations. You can also become an NA representative in the future of your good enough.

What are NA’s chances for Worlds 2020?

North America may have a history of being a 4Fun region and not be able to make it out of Groups. The LCS is one of the weaker regions among the Major regions. However, even Team Liquid surprised us during the Mid-Season Invitationals 2019 and managed to defeat Invictus Gaming and make it all the way to the Grand Finals. The LCS has more than enough talent this year to make it out of Groups and challenge the best regions in the world.

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