League of Legends Account: Lol Smurf Accounts

About the Game

Launched in 2009, League of Legends is the largest online multiplayer game. It is basically a team-oriented tactic game. Over the course of time, the game has changed a lot with the introduction of different arenas, new modes of the game and advanced characters.

The goal line is to work together with your teammates to bring down the enemy nexus, located in the middle of their base before your opponent’s take down yours. This sounds straightforward but how you get there isn’t.

You start by choosing one champion from a list of many, all of whom have their unique strengths and personality. Some are range marksmen hurting their opponents by keeping a safe distance from you, but some are burly fighters who like to get into their opponents’ face. Others fighters are also there who try to trap and damage their enemy.

However, you like to get things done; there will be a champion out there who matches your style. The game always starts with a goal so to win the game champions could get stronger in two ways.

The first of which is leveling up. You gain experience by being in the arena where there is the enemy. Each level will give you points. Each level increases your ability to fight by improving your abilities and strategies. When you reach level 6, your ultimate abilities appear that you can use rationally to win the game.

The second way to get stronger is buying items. Items are bought at the shop in your base using gold earned by killing the enemy in a match. Once you have bought items, it goes straight to your inventory, and you immediately start getting benefits and power up.

Now, the champion will head towards the lanes. Between the lanes is the jungle, the shadowy area where the monsters are. Each lane is a path between two bases that are guarded by a set of powerful enemy torts. You need to destroy the enemy torts to get into the base and take down their nexus.

This game is all about timing. So, time your attacks carefully. Also, watch out the enemy champions and be aware of your position.  That’s the basics of league of legends accounts, get money, buy stuff and wreck their base. The combination of speed, skill, and intelligence gets you through it well.

What Is a Lol Smurf Account

Smurfing is merely having a substitute or alternative account. How to make a smurf account or maybe you can say that ‘How to make a new account in a league of legends?’ So, generally, a smurf account is your first account of the league of legends. They are basically made of the high-level players.

You make your account on leagues of legends; fill in your information and then Login. You are then asked to make your summoner name, and you make it as mentioned above.

Go to the option ‘Setting.’ A screen appears with various options on it. I highly recommend you to enable the language filter. Lower down the music as well. Disable the menu accessories and suppress the notifications popups to avoid disturbance. Now save it and move on.

The next thing is to go to the Store. So, there are a few things you will always want to buy. So, keep a calculator with you to see how much it will cost you in total.

Some people like buy LOL Smurfs. That’s like straight up to Level 30 accounts. It’s probably as expensive as actually making an account you and an account that you make yourself, you can keep that.

People normally create smurf accounts for some particular reasons, such as:

  • To have a supporting account in case, their main accounts are disputed.
  • They can play with a free mind to win the game, without the pressure and tension of being at a high level in the game.
  • They can also get an edge of depressing other players as the sense of power is very high.
  • You can also assist your friend who has just started playing the game.
  • The smurf account holders are also safe from the punishment of the riots, except those who are not involved in any fraudulent activity.

Pro’s and Cons of Having a Smurf Account

LOL Smurf accounts are considered bad in many ways. One of the most prominent reasons is that it’s a very bad thing because people make such accounts to troll other players who are playing at low levels. Also, they are not worried about their main accounts being banned or compromised; they do whatever they want.

It has also been speculated that they use smurf accounts to play with low rated players, probably because they are scared to play with the players of their level and skills. So, they are made by the famous players to hide from others by using fake names. They do so in an attempt to beat other players who are not good enough. This is chiefly called as throwing.

People call the smurf account holders losers who try to title their own ELO accounts by show off through their alternate smurf accounts where they do nothing but bullying low ranked players all the time.

But it is said that people make these accounts only to get themselves trained enough after hitting a high score. They stop there, make a smurf or alternative account, do their practice, train themselves and then get back to their main accounts. It not the same for every smurf account holders.

Although some reviews say that these accounts are not bannable unless or until they are used to troll the low-level players, which create offense and any account that creates offense among players must be banned no matter what type of account it is maybe.

It is all about playing the game in relaxed mode without getting stressed out too much after a lost game. Also, when you get back to the real situation that is in your competitive mode, you would realize that you are not good enough. Thus, you will make efforts to win and make an impact because now you would want to win the game.

Another benefit of having a smurf account is that you can play with a hero with this account. After that, you can switch to the main account and play with the same hero to produce results that are expected from you.

Similarly, you can also save SR in spite of wasting it on practice. This is one of the main strategies used by experienced players.

So, in conclusion, we can say that not all of them (The Smurf Account Holders) are using it for a boastful display of their efficiency in the game. Some are actually using it for the purpose they are made for and receiving benefits from it in return.


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