League of Legends: 5 Most Mechanical Champions to Master

When it comes to League of Legends, there are two main types of players, those who choose to play mechanically ‘easy’ champions and those who thrive in the challenge of playing a mechanically ‘difficult’ champion. The degree to which a champion is mechanically ‘difficult’ or ‘easy’ depends primarily on how many skill shots or manoeuvres a champion has. We all know that one person who only plays champions like Darius or Garen – why? – because they are easy to play and require little skill to passively play.

Project Yasuo Splash - League of Legends 
League of Legends Project Yasuo

That is not to say that those champions who have ‘point and click abilities’ are bad – they aren’t – it just means that they require less effort to play, and no-one is as impressed when they get a Pentakill.

Let’s get into the Mechanical champs, ranked in no particular order. Be warned, although theses champions may be fun to play, they are hard to master and you will undoubtedly lose before you start winning consistently with them.


Lol Champion Ezreal Fanart, charging
League of Legends Ezreal

Of course, we couldn’t start this list off without the Legend himself. Since his release in 2010, Ezreal has been a staple of League of Legends, always having one of the most mechanical kits in the game, especially for the ADC role. He has gone over some reworks yet his kit has only become more mechanical, rewarding players that land a WQ, Essence Flux and Mystic Shot, combo.

With virtually all his kit being skill shot based, only the best player can tap into his high damage potential and master him. His E, Arcane Shift, is central to his play and allows him to engage and disengage in any scenario. He is a hot pick for high ELO players wanting to impress everyone with their skill and look cool doing so. Just check out how well Ezreal did on our ADC tier list. Ezreal is not a champion for the casual player, one needs to dedicate many hours to master.

Lee Sin

Lee Sin Muay Thai Skin Wallpaper - lolfinity
League of Legends Lee Sin

Anyone who has played against a Lee Sin knows how slippery he can be, jumping from ally to enemy towards can make him extremely hard to in down. That is all thanks to his Q, Sonic Wave/ Resonating Strike, and W, Safeguard/ Iron Will. Being a champ that is almost permanently a jungle pick, he does well to hop over walls and effortlessly steal a Dragon.

Lee Sin cannot be mentioned without the player that made him famous – Insec – a player so legendary that a move was named after him, where Lee Sin gets behind an enemy with his QW combo and uses his ultimate Dragon’s Rage to kick an enemy target into his allies to be killed. If you want to be a tactical carry for your game, there is no better champion to be.


Project Zed - League of Legends
League of Legends Project Zed

Perhaps the most famous League of Legends champion? I know, a bold claim, but just listen to a crowed when Zed is picked in any tournament then you will know what I mean. The reason Zed demand’s so much attention is that his kit is so highly mechanical, making it possible to do the most impressive outplays and tactical kills. When his combinations are done right, it can be spell certain death to any unsuspecting champion.

His mechanics are smooth and work seamlessly together. His W, Living Shadow, and ultimate R, Death Mark, are crucial to his gameplay and allowed him to engage, disengage, chase, escape, juke, become untargetable and deal extra damage. Such a versatile skillset means that there is almost no set way to play him, all the pros have their own adjusted style of playing him.

To see the reaction that playing Zed can get, just watch the most famous clip of a Zed professional gameplay ever, played by Faker. Zed is THE iconic assassin in League of Legends and only the best players are able to utilize his shadows to maneuver around the map and land the crucial skill shot of his Q, Razor Shuriken, to get a satisfying amount of burst damage from his ultimate.



The fist of shadow Akali
League of Legends Akali

Ah yes, Akali. One of the only highly mechanical champions that can work well in any ELO. Anyone can play Akali to a satisfactory standard at low levels, but she begins to show her true mechanical prowess at higher levels.

A major hurdle any Akali player has to overcome is dodging Crowd Control because if she gets hit by one, it is all over. At higher ELOs, most players know when to use a Crowd Control ability to stop you dead in your tracks. When playing Alkali, the key aims are simple, land your E, Shuriken Flip, in order to get onto targets and knowing when to use your W, Twilight Shroud, to juke or bait. Simple as the aims are, only the most persistent of players can master them to perfectly utilize her massive ability power and protect against her low defenses.


Soulstealer Vayne in a pool of green aura for mythic crafting
Soulstealer Vayne – Tier 3

The most high-risk, high-reward champion in League of Legends. With arguably one of the weakest early games and strongest late games, those who master Vayne’s incredibly mechanical skillset are bound to gain praise from all people they play with and against. Vayne’s true strength does not show till level 6 when she gets her ultimate available. Critical to her skillset is her W, Silver Bolts, which can shred down any tank. Her Q, Tumble, is used to roll and deal extra damage to the enemy, also pocking her W, Silver Bolts.

The main is that her Q, Tumble, is a double-edged sword. In some cases allows her to juke attacks and skilfully land powerful shots, in other cases a miss-roll can land her right in the middle of the enemy team’s attacks, and being as squishy as she is, dies instantly. Playing her long enough can give a player an instinctual ability to weave in and out of enemies and get easy Pentakills.

While not an exhaustive list of mechanical champions by any means, having left out massively mechanical champions like Yasuo, Aphelios, Azir, Diana, Jayce, etc. This list is simply a highlight of some of the best mechanical champions.

So why play mechanically challenging champions? It is satisfying to train and master a set of complicated maneuvers to unload heaps of damage onto the opponent while also looking like a pro. So why not?

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