League of Legends “ARURF” Game Mode

Madness at Its Best

After all the stress that some of us have to endure once we had a couple of Solo Queue matches in League of Legends, a break is always welcome. First of all, there are lots of offensive players that enjoy making their team lose. Secondly, having a losing streak leads us into desperation; we don’t play for fun anymore, and take everything seriously. Last but not least, besides the fact that “nobody likes to lose,” seeing that our ranking number crumbles to the ground is kinda unappealing.

Kill, Kill, Kill!

Furthermore, the count to ten technique doesn’t work in situations like these. Instead, Riot gives us some tools to keep playing the League of Legends theme, but with different rules. As a result, within the game client, we have the option to queue in “mini-games” that have the only purpose is to release some of the mundane and give new situations. In response, the gaming community has endured lots of random mechanics that change the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and create unique conditions. Above all, even though the rules change, the charm and the same characters remain fixated but in innovate exciting ways. Let’s dive into ARURF.

League of Legends Game Modes

At this point, we practically have seen everything in the League of Legends Client. It seems like all the imagination from Riot has taken its toll with a lot of different rules and situations in these mini-games. For example, our regular champions have been in outer space, battling in a futuristic area, with different abilities, and buffs. Another example comes in a different Game Mode where you cooperate with four players in an alien-like map with an RPG (Role-Playing Game) theme.

Enter Teamfight Tactics

teamfight tactics
Let’s Relax for a While

Most noteworthy, we all have seen the recent success of Teamfight Tactics. Another iteration of League of Legends, where you build your strategy with different “pieces.” Furthermore, they even have the option to extend their lore by adding proper attributes according to the Champion’s story. For example, all of those characters that have similar nationality, when combined, they gain bonuses in the board. Unlike the regular Solo Queue, you cannot control a single Champion; instead, you place your group of pieces all over the board and see them automatically fight other teams.

Last but not least, almost all of the famous game modes have some spotlight for a while in the client. Therefore, when the season ends, Riot tends to remove one of these “modifications” and exchange it for a different mini-game. As a result, the gaming community always have different ways to play the game and doesn’t divide the entire population with too many options. Above all, we usually get more than five different Game Modes in a whole year; sometimes we get more or and update from a former known modification.

What is ARURF?

“What we’re calling New Ultra Rapid Fire raises the stakes by delivering a slow, sophisticated, and stoic strategic showcase that tests teams’ abilities in new and dynamic ways while not restricting the highest tier of play to those with sub-millisecond response times.”

Loeading Screen
For the Worthy!

The (All Random) Ultra Rapid Fire is a chaotic Game Mode for League of Legends. First of all, even though it uses the five versus five formats in Summoner’s Rift, the rules are almost broken. As a result, with only five minutes in the game, you’ll probably see one player going crazy and performing Penta kills all over the map. Therefore, due to the different buffs and bonuses that you’ll get, there are times that some Nexus become ruins in less than ten minutes. Most noteworthy, between all the chaos and destruction, there’s no denying that every single match will keep you laughing all the time. Last but not least, ARURF had its first release on April Fools’ Day of 2015.

Furthermore, to understand this game mode further, here are some “specific” buffs that are always active in here:

Mana and Energy consumption reduced by 100%

Spam every ability that you have available in your Champion. Hence, do not worry if you even misuse your Ultimate, because it will be ready to use sooner than later. As a result, you’ll probably see better results on those Champions that have activated abilities. For example, skills that create crowd control and keep your enemies stunned until they fall.

Furthermore, in this modification, some champions that have the potential to spam healing and prevent the cores from dying.

+80% Cooldown Reduction on Abilities, Activated Items, and Summoner Spells

As you can already tell, AP (Ability Power) Champions tend to have better results due to their freedom in spamming all of their arsenals without remorse. Additionally, they have the option to extend their combos with the use of powerful items. As a result, you have more creative ways to throw your abilities to the enemy team and deal as much damage as possible with every skill that you land precisely.

Bombs Away!

+25% Tenacity and Tenaciousness

This type of buff gives a little aid to those players that became unaware of a dangerous Gank from the enemy’s team. Therefore, with more Tenacity, the effects of all the crowd control abilities tend to last less time on your Champion. For example, a skill that leaves you stunned for a second, now it only affects 0.75 seconds. Above all, it may not look that different in the first place, but even with a quarter of a second, you’ll have the chance to Blink away from the danger.

+60 Movement Speed and Speed while Moving

Run across the map, hunting for unaware players and create team fights all over the three lanes. Indeed, with these buffs on the movement speed, you’ll probably feel that your champion is a full-throttle as you click in different parts of the map. Therefore, you can even land a couple of abilities to an Enemy, even near their Structures and Run if things get a little complicated.

Sources of bonus attack speed are doubled on Ranged champions, 1.5x on Melee champions

Who Wants some Damage?

If AP Carries become a little anxious and fail to land some abilities, take the advantage and hit them as much as you can. Therefore, you’ll have the chance to land double the accustomed damage (if you’re using a ranged champion), which gives you the potential to kill anything that stands your way. Indeed, if you have teammates with crowd control abilities, they can quickly leave your targets to hit and destroy without too much complication.

Critical strikes deal 25% additional damage

Combining the bonuses of Attack Speed and Critical Strike Damage will make any AD Carry extremely dangerous. Indeed, when you get the change, buy as many items that give you additional bonuses for your “right-clicks” and see your enemy’s hit points melting away.  Furthermore, if you add the movement speed, no one will have the chance to run away from the pain.

Health costs reduced by 50%

Similar to the attack bonuses that give some balance between AP and AD Carries, Champions without a mana pool has a chance to shine when the health draining abilities do less damage to them. Consequently, with fewer cooldowns, powerful skills such as these tend to be a lot more dangerous. Likewise, all these bonuses in this game mode, everything aims to create chaos and destruction in the map.

This unit deals X% of its average damage (when applicable)

Let’s Add More Powder to the Mixture

Everything tends to change with Riot tends to create a balance in this type of bonus. Therefore, when the “when applicable” comes between the lines, it means that they need to create a balance between Champions. Indeed, with that many characters in the official roster, there are lots of ways that things can get complicated and one ability has the potential to create unbalance in this mode. Thankfully, with the aid of the community (in the test server), the development team can gather more data and act accordingly.

This unit receives X% of its average damage (when applicable)

Likewise to the previous bonus in ARURF, it’s only relevant when things get out of hand. For example, you can have a Champion that retains “reduce damage” abilities plus healing, which can make him unkillable. As a result, Riot tends to increase the hurting potential and create some balance in this Game Mode when it is possible. Furthermore, the same principle can be positive when some Monsters are practically too hard to slay (even with the bonuses), if this case applies, the development team increases the average damage and makes it more bearable.

Your attacks have a small change to rework Ryze

Well, you know, because of Ryze and his “unfair” abilities that tend to break the game. Therefore, now you have the chance to transform the cheater into a monster or something (yeah, we know that is a joke).

Takes 30% reduced injury from Unicorns

Stay Away!

Never trust a Unicorn! They may look all calm and friendly, but they’ll stab you in the back with their horn without hesitation (again, we get the joke).

More Features in

Draft: Reroll All Random

Reroll Bench is available to you if you’re not familiar with the first option in that Random Pick. Additionally, you have access to champions from the last 3 Free Rotations plus any owned characters.

Champion cannon:

Champion Cannon
Missed Me?

“Just outside each fountain is a champion cannon that you can jump in and use to launch yourself great distances across the map. The explosion can help you get to the action in an instant, but aim carefully, enemies will get a warning that you’re dropping in. The champion cannon deals 120 − 460 (based on level) magic damage upon landing.”

Blow yourself up and assist your teammates as soon as possible with this feature. Furthermore, if you got some luck with your assisted landing, you’ll deal with additional damage to your enemies. As a result, you’ll have a little more aid in your abilities’ combo.

Minion gold:

“When minions die, you get a chunk of gold whether you last hit them or not. Additionally, last striking a minion grants more gold.”

Get better items as soon as possible by gaining double the outcome that we usually have while we play in the primary normal Game Mode. Therefore, by around five minutes, you’ll have the potential to create some Penta Kills and dominate the match.

Early surrender and Homeguard:

There’s Always Hope

“Each team can now unanimously surrender at 8 minutes, or typically submit at 10 minutes. Homeguard becomes enabled from the start of the match.”

Due to the quick snowball, that has the option to happen by just five minutes in the game; you now have the opportunity to leave as fast as possible within eight minutes. Indeed, when you see that a single-player dominate the entire map, it is best to run and try again in a different session.

Items disabled (Mejai’s Soulstealer and The Dark Seal):

As you can already tell, both of these items increase the AP stat for any champion. Furthermore, due to its practically low Gold costs, you can quickly grab them in less than a minute. As a result, this primary stat will reach the roof and do incredible damage to your opponents.

Summoner Spells changes:

Smite Spell: Charge rate reduced to 30 seconds from 75 seconds. Also, cooldown between charges reduced to 10 seconds from 15 seconds.

Teleport Spell: Disabled.

Kill every monster as twice as possible with the reduction in cooldown of Smite, making you deadlier in the Jungle. Secondly, since you can throw yourself in with the Champion’s Cannon, there’s no need to have the Teleport spell in your repertoire.

Jungle changes:

Baron Nashor
Come At Me, Bro

Baron Nashor: Initial spawn reduced to 10 minutes. Grants both the Hand of Baron buff and spawns an Eye of the Herald buff when slain.

Elemental Drakes: They do not spawn.

Elder Dragon: Initial spawn reduced to 6 minutes. Also, slaying the Elder Dragon grants one stack of each Dragon Slayer buff element.

There’s no greater joy for a Jungler than having the opportunity to kill Elder Dragons and Baron Nashor as soon as possible. Furthermore, this time around you get both bonuses when you slay the big daddy of all the monsters from the Summoner’s Rift. Additionally, since there are no Elemental Drakes to take care off, the Elder Dragon buff becomes a lot stronger than ever. As a result, this time around it grants you with every single Elemental Buff by just slaying the big flying creature. Furthermore, the Aspect of the Dragon buff persists through death and gains better attributes.

Golden Spatula Club (RP icon 1250):

“This feature is a new club membership that lasts for the duration of the event.”

If you want to participate in ARURF as much as you would like, maybe this type of membership is the best thing that you can get in the store. First of all, you’ll get one random individual skin boost every time your queue and finish this modification. Secondly, with this membership, you get to reroll one additional time for a better chance to get the Champion that you are familiar with and know how to dominate the field. Furthermore, you get three randomized champion finishers that get “flashy” if your teammates have joined the club as well. Last but not least, with this feature, you’ll get Special Minion Taunts that will make everything a little more fancy and entertaining.


Orbital Laser

“Players who are part of the Golden Spatula club will trigger one of 3 unique Finishers, chosen at random, whenever they score a takedown on an enemy champion. Also, equipping any of the following summoner icons will cause the corresponding Finisher to trigger (Hearsplosion, Orbital Laser, Spooky Urf).”

Add more colors and effects in ARURF with these “new” finishers. Furthermore, with this feature, you’ll get the chance to let know to everyone else on the game that you enjoy supporting the development team. Indeed, in exchange, you get to share some flashy effects that make everything more entertaining and appealing to the eye.

Possible Arrival to the Main Servers

Since there was no word of ARURF Game Mode in the last patch (9.17), it can indirectly communicate that it requires more testing to do. First of all, with all the attributes that surround this modification, a little mistake in a primary stat can practically make a single Champion overpowerful. Indeed, this kind of problem became notorious in the oldest versions of this particular Game Mode. For example, almost all of the Tanks in ARURF felt worthless as their health points were practically missing in just a second.

ARURF Loading Screen
Welcome, Enjoy Your Stay

Furthermore, this time around the development team has the chance to add more content related to the Game Mode with more opportunities to motivate the gaming community to queue.

In contrast to the first appearance of this modification, you had the freedom to pick whichever Champion you enjoy playing. Since this feature has been taken away from us to add more mayhem between matches, some people found saw it as a negative change. As a result, there has to be an “equal” enjoyment when the randomizer picks one of the Champions that you practically have no experience but still feel useful in the match.

Possible Update Contents

Since ARURF contains a lot of different rules that tend to give a different experience when you’re playing League of Legends in Summoner’s Rift, there may be many improvements this time around. For example, there’s always the chance that almost half of the Champion’s roster has a different kind of buff or nerf to keep everything in a middle ground. Additionally, since there are different spawn times and rewards when you kill the big monsters, there’s a possibility that you’ll get unique advantages.

Besides the noticeable changes, here are possible features that may join the arrival of ARURF in the primary servers:


The More Shards, the Better

Having a way to acquire custom icons or Champion’s Shards while playing this fun Game Mode is always welcome. Furthermore, you get to add another layer of difficulty when you see hard quests that require situational tasks to complete. For example, getting a Pental Kill in this modification, or several kills for a secondary objective. Likewise to the similar content, quests always make those peculiar Game Modes a lot more attractive and invite the gaming community to continue with the struggle.

Additional Club Features

More animations and different options to add shiny animations to the Finishers are always welcome. Furthermore, there is a possible correlation with the addition of the Eternals, making all your achievements easier to complete. Another plus can be possible by adding more rerolls each game. Above all, since we now have around 150 Champions to pick, getting the ones you like to become less probable. Last but not least, further interactions with all the minions always enrich the theme of the modification and make everything more “surreal.”

Possible Skins

Crazy Skins
Who Wants More Zombies?

Likewise to the best Game Modes out there, Riot always has the chance to add another Lore layer by adding Skins related to ARURF. Therefore, by adding a couple of options to those Champions that relatively have an outstanding performance in this modification is always welcome. Last but not least, since mayhem or madness tends to relate towards this amazing Game Mode; the development team has the opportunity to go “nuts” and outburst their imagination.


With every inclusion to the different types of Queue that we can get in a single gaming launcher, it’s always a plus. Therefore, the gaming community always have additional options when they run League of Legends and want to continue with these fantastic Champions but with different settings. As a result, the longevity of the game seems to be eternal as the development team keeps accumulation more stuff into the central servers.

Getting a Killing Record

Without a doubt, the ARURF always tends to clear all the stress and gives a couple of fun minutes as you see endless possibilities and plays taking action. Most noteworthy, with all the modification’s overpowerful bonuses, the Champion that you once knew, becomes a total maniac. As a result, you probably go nuts as well by spamming all your abilities and creating chaos in the middle of all the team fights. Indeed, every time you finish a match in this Game Mode, you always want to continue and try different combinations with other Champions.

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