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Finding the Best of the Best

Not every single video game reaches popularity like the League of Legends eSports. One of the critical elements in the gaming industry nowadays is the ability to attract a lot more people with outstanding tournaments. Indeed, to reach that quality, any video game out, there needs to have these types of components:

First of all, it requires that the overall gameplay revolves matching against other players. For example, there won’t be any League of Legends eSports without the fight for “survival” between two different teams. Therefore, gaming genres such as MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) gives a lot of advantages in this format.

Picture showing a professional team, cheering to their fans after a victory.
To the Fans!

Another point to take into consideration is the popularity of the game. Hence, when we talk about LoL eSports, every player on the planet knows what game is it, and what to spect. Furthermore, with a meaningful community behind the game, you’ll probably see a lot of interest and viewership in any type of tournament.

Last but not least, you’ll require a lot of updates to keep the video game “alive” for some time. Above all, through meaningful patches, you’ll have the possibility to change the figured META from the community. At the same time, you have the potential to increase the contents of your game by adding other characters, archetypes, or any type of customization.

When you reach this position, or when the stars align, you’ll have success in this “mode” for your game. Most noteworthy, each year, you’ll have the potential to watch it grow and attract more players with each season.

League of Legends eSports

Even though the development team is capable of producing the elements above in a video game, the rest pretty much depends on the actual players in a community. Even though you can quickly notice the popularity of some League of Legends eSports professionals, it wasn’t that easy to achieve. Furthermore, you’ll never know which countries in the whole world will stand above the rest. Admittedly, when this happens, the overall gameplay level from those “micro” communities tend to go higher.

Picture showing different parts from an League of Legends eSports Tournament. In between you can see the teams, the "active players" position. and some sponsors.
Ready for Action

Additionally, in events such as the ones we see in LoL eSports, it is necessary to have a great team. Taking this into consideration, we may see some variations of gameplay in between. Therefore, you’ll see some groups that rely on a single player that does outstanding plays. At the same time, you’ll have the potential to see teams that move in unity and perform amazingly together.

Whatever the case it may be, each player spends too much time practicing to become one of the bests. Still, though, when everything concludes in a League of Legends eSports tournament, there could only be one winner. Above all, besides the trophy and the other rewards, they become the top players in the world. Such achievement remains through the overall history of the LoL eSports.

How to Become a Professional Player?

Overall, if you want to focus your entire life to become one League of Legends eSports professional, there are some meaningful steps that you could follow:

  • Grinding The Ranking System: Even though sometimes you’ll feel like the Ranking System in League of Legends is unfair and unbalanced, this is your first step in this “career.” It may feel like an eternity to advance from one group to another, but you need to continue the fight. Most noteworthy, through constant practice, you’ll surely find your best role. It can either be Jungle, Top-Lane or even Support.
  • Finding a Great Team: After you reach a meaningful position in the Ranking System and already have an outstanding performance in a particular role, this is the next step. Indeed, when you enter this milestone, you’re practically a little famous from the LoL community. Furthermore, tools like constant streaming are amazing to place your name out there. When this happens, you could organize an entire team or wait for an opportunity. Still, though, you could come across some language barriers or some unfriendly players. Therefore, you could either find a solution or look elsewhere.
  • Spending Your Time in League of Legends: When you become an official member to any team that aims to be professional, this is practically your “job.” Therefore, you could spend eight straight hours playing this game and mastering everything that has to offer. Indeed, you’ll need to unlock every possible Champion from your role and know them well enough—most noteworthy, when to pick one in a match or how to counter your opponent.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: By this time, you’ll probably feel that no matter what you do, you still do not have the same level as the “x” professional player. Furthermore, you still see some “lucky” players that somehow have higher places in the Ranking System or already found a fantastic team. Indeed, when something like this happens, keep the faith in your capabilities. In contrast to the casual player, you aim to become a League of Legends eSport player, and your performance already surpasses the regular player.
  • Scrims for Days: When you reach this step, you already have a competent team. Therefore, you’ll have the potential to practice with other people that aim for the same goal. Remember to save all of the replays to watch and analyze afterward. If done correctly, you’ll see the mistake that either any teammate or you do in the middle of the match. As a result, you’ll have the potential to learn from those mistakes and play better shortly.
  • Participating in a Tournament: Now its time to show the whole community your capabilities. Through your (and the team’s) gameplay, they will notice all the constant working between months or years. Indeed, remember what steps you took to reach this moment and be confident about your potential in the middle of the match. Above all, no matter if you win or lose, the experience will guide you in becoming one of the best League of Legends eSports professionals.

League of Legends eSports Going Through CoronaVirus

Picture of an stadium at its full capacity, in the middle of a League of Legends eSports Tournament.
The Old Ways

We all continuously see how this pandemic is affecting different parts of our lives. Hence, it is no surprise that Coronavirus is already making a difference in the League of Legends eSports ambient. This time around, we couldn’t count in crowned stadiums or even “Lan” gameplay.

Still, though, with the Internet capabilities, we have some versions of the usual tournaments. Therefore, in the current time, you’ll get the chance to see multiple matches between professionals in streaming services. Indeed, events like these are a fantastic activity to pass the time in your house.

Frequently Asked Questions about League of Legends eSports

Which Countries are eligible to Become Professionals in League of Legends?

Pretty much all of the countries that have coverage from the main servers. Therefore, if you are capable of playing League of Legends in your home, you also have the potential to become professional.

How can I become a professional player in League of Legends?

Grinding the Ranking System
Finding a Great Team
Spending Your Time in League of Legends
Practice Makes Perfect
Scrims for Days
Participating in a Tournament

Does the Coronavirus make an effect in the League of Legends eSports scene?

Even though we still have the potential to see tournaments online, there are a lot of safety measures to keep everyone safe.

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