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The League of Legends Forums more commonly known as Boards were Riot Games primary medium where both players and developers could interact discussing details about the game including events, gameplay mechanics, and issues. However, as of March 9, 2020 Riot Games has officially removed the Boards System and all the files and contents posted on it. Fortunately, with this comes newer and more updated ways on connecting with the League of Legends community and it’s developers.

League of Legends Board List of Guides and News
League of Legends Boards

What are Forums?

Forums are basically web pages dedicated to players, and sometimes game developers, to have discussion about topics relating to a specific interest. This often allows players around the world to connect with other players and share hidden secrets or strategies with other players as well.

Why was League of Legends Board Discontinued?

Riot Games announced that the Board system was simply outdated and outshined by more popular platforms such as social media and Reddit. This will pave way for League of Legends to connect with more people outside exclusive forums. To put it simply, Riot wants to get with the times and reach platforms which users can usually be found.

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League of Legends Official Social Media Pages

The League of Legends community has branched out enough that it’s simply impossible to contain in just one platform. But with the sheer majority of League of Legends forum alternatives out there, one should pick out which ones will allow you to have better chances of getting more relevant answers from both the community and Riot Games developers themselves.

These are the Official Riot Games Social Media Accounts and Subreddit:

Facebook Logo Facebook: www.facebook.com/leagueoflegends
Twitter Logo Twitter: www.twitter.com/LeagueOfLegends
Youtube Logo Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/RiotGamesInc
Twitch Logo Twitch: www.twitch.tv/riotgames
Instagram Logo Instagram: www.instagram.com/leagueoflegends
Discord Logo Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/leagueoflegends
Reddit Logo Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends

While these platforms lack the traditional LoL forum layout we’re all accustomed to, it’s still better than not being connected at all or relying on unofficial League of Legends pages which are filled which lacks dedicated moderators to monitor information that goes in and out.

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How To Use These Websites

Most of these websites function in a similar manner. Their aim is to provide the users’ updated news such as patches, events, and announcements regarding the game. However, the user interface in each is different from each other. If you are the type of person who avoided the use of these platforms but is now inclined to do so, here’s a guide on how you use these platforms.


Facebook is probably the oldest among these LoL Forum alternatives as it’s been there for as long as the forums have existed. To use this website, simply comment on the official League of Legends posts on Facebook using your Facebook account. You can also send them a message directly by hitting the message button on the League of Legends official page.


Twitter is much more linear as there’s no account distinction system like groups or pages to filter out which content you follow. However, with Twitter you can have an easier time reaching Riot Developers through the follow function which allows you to connect instantly.

Youtube & Twitch

Now, Youtube and Twitch are streaming platforms which offer helpful videos on how’s and what’s in League of Legends. The community here comes in the comment section and developer interaction is less likely than in those above. You can tune in to live streams or just leave a comment below the videos in order to interact with the community.


Yes… League of Legends has an Instagram. This platform is dedicated to sharing images and videos but captions get the message through. While this isn’t where you’ll find most League of Legends players, this is where you’ll see some of your favorite League of Legends streamers, pros, or personalities.


Discord is one of the two community-driven official platforms dedicated for discussion among this list. Discord is a messaging platform but is moderated by official Riot Games staff. This means that any concerns can be discussed in Discord and both the community and moderators can attend to your needs. All you need to do is follow the invitation link and you’re in.


Reddit is the biggest forum-like platform on the internet filled with content from almost everything. The League of Legends subreddit specifically contains helpful guides and discussions about everything related to League. There are official and unofficial League of Legends subreddits where you can post or read inquiries from other people.

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Alternative League of Legends Forums

Just because the League of Legends boards was removed from the game, doesn’t mean that all there are no more League of Legends forums left available for summoners to discuss League of Legends news. Some websites dedicated to League of Legends content also established their own unofficial League of Legends forums which remains relevant and widely used. While no official Riot Games moderators can assist you with your problems in these accounts, the wide and active community can still give you a tip or two with regards to whatever you want to talk about.

1. Mobafire

Mobafire's League of Legends Forum Homepage containing guides and tips
Mobafire Forum Community Center

Mobafire is one of the original League of Legends guide sites dedicated to helping summoners find out the best champion builds from actual players themselves. Aside from this, Mobafire also has an active forum that has existed for a very long time and arguable has the largest active community among all unofficial forums. Since Mobafire is dedicated to League of Legends specifically, it’s easy to make your way around this website and find what you need to learn about the game.

2. Liquid Legends

Liquid Legends' LoL Forum Homepage
Liquid Legends Homepage

Liquid Legends is also one of the websites specialized in League of Legends content. What makes this forum special is that it’s actually owned the professional League of Legends organization, Team Liquid. The community is relatively large but is mostly based around Team Liquid related topics but that doesn’t mean you can’t discuss League of Legends topics here.

3. Neoseeker

Neosekeer's Forums League of Legends Page
Neoseeker’s LoL Forums Page

Neoseeker is one of the oldest gaming websites dedicated to connected gamers around the world. This website has a large collection of forums ranging from console to PC gaming which means that you might have a hard time looking for the LoL forums. However, you can always filter the forums League of Legends specifically focused so that you’ll only see LoL content on the site.

4. Elitepvpers

Elitepvper's League of Legends Forum Homepage featuring guides
Elitepvper’s LoL Forum Page

Another general gaming forum website, Elitpvpers has a large community and is also popularly used by other League of Legends players. Aside from the aesthetically pleasing interface the website has, the LoL forums in this website contain a lot of useful information for League of Legends players everywhere in the world. The community is also very active and you can engage in active discussion almost any time of the day.

5. MMO-Champion

MMO-Champion's League of Legends Forum Page
MMO-Champion LoL Forum Page

MMO-Champion is a gaming website dedicated to all Massively Multiplayer Online games including League of Legends. While this isn’t the most active League of Legends Forum among this list, it still has active discussions once in a while. There still millions of users registered in the LoL Forums so you won’t have to worry about the League of Legends forums becoming irrelevant in this website any time soon.

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What are things to keep in mind when using unofficial LoL Forums?

Whether you are in an official or unofficial League of Legends forum, the most important thing to keep in mind is to never share any account nor personal information with other users. A lot of people fall victim to this especially when they are experiencing issues which they desperately want to fix right away. When encountering a problem with your account the best thing to do is always go to the official League of Legends Support page to seek help regarding your issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will League of Legends Boards Ever Come Back?

Nothing is for certain, but it looks like Riot Games has made up its mind in keeping the Boards System closed which will remain this way for a relatively long time. You can expect that the official League of Legends forum will be gone for more than a year unless the community demands hard enough for Riot Games to bring it back.

Can We Still View Old Posts From The League of Legends Forum?

No, you can’t. While posts from the old League of Legends Forums and Board come out in google search, it will redirect you to the official League of Legends website when you click it. Riot Games has completely cleared everything related to the LoL forums except for its presence in google search.

How Do I Use The Unofficial League of Legends Forums

The first thing you’ll need to do is register an account from their respective websites. From here, all you need to do is look for forums League of Legends users are discussing in. You can use the post or comment function in each forum.

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