LOL Jungler Guide – 16 Most Gaming Tips on Internet in 2020

There are a lot of people out there trying to answer the question, “Which role is the most important in a LoL game?” Most say ADCs, some say support; but if you ask us, we’re going to say that the jungler is by far the most important person in a game. So let us show you our League of Legends jungler guide.

However, each role is essential in its own way and because of this we also offer you great guides such as the ADC guide, but for now, let’s get back to jungling.

Due to the fact that it’s important, jungling is an extremely difficult role to master. You need constant vigilance, top-notch communication skills and great knowledge of the game. That’s what this League of Legends Jungler Guide is all about. We’re going to be discussing 16 tips that differentiate a regular jungler from a great one. Let’s get right to the tips.

1. Picking the Right Champions

You might have heard the phrase that most games are won or lost in the drafting phase. This saying couldn’t be more accurate when you talk about selecting a champion for jungling. ADCs and Midlaners usually like picking champions that counter the enemy team. But, a jungler is supposed to fill in the gaps and pick something the team needs. We’ll go through some scenarios that will explain our point.

Also, we recommend using something to track statistics as well to enhance your experience. For example, Lolwiz could help with pre and during game analysis. It should help you make better decisions overall.

Picking Squishy Junglers

Some people like picking high damage, squishy junglers like Shaco jungler guide - Shaco or Rengar league of legends jungle guide - the Pridestalker because everyone adores more damage. If you want to do the same, make sure there are champions in your team that can frontline effectively and tank a lot of damage.

If your team has a tanky top laner like Nasus league of legends jungler guide Nasus , midlaner like Lissandra league of legends jungler guide Lissandrathe Ice Witch or a support like Leona with a lot of HP, you can go for a squishy jungler. Tanky champions often lack in damage, but they can create a lot of space for you. Pick a nuker, sit behind your allies and rain down on the enemy. A simple strategy that works from Bronze all the way to Master.

Picking Tanky Junglers

You can probably understand where we’re going with this. If your team has squishy champs like Zed league of legends jungler guideZed icon and Vayne league of legends jungler guide Vayne , don’t go for damage because your team already has plenty of it. Just go for something tanky like Amumu league of legends jungler guidethe Sad Mummy and Hecarim league of legends jungler guide hecarimthe Shadow of War . Even if you don’t have that much farm, or don’t have a great time ganking, you will still be a huge advantage for your team if you position yourself correctly. Just stick to the front lines and you’ll dominate really easily.

Junglers don’t realize that their pick can make or break the game. Sure, if you spam Ahri league of legends jungler guide ahri , you could be a total menace with her. However, every champion has its limits and Ahri can’t work in every situation. If your team already has even AP, go for AD instead. Picking more and more AP will mean that just one magic resist item will render your whole advantage useless. This is just one of the very basic of tips in our League of Legends Jungler Guide. We’ll talk about advanced drafting throughout the guide.

Sometimes it’s difficult to pick a champion based on what your team already has. Especially if you own a cool skin for your favorite champion, but it’s important to remember that winning the game is always the key of the game. If you insist and wish to always play champions that you have skins for, then a good suggestion would be to get a skin for a wider range of jungle champions, from squishy to tanky ones. In conclusion, try to get a favorite skin for at least one of each type of jungle champions. You can use our League of Legends Shop guide to learn more about the constant discounts the game offers for skins.

2. Warding

Junglers are like the second supports. Early game wards are usually to ensure that your laners don’t get ganked, but you can’t do that when you don’t know where the jungler is, don’t you?

Wards in the enemy jungle will let you know about their whereabouts at all times, offering a sense of safety to your teammate, steal enemy buffs and potentially set up for a kill on their jungler as well.

If you want to create your own strategies on how to go on warding or how to plan your jungling farms, you can use the LoL Planner. It’s a great little website that allows you to draw your strategies in real-time with your team mates. It can prove to be a great asset to you if used right.

We’re going to be listing the optimal place to ward as jungler down below.

Warding as a Ganking Jungler

If you’re a jungler that could make more of an impact on the game by ganking instead of just farming, you’re going to need to place some deep enemy wards to ensure that there aren’t more champions in the lane than you think.

Jungler Guide - Warding 1

A ward here will let your team know exactly when the enemy team is setting up for a gank.

jungler guide warding 2

This is usually the place where your enemy will ward, so make sure you deward it before ganking.

jungler guide - warding 3

Warding these river bushes will let you know when the most dangerous hero early on tries to make rotations around the map.

This might be a lot to take in at first, but warding is just one small thing that you will digest pretty fast. As dessert, you could take in these tips for beginners and experts as well. It might give you the strength to catch our Jungler tips quicker.

Warding as a Duelist

A duelist is someone that has a higher impact on the game by getting ahead of the enemy jungler. They can’t exactly gank really efficiently, but they can make up for it by crippling the enemy jungler.

We’ll talk about this role in detail a few tips down. If you’re playing a duelist, deep wards are great because you can literally step into the enemy jungle and steal his buffs and camps without much repercussions.

jungler guide - Warding 4

Scuttle crabs are great for junglers. They will help you get one step further ahead from the enemy jungler.

Warding 5

Buffs are obviously extremely important for a jungler and placing wards near that place will allow you to have greater control over the area.

3. Efficient Pathing

This is something who’s importance cannot be emphasized enough. Pathing is a tip that is mentioned in literally every single League of Legends Jungler Guide on the internet.

Efficient pathing is a skill that might not seem like something too major, but if you want, you can take the time to check how much farm you can get without pathing correctly and then doing so you’ll notice a significant difference and if it carries on, you could actually outfarm the carries. There are a lot of factors affecting pathing and you can’t really say that all junglers should go down the same way.

We’ll do our best to include various factors and explain various paths varying from champ to champ.

Path A

pathing 1
The first Path you could take.

The first path works for most junglers like Jarvan IV, Vi, Sejuani or Warwick. You’re going to be starting with the Red Brambleback, or more commonly known as the red buff. The red buff is great at the start because it puts you at level two and the regen will make clearing the next camps easier.

Javan, Sejuani, Vi
The trifecta of junglers obsessed with red buffs.

If your champion has AOE abilities like Sejuani’s W SejuaniQ or Zac’s W ZacW, then you should definitely go for the Raptor Camp. Raptors are slightly harder to kill due to their damage and you being squishy early on. But, if you have AOE control, then taking them is significantly easier. The Raptor gives a ton of gold and XP, so claiming them so early is a great lead for a jungler.

Path B

Path B
The second Path you could take.

If you’re playing a hero with move single target damage like Warwick , you could be better off starting with the red buff and moving straight to the blue one. You’ll be going to the Gromp next and with your high damage, you’ll be able to kill that sole monster pretty easily.

You could also do red buff > Gromp > blue buff. The difference in timing between the two is almost negligible.

jungler guider warwick
Warwick’s always ready to maul something.

As a side note to all of this, performing such strategical feats is also a great way to improve your overral performance in your real life job. Find out how video games can improve you job performance through our guide.

You might be surprised, but video games can help out on a lot of aspects of our lives.

4. Choosing Your Role in the Game

Before selecting a jungler, you should try to determine what type of role you’re looking to play. This depends on the drafting from the enemy team as well as the draft of your own team. But, generally, when we talk about roles (not the ADC, support, jungler type of roles), jungler’s are classified into three roles.

When it comes to choosing your jungler role more accurately, Mobalytics might come in with a helping hand. It’s always great to use external sources for both inspiration and real time help.


Jarvan Naut
With an armor like that, who would want to upset these guys?

There’s not much need to explain ganking, as most of you already know this in great detail. But basically, ganking champs don’t require that much time in the jungle. Later on in our League of Legends Jungler Guide, we’ll be talking about how you should keep a balance between ganking and farming. However, champs like Jarvan IV and Nautilus can just chuck farming out the window and create a lot of space for the team.

Here’s some more tips on how to effectively gank. Go there and cash in on the knowledge we offer. It’s crucial that you learn everything there is to know so that you’ll have a great first experience when trying it.


Udyr and Yi
Two guys who like to scream a lot while performing weird body movements.

These champions require some decent items to be effective in the mid-game. They don’t require as much farm as an ADC but, they should have a few items to do anything for their team. Udyr and Master Yi are good examples of such junglers. However, junglers shouldn’t entirely rely on jungle camps because the resources they provide are highly limited.


Poppy Heimerdinger
The Cute but Deadly Duelists

This third category of junglers has only one job, making the life of the enemy jungler extremely miserable. This type of strategy is also called counter-jungling where you’ll focus on finding and eliminating the jungler constantly. If a duelist does his job perfectly, the enemy jungler is completely crippled and will struggle to make ganks.

So, in a way, counterganking makes a ton of space for your team by keeping the person that can gank out of the equation. A couple of good duelists would be Poppy and Heimerdinger.

5. Choosing Items

Picking good starting items is really important for a Jungler. Almost every jungler starts off with two Health Potions League o Legends Health Potion , a Hunter’s Machete Hunters Machete and a Hunter’s Talisman Hunters Talisman item . The Machete and Talisman can be upgraded too. Their upgrades are Stalker’s Blade, Skirmisher’s Sabre and Tracker’s Knife.

Stalker’s Blade Stalkers Blade is an essential items for junglers that are going to be ganking those fast heroes that just manage to slip away. It takes away 20% movement speed from the targeted hero and deals some true damage.

Skirmisher’s Sabre Skirmishers Sabre item is for junglers that will find them in 1 v 1 combat often. This items debuffs the enemy and reduces the amount of damage you take from the debuffed unit.

The third upgrade, Tracker’s Knife Trackers Knife isn’t exactly a good upgrade since all you do is allow you to place additional wards around the map. It might be helpful in some situations, but it isn’t always too groundbreaking. A few other decent items for junglers are mentioned below:

⦁ Cinderhulk : This enchantment increases your health significantly and does damage around the carrier. Cinderhulk is mostly picked up on tanky champs.
⦁ The Warrior : The item is perfect for duelist junglers as it gives you increased attack damage and armor reduction. It also decreases cooldowns which is just the ideal cherry on top.
⦁ Bloodrazor : Each of your autoattacks deal additional damage depending on the target’s total hp. Great for going against tanky champs and taking Baron / Dragon.
⦁ Runic – The item develops charges overtime by walking and using abilities and when the charges are gathered, the next ability uses all the charges and gain a cleave on attack that hits four targets. The damage dealt is magical and restores a certain percentage of mana too.

You could also attempt to create your very own build. It’s a hard thing to do essentially, but it can provide a completely different and sometimes unique experience to your gameplay.

6. Top-Notch Communication

If you read our support and ADC guides, you’ll notice how we mention communication in every single of them. The same goes for our League of Legends Jungler Guide. This is because communication is one of the most important aspects of every game regardless of which champion, which role or how you’re playing.

If you watch some high ELO streamers on Twitch, you’ll see that every single one of them have mics and constantly communicate their every move. The easiest way to understand the importance of good communication is that higher ELO players don’t just use mics because they’re high up in ranks, they’re so high because they use mics.

Jungling is a role that just doesn’t work without a mic. You’re going to be talking to the rest of your team, coordinating ganks and counterganking as well. All of this isn’t possible without having to stand afk for about 10 seconds to type it all. 10 seconds may not seem like a lot, but in League of Legends it’s a lot. Instead, of having to waste so much time typing, all you need to say is “ganking bot in 20 seconds”.

You don’t necessarily need a mic, you could adapt to being efficient at typing too. If you’re going to type, instead of informing your team seconds in advance, announce the gank a minute or two earlier, and don’t just stand afk while you do so. Either type when your champ is taking a jungle camp or walking to a lane.

Maximizing productivity is one of the best ways to win in League of Legends. Learn how to incorporate this in communication as well. This video by YouTube Creator Sakeios clarifies our point.

PINGS AND COMMUNICATION - League of Legends Guide

7. Invading Junglers

The current meta of League of Legends really allows a lot of space for invading early on and that’s why we though mentioning it in our League of Legends Jungler Guide is completely justified. Invading is something that requires your absolute attention as you’ll be looking for intricate details to pull off an invasion successfully. This tip is going to be quite descriptive, so keep up with us.

It’s a risky strategy, but a very fruitful one if successful. Take a look on our how to survive guide to get an idea on the things you should look after to keep your HP bar in a happy mood more often.

Basically, invasion is the process of going into the enemy jungle with the intention of getting a pick off on the enemy jungler, stealing camps or just putting down some wards. People usually think they need some early-aggressors like Lee Sin the Blind Monk and Nunu Nunu, the guy with the Yeti , but you don’t need more damage to pull off a successful invasion.

This is basically a really high risk and high reward activity and if you can get the execution right and have the correct information at your disposal, you will definitely get the high reward. We’ll explain what we mean by correct information.


The outcome of an invasion highly depends on the matchup between the two junglers. Duelists can almost always beat a typical tanky jungler like Zac and Sejuani. This is why it is important to understand whether the champion you’re playing has the potential to outfight the enemy jungler before you go in for the invasion.

Zac Sejuani
The Beauty and the Slime

Here’s a fun little idea if you feel like really practicing and going hardcore. You can use Ultimate Bravery to randomize a champion and item build that you can use in your next match. This is a fun little tool to use mostly when you’re playing with friends.

Positioning of the Nearest Minion Wave

If two of three of your champs are about to head off into the enemy jungle, you should decide earlier the extent of how much damage you’re trying to inflict.

Are you just going to kill the enemy jungler? Do you want to steal his buff? Do you want to rotate to the lane and take a turret afterwards? Because most of the time, teams get the kill and they don’t know what they should do afterwards. One or two guys will go back, while the third sticks around and may just get picked off. Just think about invasion as a bank robbery.

Getting in there and grabbing the money is just part of the plan but getting away with the money is the more important aspect of the heist. Comparing League and grand larceny, is a pretty good metaphor…

In order to be successful at this, you may as well go learn more about the possible mistakes that can happen during a game through our list here. Mistakes can usually happen from a number of a reasons and the most common one is when we rush in without thinking it much.

8. Keeping One Eye on the Map

Just like communication, map awareness is also a key aspect of the game that all roles should follow. However, while playing as a jungler, your map awareness needs to be on point. The reason is that a jungler’s job is ganking and counterganking. Both of these activities require some knowledge of the location of champs on the map. We’ll talk about this down below.

During Ganks

Ganking is the part where you need to focus on the map to ensure that there aren’t any champs hiding in the nearby bushes. If you’re ganking one hero with two of yours, and another enemy turns up, the confusion is enough to screw up the fight even if you’re at an advantage. The best way to counter this is to have vision around the lane you’re planning on ganking as well as the nearby bushes.

Also, if you notice that the midlaner is missing when he shouldn’t be, don’t try to gank. There are a lot of factors affecting the outcome of a situation where a midlaner participates in a ganking party. But the usual outcome is that everyone in the enemy lane dies. Stay back; or you’ll just be an extra casualty.


Did you notice that the enemy midlaner is not in their lane even though the minions are at his tower? Did the jungler just give up the Scuttle Crabs without even contesting them? Such indicators mean that there is a gank incoming. Call your midlaner (in case the enemy midlaner is participating, otherwise just go alone), and march straight to the bot lane.

There’s a huge chance that you’ll wipe all three of the enemy laner with the element of surprise. Just make sure that you’re there in time. If you’re late, your laners will die and best case scenario, you’ll miss about a minute of your time. Worst case, you die.

If you feel that your map awareness is totally crap, we have a guide that teaches how to increase it. Go give it a read.


Play The Fucking Objective
A picture saying PTFO which offers zero elaboration to the tip

A term that is used in almost every online game and definitely deserves a spot in our League of Legends Jungler Guide. Most commonly used in DotA 2 and CS:GO, PTFO, or “Play the F***ing Objective”, is usually a term to tell teammates to concentrate on taking objectives instead of wasting time chasing after kills. The term and the science behind it are pretty simple.

You either take turrets and get the win, or you focus on just kills and lose the game after having a great start. That’s just how the game works, and if you, as a jungler, don’t help your team secure early tower and go from kills right back to jungling, you’re going to be losing most of your matches. There’s two ways to grab objectives before the ten minute mark.

Aside from just playing by the objective, make sure you take in account your other duties as well. Here’s a guide on 5 proven ways to improve your rank in League of Legends. It should give you an idea on other things that you can do to improve both your methodology in pushing victoriously throughout the game and your play style directly.

Brute Pushing

There’s nothing much behind this tip and it’s one of the easiest things in our League of Legends Jungler Guide. However, you can only do this if you have an ADC that has decent base damage sufficient to knock down towers early on.

A good example would be Caitlyn Caitlyn icon who can drop turrets from a safe distance and much quicker than most champions in the game. Just go to the lane, kill the enemy laner and start wailing on the tower. If the support, ADC and the jungler camp around the lane to see the tower to its death, the enemy won’t be able to contest.

However, make sure that you don’t over-extend and if you see too many enemy heroes disappear from the map, retreat instantly. You could be a welcomed by a not-too friendly ganking party.

Create Space

If you can’t directly help a champ take a tower, you can do it indirectly by making space for them. The important thing to realize is that creating psychology depends on the enemy team and if they’re able to take the bait. You’re going to be luring them away from their own lane and allowing your laner to push the turret.

The best way to make space would be to push the midlane really, really hard. A midlaner suffers if he loses an early tower, so the jungler and even the support may make a rotation around the lane. This buys time for your ADC to push and worst-case scenario, he only chips off a few hundred hp off of the turret; which isn’t an entirely bad situation.

10. Picking the Right Time to Gank

This is another tip in our League of Legends Jungler Guide that is highly situational and changes from one scenario to the other. But, in general, there are a few things that indicate that it’s a great time to push. We’ll explain them individually.

Ganking is a great way to add more kills to your team’s score and to also annoy the enemy a bit. We wrote a guide about improving your performance in League of Legends. We think it will really help you understand some aspects a lot more, which should also help with ganking in general. Knowing all sides and quirks to something can provide you with a deadly advantage over your enemies.

When the Minion are Closer to Your Turret

If you spectate higher ELO matches, you’ll see that almost every gank takes place when the ganking party has the minions fighting closer to their own tower. This gives them enough space between the enemy laner and the enemy’s turret to creep up behind them and get the kill.

If the wave was pushed to the other side and you had to dive the turret to get the kill, you’ll almost always fail because of the turret damage early game. Moreover, going behind the enemy’s tower means that the jungler, if he’s nearby, will be able to get there in time. But, if you gank someone closer to your own tower, there will be no help anywhere near the enemy champ.

Low Health Champ

There’s no rocket science here, but if you see an enemy sitting at 60% hp in a lane, go for the kill. However, there is a slight technicality that you should understand. If a champ has 50% hp and he’s standing in the lane, you may be a few seconds away from getting ganked. Just look at the map and see how many enemies are in vision. If you can see at least three champs, then you can dive the turret to get the kill.

Reliable Stuns

Ganking heroes like LeBlanc the deceiver is quite difficult, so as soon as you get some reliable CC stuns, you should go for a gank. Champs like Ashe the Frost Archer with her Enchanted Crystal Arrow Ashe Ulti can stun enemies for 3 seconds which is more than enough to kill someone early game.

Play around such ultimates to gank folks with decent escape abilities and you’re going to get pretty easy kills.

Be sure to check OP.GG as well, which is a great place to get statistics on everything you may need. Stats usually provide you with a more in-depth explanation as to why something’s good, or why it fails constantly.

11. Protect Your Own Turrets

One thing every jungler needs to realize is that protecting turrets is more important than literally anything else you’re doing. Everyone tries their best to claim a few towers before the 10 minute mark in order to restrict the space for the enemy team and gain map control. And, since your job is to enable your own team, it’s important that you give up what you’re doing and rotate around the map to relieve some pressure on the tower.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on your way to gank someone, farming raptors, taking a buff or just jungling in general, losing an early tower will put you at a huge detriment and will increase enemy control over the Dragon/Baron. There’s nothing too complicated in this point, so we’ll just leave it here without too much elaboration.

12. Killing the Easier Camps

Blue Red Raptors
A Jungler’s Bread and Butter

Let’s talk about what we mean by the word easy. Basically, every champion has his/her own weakness and strengths and the word easy varies according to their skill set. For example, if a champion can kill raptors quickly, the camp is easier for them. But the case couldn’t be same for all champions since some can’t do the same.

Knowing which camp to clear is extremely important to save time and increase efficiency. We talked about this slightly in the League of Legends Jungle Guide tip where we mentioned pathing. There are a lot of factors, but we’ll include some basic ones and explain which type of champ should go for which camp.

You could also try looking at our guide on picking the easiest to play Jungler champions. If you’re new to this role and you’re trying to absorb every little bit of info you can so you won’t go in on an empty belly, we’d strongly recommend reading as much as you can.

Red Brambleback

Red Brambleback or more commonly known as the red buff is a crucial element to grab early on in the game. The red and the blue buff are really important for a jungler that relies on the added stuff he gets from these camps. Grabbing buffs is basically League of Legends Jungler Guide 101. If you’re on a jungler that has a high single target base damage, then you should definitely go for the red buff right at the start.

Champs like Shyvana and Lee Sin are decent when it comes to clearing the Red Brambleback and can do a lot with the buff they get from it.

Blue Sentinel

Blue Sentinels are usually picked up by heroes requiring mana regeneration at the start. A lot of junglers rely on spamming their low-cooldown abilities which isn’t possible without using the regen they get from the blue buff. Usually, champs like Fiddlesticks and Olaf try to pick up an early blue buff.


The Crimson Raptors are quite difficult for most champs to clear early on in the game. But, if the guy you’re playing has some decent wave clearing abilities, then raptors are definitely the place to go. Raptors offer great gold and XP and it might just be what you need to get ahead of the enemy jungler.

For a more in-depth view at jungling and jungle camps in general, you can check the page on FANDOM. There you can find all the little details you may want to know when it comes to the creatures you can find, the changes throughout history and more.

13. Kiting Camps

This is a highly underrated tip and we feel that it is a crucial part of our League of Legends Jungler Guide and vital for a jungler to maximize efficiency. Basically, kiting is the process of taking one step back after using an ability or an auto-attack.

Kiting is a much larger aspect of the game. You can kite monsters, minions and even champions. Kiting stuff other than monsters isn’t something we’re going to talk about. We’ll just stick to kiting jungle monsters for now.

The reason kiting monsters is so underrated is because people don’t really see the difference between kiting and not kiting. Efficiency in jungling means getting the most gold, in the least amount of time and taking the least amount of damage. Therefore, if you’re trying not to take too much damage, kiting is the way to do just that.

With kiting, you auto attack the monsters, take a step back to avoid their hit and hit them again. Kiting will save you valuable hp that you won’t have to refill with regen items. This means more time in the jungle and an easy transition into the lane.

The whole technique just takes about ten minutes to learn and fifteen to master, so it’s one of the easier tips in our League of Legends Jungler Guide. The video above is from Fz Frost showing how to kite.

How to Kite & Orb Walk in League of Legends Season 7

Just a small precaution though, each camp has something called a “Patience” bar. This bar depletes when you walk too far from the spawn location. This will reset the camp and regen all of its health. Make sure that you never step too far away while kiting or you could end up wasting a solid 15-25 seconds of your time.

14. Keeping Balance Between Ganks and Farming

Keeping an equilibrium between the number of minutes you’re spending in the jungle farming and minutes that you’re participating in ganks is something that even higher ELO players struggle with because it’s so easy to get carried away.

Basically, you need to make sure that you’re roaming around the map quite a bit, but not enough to completely paralyze your farm. We’ll talk about what happens when you focus on just one and not the other.

This kind of “issue” is amplified mostly when you’re solo queuing. We have a guide on the terrors that come with practicing such a hardcore play style.

Focusing on Ganking

Sure, you’re making a hell of a lot of space for your team and you’re helping them win their lanes, but you’re being enormously crippled in the process. In most ganks, three of your team will be participating. This means that you have almost a 33% chance of getting the kill and the gold. There’s a much greater chance that you only get the assist and the XP. Not getting the gold means that you just spent all that time to plan a gank and you just get some XP out of it. During this time, the enemy laner is farming constantly and leaving you behind in gold. You’ll have a level advantage, but you’re at a gigantic gold disadvantage.

Focusing on Just Farming

Just afk jungling is sort of a retarded move that will get you flamed every single game. And, honestly, you deserve it. A jungler’s job is to ensure that his lanes win and, if they lose even though he tried his best, the jungler cannot be blamed. But if you don’t even try to gank and think that your own items are more important, you deserve to be reported. If you’re that intent on getting farmed, play ADC. Don’t ruin the game for others by not doing what you’re supposed to.

15. Understanding the Importance of Your Six

If there’s one thing that no low ELO player can understand, it’s the important of power spikes. We’re talking about one power spike in particular, which is a jungler’s level six. Basically, getting level six means that you can step into any lane and get a kill (if you know what you’re doing). And, surprisingly, a large number of players don’t do that.

If you watch a Master Jungler, you’ll see that as soon as they get their six, they literally dash towards a lane to use it. It’s a pretty easy kill when you go three on two or three on one, so as soon as you get your ultimate, make sure you use it.

However, you do need to realize one thing that the enemy jungler is probably going to hit level six at the same time. They’re either going to be coming to the lane you’re ganking. So, make sure you have a ward already in place to detect enemy movements.

If they’re going to another lane to gank, you should calculate how much they can get out of the gank and how much you can get. Can you get more kills and secure a turret if you let your midlaner die? If so, then go for it. But, if you see that they have the potential to secure more objectives, countergank instead of ganking yourself.

We can’t really write a sample scenario since there are, once again, too many factors involved like the number of minions, total heroes in the ganking party, available cooldown, damage, pushing speed, etc. This is just something you should predict and learn overtime.

16. Helping the Right Lane

This is more of an advanced technique out of the other in our League of Legends Jungler Guide and requires a higher level of understanding of the game. There are certain scenarios that can help you decide which lane deserves your help. We’ll talk about these situations down below.

Learn more about the play style of a Diamond player through our guide. This should give you a more in-depth idea on how to better understand our tips. The more knowledge you get, the more deadlier you become.

0-5 Lane

For the first situation, let’s suppose that your laner is being destroyed completely. They’re going 0-5 and have no chance of snowballing into the late game. Now, as a jungler, you will help out this lane, right? 90% of you will have answered yes, and you’re completely wrong.

At this point, you need the enemy laner with the 5 kills to disappear off the map to let your laner get some farm or kills. Helping that lane is a dead end because your ally is so far behind, they’re not going to catch up fast enough. At this point, you shouldn’t help them at all, and go help the other laners that are either winning and help them extend their lead. Or, if they’re neck and neck, help them get some kills. If another one of your ally can get kills, you might have a chance to counter the fed enemy and comeback.

An Equal Lane

If some lane is going completely equal; by equal we mean that no one is in a lead in CS, kills or XP and things aren’t going to change anytime soon; you could help that lane solidify a lead. Such types of lane should be a top priority because a good rotation will always mean a kill and maybe a turret.

A Lane Going Extremely Well

Such lanes don’t exactly need your help, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get it. Helping a dominating lane depends on whether your ally is leading due to zoning the enemy out of the lane or by getting kills. If it’s the former, the lane needs help. Zoning is great, but kills will put the enemy at a deficiency that will make it impossible for the team to comeback. Rotate to the lane and get a few kills to make sure your laner can snowball into the late game.

Bottom-line; Don’t help the losing lane, help the winning lane get further ahead. This is one of the most effective tips in our League of Legends Jungler Guide and it is definitely one that could be where you’re going wrong every game.

With all these tips on your head, you could also think about streaming on Twitch. It would be fun to record your growing adventures and share them with other people. You never know when you’ll find new teammates to play with or find a hobby within this.

Closing Thoughts

If you think that you don’t need to follow the mentioned tips, you’re going to suck as a jungler and are probably going to hit an impassable barrier of MMR that will be impossible to overcome. The barrier will make you hate the game, so if you want to continue to play, follow our League of Legends Jungler guide and fill your head with information from some of the top ELO junglers in the world right now…

Also, don’t stop there. Expand your knowledge even more by going to the Summoner School on Reddit. There you can find questions and answers from players all over the world.

We hope you enjoyed reading our extensive guide on winning as a jungler in League of Legends.

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