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The Key to Longevity

When it comes to making video games, there are too many steps in between before the entire project becomes complete and ready to play. First of all, you need to establish the core or the “skeleton” of your future endeavor with an eccentric engine. If everything goes at it should, the game will become a lot more stable, more compatible with different hardware, and you’ll encounter fewer bugs. Still, though, to achieve this process, you’ll need to spend a couple of years before moving to the next step(s).

Picture showing endless stairs, that tries to represent the constant changes in updates.
With you Forever!

For the next part, you make a combination of two different steps. Indeed, when you’re making the rules or the “gameplay” elements of the game, you’ll also need to keep an eye on the level design. Therefore, you’ll make sure that the mechanics are fun to play and give exciting ways to interact with the virtual environment. If you’re mixing the league of legends meta up accordingly, you’ll have complicated/annoying gameplay elements. At the same time, you can also have a problem with bland/unused parts of the world.

Lastly, what comes next is the icing of the cake, or in other words, making it look astonishing. As a result, you’ll have the opportunity to use “next-gen” graphics, realistic animations, and enticing sounds. If done correctly, you’ll have people drawn to your project with their first impression through video previews.

Without a doubt, every process of the gaming industry requires a lot of workers and resources. Therefore, large companies invest millions on dollars for a possible hit on the gaming market. Still, to reduce costs for a possible “sequel,” you have the potential to keep one game alive through some years.

The Meaning of “META”

One of the “keys” that helps the gaming industry to keep a particular game alive through some years (or decades) is to change its “perspective.” To explain this further, let us go step by step. First of all, when you make a set of rules, you give some variety to the game by adding different ways to play. For example, in an RPG (RolePlaying Game), you have the chance to use multiple archetypes such as a fighter, wizard, or archer.

Since each archetype requires different rules and gameplay elements, you intent to make it “fair” for everyone. Therefore, you use tools such as intense testing and the aid of “outside critique” to find possible unbalances. Still, though, even with lots of precautions, it is almost impossible to achieve equality in a game with multiple choices.

With this in mind, when the game comes out to the public, people will try everything available in your project. And through multiple testing and feedback, the community will come across to the “Most Effective Tactic Available” (META). In other words, they’ll find those elements that make the game less “difficult” or complicated.

Ornn concept art forging one equipment for his team,
Need some of that OP thing?

Let’s continue with the previous example. Indeed, without your intention, people have found that the wizard somehow does a lot more damage than the other classes and kills bosses almost instantly. Still, to reach this level of “power,” players need to equip the right type of equipment and use the right abilities in succession.

When the community “figures out” the META, nothing else seems worthy. Most noteworthy, posts and videos from different sources may appear telling the rest of the players about such unbalance. Furthermore, they’ll complain about how incompetent you are for making these mistakes. Soonish, you’ll have messages asking to improve the other two classes of the game.

League of Legends Current Meta

Following the gaming industry agenda, developers over Riot Games have seen this situation regularly. Indeed, you, as a regular player, may have come across the Current Meta from time to time. First of all, you’ll probably have seen that some Champions tend to appear frequently than the rest. Overall, there are more chances to get this phenomenon when you’re in the middle of a Ranked Queue.

At first, it may look unusual to see a dominant Champion destroying an entire team by itself. Still, though, as the weeks go by, it tends to look tiresome and annoying. Sometimes, you may even feel helpless when you’re against an influential Meta Champion, and no matter what you’ll do, the outcome is negative.

As a result, to keep things interesting, Riot Games makes some “adjustments” to keep things “fresh.” Therefore, in between some patches, you’ll notice that the performance from the overpowered Champions tends to fall. At the same time, though, other options in the roster take its place to own Summoner’s Rift for a while.

Concept art about two champions throwing energetic blasts of different properties. The the  right is completely dark, in the right is the opposite, white.
Battling for Survival

Changing the Game

To give a better idea about the steps that the developers follow to change the Current Meta, here you have some guided steps:

  • Phase One, Patch Notes Appear to the Public:  Out of nowhere, the Riot developers post some important information through their official webpages. When this happens, some parts of the community have some clues about the intentions of the team. Furthermore, through speculations, the players may have an idea about the possible changes.
  • Phase Two, Testing the New Changes: With the aid of some PBE (Public Beta Environment) servers, the developer team tests the alterations. In the middle of it all, there may appear some troubles with lol itself. First of all, you could have some unintended buffs/nerfs in different elements of the roster. Secondly, a number in some equation may be wrong, and things begin to fall apart. Last but not least, some changes do not have the impact that it was supposed to happen in the new Patch.
  • Phase Three, Tuning Things Up: Through the testing servers, there may be some little updates in between to fix any possible mistakes. This part of the development could repeat itself until the Riot gives the “okay.” Therefore, in between deadlines, the team needs to acknowledge the troubles and find possible fixes as soon as possible. With too many delays, the overall community may begin to feel desperate and complicate things a little bit more.
  • Phase Four, Downloading the Patch into the Main Servers: After everything looks okay for the development team, the Patch is ready for the entire community. When this happens, there are some announcements, and the Patch becomes available for the central server. Therefore, when you load the game once more, you’ll have to wait a little bit until everything is ready.
  • Phase Five, The Newest Current Meta on Random Matches: When things get figured out, you’ll see it in your random matches. First of all, there are some Champions that will appear regularly and picked first. Secondly, websites with builds may accommodate to the new chances and make some updates. As a result, you’ll find that some items loose their “charm” and become obsolete for your Champion.
  • Phase Six, Changing the eSports Environment: When the players discover the Meta, you’ll see it through an essential eSport event. First of all, you’ll see that specific Champions appear more regularly from the rest. Secondly, the same set of banned options become mainstream.

The Meaning of Buffing/Nerfing a Champion

To truly change the Current Meta of League of Legends, some crucial changes need to occur in the game. Yes, when this happens, some Champions lose their charm, while others get their turn into the spotlight. Indeed, when drastic modifications like this hit the main servers, there is always some distrust from the community.

Most importantly, due to the requirements in different types of in-game currency, things may look darker from some players. For example, you may save some Blue Essence to buy the “overpower” Champion in the current Meta. But when everything changes, it may become obsolete in your collection.

Therefore, the development team always takes extra thought before making drastic changes. When this is not the case, people from around the world may share their opinion. As you can imagine, changing the Current Meta in League of Legends is never an easy task to achieve.

Concept art showing the Champion Caitlyn with a different costume and aiming/shooting with her Rifle.
Nerfing where it Hurts

The Types of Players in League of Legends

Depending on how much time you share with your gaming sessions in League of Legends, you’ll discover the chances. Furthermore, the impact in your gameplay and your random matches may also affect differently from player to player. Hence, to differentiate the changes in the Current Meta, you probably follow these lines:

The Current Meta to the Casual Player

When you’re in this spot, you’ll probably notice the changes in the “Phase Six.” Therefore, with the little knowledge you have in the game, you’ll need another point of reference. Indeed. If you’re a new player as well, you or your opponents may not have access to the Meta Champions. Additionally, buying items may never be a trouble since you follow the guides from the game itself.

The Current Meta to the Regular Player

People from this group may notice the difference when they rerun the game. Indeed, when you see the little notification of the update and the waiting time to load, you’ll know that something has changed. Still, though, with the lack of Champions in your collection, you may have an option or two from the Current Meta. Most noteworthy, the impact on your games is not that meaningful. Indeed, a player with some experience may take some advantages and get an easy win.

Yasuo Chibi, throwing one of his abilities with a text from the voice sound.

The Current Meta to Skilled Players

If you’re in this category, you probably have the PTB server installed on your system (Phase Two). Therefore, with the aid of your teammates, you have the potential to try the changes before anyone else. At the same time, you could notice any troubles with balance and share constructive feedback with the development team. Thanks to the assistance from the Skilled Players, the rest of the community will have fewer difficulties when changes occur.

The Current Meta to the Professionals

Players from this level know the differences from “Phase One.” When this happens, they may agree with 10% of the changes and complain about the other 90%. Above all, they use their official Youtube or Twitch channel to share their thoughts about the discontent. Still, in the middle of everything, they’ll try the changes ASAP and train with their team for the best Current Meta. When important eSport events are live, they use their hidden information to achieve some wins.

Two Professional Players discussing the Current Meta and making decisions before the start of the game.
We ban that Champion, Right?

Frequently Asked Questions about the Current Meta

How can you Describe Meta in a Video Game?

It means the Most Effective Tactic Available in the game that depicts what is powerful and what you should follow to make things easier.

Why does the Meta regularly change in League of Legends?

To keep the game alive for a long while, the development team at Riot changes essential characteristics from the Champions. Therefore, you’ll get to see different picks in Random Matches.

What impact occurs in a player with the Current Meta?

It depends on how much time you share with League of Legends. If you’re occasionally playing, you’ll probably even notice the changes. In contrast, though, skilled players could see essential changes in the early hours after the Patch.

Can you escape the Meta?

Sadly no, you need to adjust yourself for the new changes and play accordingly. That means that you’ll need to try different Champions and buy other equipment alternatives. Sometimes your favorite Champions may become obsolete, and you’ll need to forget about them for a while.

How does Riot Games communicate their possible changes to the current Meta?

The developers will use their official webpages and social media links to share the news with the community. Still, though, they’ll need to test things up before making things official to the general audience.

What is the PBE server in League of Legends?

Its a “testing server” that the developer team regularly uses, which is useful for possible changes in the game. With this tool, Riot Games has the potential to try meaningful changes to the game to a limited audience. Therefore, if something isn’t working correctly, they could alter files and fix things up before the changes hit the main servers.

Do you have any questions about the Current Meta?
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