League of Legends Patch 10.15 Discussion

Out with the Old

It is the time of the year, the League of Legends Patch notes are here for us to analyze. The development team at Riot has focused its efforts to bring us tools that change the Meta (again). Therefore, we, as competent players, have some work to do in these couple of days.

First of all, we’ll check different parts of the patch according to their impact on the game. Therefore, we’ll take our time to evaluate the new acquisition to the roster. Secondly, we’ll discuss the positive changes to the current Champions of the game that come with the patch. Indeed, news like these tends to increase the happiness of the veterans that have some time with their collections.

League of Legends Patch changes in a single image.
New New

Furthermore, there’s the negative side from any new patch in the game; the nerfs to the Champions. When elements like these come around, the random matches change drastically. Most importantly, some players may need to look for alternatives to keep their winning chances intact. Hence, it feels like the investment of Blue Essence becomes a lot less attractive.

Last but not least, we’ll check the other changes with this League of Legends Patch that makes the game more appealing to the eye. Above all, the new changes to the graphics and some fantastic cosmetic items that you’ll get to enjoy from the LoL in-game store. Therefore, we still have a game that looks similar (if not better) to competence.

Without further ado, here you have the new elements from the League of Legends Patch 10.15:

New Stuff

Lillia, the Bashful Bloom Joins the Roster

Lillia Champion Spotlight | Gameplay - League of Legends

“Intensely shy, the fae fawn Lillia skittishly wanders Ionia’s forests. Hiding just out of sight of mortals—whose mysterious natures have long captivated, but intimidated, her—Lillia hopes to discover why their dreams no longer reach the ancient Dreaming Tree. She now travels Ionia with a magical branch in hand, to find people’s unrealized dreams. Only then can Lillia herself bloom and help others untangle their fears to find the sparkle within.”

This versatile new Champion comes with new tools that can make you have a great time in different types of Roles. Due to the synergy of her abilities, she may look “simple” at first, but still, you can take advantage of this characteristic. In other words, it means that it will take less time to become a possible professional with this Lillia in your collection.

Furthermore, since practically almost the entire community doesn’t know how to react to her abilities, you always take the upper hand. Additionally, since she is the new element in the roster, some of the skills may change shortly. As a result, you have a couple of weeks to stomp a lot of random matches and increase your position in the Ranking Ladder.

Last but not least, you now have the chance to figure with the community which League of Legends Role fits better for this character. It can either be Jungle, Top-Lane, Mid-Lane, who knows, even for a Support.

Buffs for Current Champions

League of Legends Swain official art, showing the Champion flying .
Got new Wings?
  • Caitlyn: Old veterans now have some reasons to check their collection and find her somewhere in between it all. It may not look that much, but remember that these numbers in Attack Damage and Movement Speed tend to increase in the game.
  • Gragas: Another gem in the roster got some tools to become relevant in the late part of the game. Indeed, with a little increase in Damage Ratio between two skills, he now has the potential to create more chaos within team fights.
  • Irelia: Thanks to the Passive rework on this impressive Champion, she now has more tools to deal more damage in the mid-part of the match. In other words, if everything goes according to plan, she can be deathly around fifteen to twenty minutes and look for kills.
  • Rakan: Reworking the passive makes this support more relevant in different parts of the encounter.
  • Shen: With similar treatment in the passive skill that makes this Champion better with the Ki Barrier.
  • Skarner: Now, you have more tools to make some fights interesting as you progress in the match. As a result, spamming the “Q” became more relevant as you stand in front lines.
  • Swain: In this League of Legends Patch, this Champion had a lot of changes between the different abilities. Therefore, you may need to practice a little more in controlling damage and cooldowns.
  • Yuumi: Thanks to these changes in the Passive, it now has more relevance in the late game.

Upcoming Nerfs

League of Legends Lee Sin Art from a custom skin in the game.
Lee Sin? More Like Lee Gone
  • Aphelios: Now that he’s not the star of the show anymore, he got the “fair” treatment from the developers at Riot. This time around, the sentries have drastic changes and may not be the same anymore in the battlefield. Furthermore, the ultimate became a little better thanks to a bugfix in the game.
  • Fiddlesticks: With this change, this Champion became a little less relevant in the Top-Lane. Due to the reduction of healing against minions, he’ll need other sources to increase its health.
  • Lee Sin: This Champion became a little less relevant in the only Role that it’s known in the game. Therefore, the chances that someone would pick him up in random matches is almost none.
  • Ornn: Due to the reduction in the Base Armor, Ornn has the potential to receive a lot more damage in the Top-Lane. As a result, you’ll have a decrease in farm and gold as you need to return to the base and heal.
  • Thresh: Even though it may look devastating to nerf the hook, it only affects the late game. Therefore, as a result, you’re still relevant in the early stages of the match.
  • Twisted Fate: Now that he has less relevant tools in the early game, it won’t be easy to control the Mid-Lane between the first ten minutes.

Visual Effects Updates and New Skins and Chromas

You now have the chance to see fantastic rework in the different animations and effects between the abilities of Ahri and Udyr. Therefore, it can become more appealing to try these Champions when you get the chance. Additionally, within this patch, you have the potential to acquire skins relevant to the Spirit Blossom Event.

League of Legends Teemo Skin from the Spirit Blossom event.
Get This ASAP!

Frequently Asked Questions about League of Legends Patch

When does the League of Legends Patch arrive in the game?

It is currently available to all of the players.

How can I configure the patch in the game?

Double click on the League of Legends Icon and let it download for a while.

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