League of Legends Patch 10.16 – Meta Changes, New Champion and More

A new patch is up and running on League of Legends with a boatload of tweaks and major changes in the game. Patch 10.16 that went live on August 6th. came bearing gifts with a much awaited champion release and new skins!

A screenshot of the patch 10.16 highlights showing all buffs, nerfs and new champions and skins.
Patch 10.16 Highlights

Patch 10.16 is just in time for split three, which would be the last split for this season. The patch would transform the playoffs meta, bringing a little razzmatazz to the games.

According to the League team, patch 10.16 is going to be here for long, about twice as long as a normal patch. Their dev team is apparently going to be AFK for some time, skipping patch 10.17. But there will be some balance changes going into effect with patch 10.18. So we’ll have to be on a watch out for it.

For now, let’s swoosh down and see how these patch changes are gonna affect your games.

Major Focus on the Botlane

A screenshot of League's champion select screen showing some famous ADCs.
League of Legends – ADCs

Patch 10.16 has made some major changes to the botlane, specially to the ADCs. So brace yourself for some dramatic fights in the botlane and oh, obviously for even more nail-biting action.

Marksmen like Miss Fortune, who seemed to be bounty hunting in some far-off coasts lately, would be back with a bang, quite literally. Thanks to the increase in her base attack damage, which may not seem much (only a 2 points increase), would definitely stabilize her performance, taking her early games up a notch.

Lucian also seemed to be on his vengeance trip to the Black Mist, taking a break from the botlane. His performance had been weak since quite a few patches now, often losing to his in-meta peers. As a result, League finally showed some love to him by increasing his Q damage by ten points on each level, while also increasing the number of shots fired from his ultimate. Get ready to seeing him more often in the games, now that he’s back.

Jhin also got a chance to set a beautiful stage for his show now with his passive’s final shot critical damage increase. Now he can deal more damage to the towers and structures, ending the show with a dramatic final shot.

Ashe however, has been nerfed this patch. Sorry, not everyone gets to be lucky, right? Ashe’s Q’s bonus attack speed has been decreased in late game to balance the buff she got in patch 10.8.

Tristana after many nerfs finally gets some attention. Her E, Explosive Charge has been buffed by adding 1% increased damage per 3% critical strike chance. Time for her to boom!

With all these buffs given to the marksmen, the meta is expected to somehow shift, specially towards the botlane.

Supports like Nautilus, Bard, Rakan and Karma have also seen some major changes. Although most of them have been nerfed (no more Nautilus dominating the game), Rakan has seen a major buff. His ultimate’s bonus movement speed has been increased by a whopping 25 points (50% > 75%). Friendly tip: Be more careful if he’s in the enemy team now. Don’t let yourself get lured by his charms.

Morgana has also seen a slight buff with her Q cooldown decreased by just 1 second. NICE JOKE RIOT. Stop playing with our emotions!

Patch 10.16: Junglers’ Reign Continues

Junglers have been dominating the games in the current meta. “Better jungler wins”, for real. With patch 10.16, Riot has focused the most on the botlane, followed by junglers. So time to sharpen up your Stalker’s Blades y’all junglers, your reign continues.

"League of Legends" written over Evelynn the jungler's picture.
League of Legends – Evelynn

Evelynn,who already was an OP jungler has been buffed by Riot. Her Q cooldown has been lowered by 4 seconds (8 seconds  ⇒ 4 seconds), as if it already was not OP enough with those three lash spells. Beware, for she’s going to haunt the jungle, hiding in the dark and attacking you from behind. I personally am gonna perma ban her for now.

Once Jax builds Trinity Force and Guinsoo’s Rageblade, your game is over. He is basically an uncounterable melee champ that solo carries the games. And guess what? He’s gonna haunt your dreams with his recent buff in patch 10.16. Jax’s E cooldown has been decreased, being readily available for him to wreck you.

Hecarim also got buffed with his E’s movement speed increased overtime. We will be seeing more of him now, galloping in full speed over his creepy horse-like body of souls. With his ultimate used in combination with the buffed E, there will be no escape. So keep yours lanes warded and beware of his engages.

Oh and I totally forgot about another jungler that got buffed. Skarner. But .. who even remembers him lol? Okay .. let’s not patronize the poor guy. Maybe mentioning him here would make his day. So Skarner’s Q total damage ratio has been increased (0.15 attack damage ⇒ 0.20 attack damage) with a decrease in its mana cost (from 15 to 10). But I still don’t think we’d be seeing him much.

Let’s talk about the nerfed junglers, shall we?

So Volibear was exerting his demigod powers a bit too much, ever since the rework. To control that, Riot nerfed him with major decrease in his Q’s bonus movement speed. A decrease of 5/6/7/8/9% has been made in his bonus movement speed for all respective levels.

Nocturne was wreaking havoc in the midlane, scaring off midlaners. Riot has nerfed him with an increase in his passive’s cooldown, to keep him confined to the jungle.

Karthus’s Q damage ratio has also been decreased, but only with a minor ratio of 0.05.

How are These Changes Gonna Affect the Meta?

Up till the last patch, toplaners and junglers used to dominate the games with the meta being in their favor. However, with patch 10.16, there has been a shift in focus, with more attention on the botlane and junglers. With so many marksmen being buffed, the games are going to depend more on botlane, making its role pivotal.

Junglers are going to continue reigning the games as the new patch continues to favor them.

Read patch notes about more changes here.

Patch 10.16: Yone, The Unforgotten

A picture of Yone, the newest champion in League of Legends.
Yone – League of Legends

Patch 10.16 also came with a much awaited champion release. Yone, Yasuo’s brother has landed in Summoner’s Rift. For more info about the new champ, read this blog: Yone: Yasuo, Only Needlessly Edgier

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