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Even though it may not look appealing enough at first, the League of Legends PBE is crucial for the game itself. Being a more than a decade video game, LoL keeps a winning formula to stay “alive.” First of all, you have constant newcomers to the roster. At the moment, there almost 150 Champions for you to unlock and learn with their gaming mechanics.

Indeed, it may take more than a couple of years to fully master even half of the current Champions available at the moment. Most importantly, due to crucial META changes, you’ll probably have obsolete knowledge about some abilities that drastically change. Therefore, you’ll need to relearn almost everything to stay ahead of regular gamers.

Main image from the League of Legends PBE server official page. Showing a Heimerdinger "Working" Skin
Testing.. 1..2..3…

Above all, these META changes help League of Legends to keep everything interesting for every type of player from the community. On the one hand, you have the professional player that checks for the new implementations and focusses on the possible new META. While, in the other spectrum, you have the casual player that looks for new Champions in different eSports tournaments.

Most noteworthy, even though Summoner’s Rift stays with the same concept through all of these years, everything around the map changes regularly. Therefore, if you leave the game for a couple of months, you’ll probably feel “things” a lot more different in your return. As a result, even though you’ll see everything similar to your last visit, it won’t “feel” familiar.

In the middle of everything, we have the League of Legends PBE server that aims to smooth the transition between patches. Therefore, there will be less chaos when the META changes and crucial modifications hit the servers from around the world.

League of Legends PBE Server

The Public Beta Environment or League of Legends PBE is a great tool that the developers from Riot use regularly. With this instrument, they have the chance to test upcoming patches and check if everything will go as intended. Therefore, in a period, they allow a couple of players to try things beforehand.

Above all, theoretically is another version of League of Legends with its proper files. Therefore, you’ll need to download another couple of gigabytes and have two versions of the game. Still, though, you have the opportunity to experience new elements of the game before the rest of the community.

Indeed, if you are in the middle of that battlefield, you could give a little assistance to the development team and check if everything plays correctly. Indeed, with the information from the Patch Notes, you could re-check if things are going as they should.

 Overall, if there are too many reports about a possible mistake, the development team has the opportunity to change things accordingly. Therefore, in a short period, you’ll see another update that could have a correction of the bug you encounter.

By the time the new patch hits the Main servers, Riot already polished almost everything, and things may work as intended. As a result, the whole community will have the chance to try the new elements of the game without mishap ends. Hence, the professionals are ready to deploy the new META through the eSports tournaments without any worry of any possible crashes.

Meme about the perspective of a software's "feature" to a Developer to a Bug for a Tester.
Stand Your Ground!

Is the League of Legends PBE Server necessary?

For any developer out there that wants to achieve quality and stability, elements like the League of Legends PBE are indispensable. Moreover, games that dwell in the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), and also those with “live service” capabilities require lots of updates.

Most of all, they need to keep the game alive with totally new content for their community. At the same time, the developers need to polish their craft and make their game stable for everyone. Therefore, with a tool such as the League of Legends PBE, they’ll have the opportunity to deliver new content accurately.

If some kind of gaming developers want to take some risks and jump essential elements like the League of Legends PBE, there may be some trouble. Most noteworthy, when they chance critical parts to their game’s engine. In contrast to the usual way of doing stable updates, accidents may happen, and something could “break” in between. Indeed, with a single mistake in a line of code, everything has the potential to become unstable.

When something like this happens, the community will surely let you know in a matter of seconds from the Internet. Hence, you may have different messages, posts, tweets, comments that may surface from separate locations. Last but not least, the gaming community won’t stop until everything goes back to normal. Above all, you won’t have accurate feedback about the new content and if they are appealing to all the audience.

Fan Art about different Teemos with multiple posses and in-game Skins.
Find them all and Squish them!

META Changes

Without a doubt, it is always necessary to have a League of Legends PBE server when updates like these deploy in the game. Indeed, when we get updates that change the META, it isn’t some little changes. We have the potential to see another new element to the roster. Furthermore, they may be changes in the calculations of one ability or a total rework. Additionally, we could have seasonal events and new skins to try.

When considering changes to the game like this hit the servers, you and your team need to have some precautions. If done correctly, you have the potential to increase the quality of the game and growth its position in the gaming industry. Overall, it is a positive outcome when it comes to -essential updates for any video game.

Most importantly, elements such as the League of Legends PBE require a lot of work and monetary costs. After all, there are two different versions of the game that need maintenance and online services to keep them active. Still, though, when you consider the advantages, it looks like a good investment.

In conclusion, when you see a new META update that arrives in the Main servers, you know now that it goes through some processes. Therefore, thanks to the community, the developers give a refined version of the patch that can come without issues. Above all, if you want to aid in the cause and learn a bit more about this type of endeavor, you’ll need the following steps:

Becoming the Next League of Legends PBE Tester

Once you already establish a Riot account, you’ll need another critical element that will let you play in the League of Legends PBE server. Indeed, it requires that you get Honor 3 within the game itself. It may not look complicated at first, but it may take some time to achieve.

Screenshot about the Honor 3 notification from the League of Legends Main Client.
Honor 3

First of all, you require the aid of your teammates after the game is over. Furthermore, within a short while, you have the potential to Honor any player with different praises (Stayed Cool, Great Shotcalling, and GG <3). Therefore, if your teammates saw a little “spark” and were considerate, you’ll get some recommendations after the clash.

But, in the middle of everything, if you get a warning or ban from the Riot team, things may get complicated. Hence, the Honor may reset to 0, or you may get banned from participating in the League of Legends PBE. As a result, you may consider twice before you give some responses to any toxic player, because you may get reported as well.

Above all, if you manage to fulfill the requisites, the last thing to do is to link your existing LoL Account to any League of Legends PBE server. At the moment, you have some limitations when it comes to the location of the server. As a result, you can choose between NA or EUW at the moment.

Finding Bugs

Image showing a Bug in a Computer's Code.
Double Check

Once you got everything sorted out, and you’re now part of the testing team for the League of Legends PBE server, you could follow the next steps:

  • Analyze the contents of the patch: Through different social media links and the official LoL Blog, you have the potential to check the new changes. Therefore, if you already have a clear idea about the “new” stuff, you could jump to try it. Remember that you have a couple of weeks (regularly) to try everything up.
  • Search for any Issues from the Main Client: Check if the League of Legends PBE server loads accordingly in your system. Furthermore, click through all the menus and shops in the client. Lastly, try for a random match and check if the game loads as usual.
  • Test any possible Game Modes or Summoner’s Rift changes: Depending on the patch, it could come with any minimal modifications to the map or monster’s camps. Furthermore, there may be a potential new game mode that you could test before everyone else.
  • Try the old META: If you get any curiosity about how they change any over dominant Champion from the roster, you now have the opportunity. Indeed, you could test the difference with their abilities or the accustomed equipment and check how reliable it has become. As a result, you can reach with a conclusion whether the new stuff leaves a Champion to the ground.
  • Look for differences within the new Champion’s abilities: Look for new properties and possible combos with the modifications from the “new” skills in the available roster. At the same time, you have the potential to create a new set of items that could give you some advantages. Also, double-check if the properties of the unique abilities work as intended or if they remain the same.
  • Use any Skins and their potential effects: Since it is relatively easy to unlock almost all of the LoL content in the League of Legends PBE server, start testing. Therefore, you have the potential to try the new cosmetic items and if they work correctly. Look for new sound effects and possible interactions with the Champion’s movement or abilities.

Reporting any Issues within the LOL PBE Server

In the middle of everything, if you come across any possible bugs or mistakes, you have the potential to report the issue. Through the League of Legends PBE server, you can gather links for their forums and post for any discovery. Indeed, you have the opportunity to mold any patch and make it better for the rest of the community.

Official Art from Uncle Ryze custom skin that is available in League of Legends. Showing an "Uncle Sam" alternative.
We Want You!

Smurfing Around the League of Legends PBE Server

Overall, if you want to skip all that Honor 3 thing and jump right into the League of Legends PBE server, there are other ways over the Internet. With a little assistance from an LoL Smurf Account, you could be a tester in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, if you want to use a full party in the test server, you can also share some League of Legends PBE Smurfs to your friends.

With all the additional benefits from LoLFinity, you’ll have a new PBE Smurf that will last forever (technically). Therefore, you have the potential to try new in-game stuff as fast as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the LOL PBE Server

What does League of Legends PBE stand for?

It means Public Beta Environment, where new patches begin a “testing time” before it becomes available for all of the gaming community.

Do I need to download another LoL client?

Yes, when you get to the Download PBE server, it will have its files in your Hard Drive.

What do you need to become a member of the League of Legends PBE server?

It requires that you have a Riot Account with Honor 3.

How can I unlock Champions/Skins in the League of Legends PBE server?

You only need to complete the daily quest and exchange your currency with items from the in-game shop.

What can I do in the League of Legends PBE server?

Analyze the contents of the patch.
Search for any issues in the Main client.
Test any possible Game Modes or Summoner’s Rift changes
Try the old META
Look for differences within the new Champion’s abilities
Use any Skins and their potential effects
Report any Issues in the League of Legends PBE Forums.

Do you have any questions about the League of Legends PBE Server?
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