When League of Legends Professionals Retire

Hanging Up the Keyboard

Even though you’ll like to see some League of Legends Professionals stay over eSports forever, it’s practically impossible. Indeed, just like any other sports in the “real world,” it feels unfair that someone that has been practicing since childhood, their passion suddenly stops.

First of all, they find inspiration from professionals over the television. Afterward, they try that particular sport with their friends and see their potential. Suddenly, they practice every day, learning from their defeats until they become practically unstoppable. Later on, they increase the difficulty by playing with experienced players until they become professionals.

Old Keyboard left on the floor.
Out with the Old

Sadly, life comes in between, and some accidents keep you away from your passion. Furthermore, as time goes by, injuries take more periods to heal, and you do not feel more vigorous than before. Hence, you have no other option but to leave your duty once and for all. Still, though, there may be other options to contribute between the lines, but it doesn’t feel like the same.

Most noteworthy, between the League of Legends Professional scene and the “normal sports,” these turns of events feel the same. Some players begin practice as quickly as possible, play some famous eSports tournaments and leave the game. Still, though, with the assistance of replays in the game, we get to keep their memorable moments in history.

League of Legends Professionals

Just like any athlete in any other sport, players begin their journey by giving League of Legends a chance. Indeed, since this particular game comes with a little complexity, watching eSports tournaments may become confusing. Furthermore, even from some casual players, it gets hard to understand what is happening in the middle of team fights. Above all, some commentators may highlight the moments, but they require a lot of explanation for the “uncultured” person.

Still, though, as time goes by, more people join the spectators and learn as they see. In the middle of it all, some people may find inspiration from amazing plays or highlights. No matter what part of the planet you live, there’s always a chance to participate in Worlds.

A cartoon picture of a professional player when they retire and its congratulated by different gaming icons.
Thanks for the Memories

Sadly, when the moment comes, you’ll just have to accept the facts and move on. Some players know when “it” arrives when they come across situations such as:

  • Mental Issues: We aren’t talking about going full “schizo” in here, but any minor trouble that could affect any of us. Indeed, some of the common cases occur when anxiety or depression reduces the performance of a player. For example, due to constant stress, anxiety may become severe between professional tournaments, destabilizing the entire team. At first, it could look less severe with therapy or medication, but things could become complicated shortly. Last but not least, the lack of mental capabilities with age. As you reach your 25th year, the reaction time tends to go down. Therefore, you’ll act less quickly than a younger player.
  • Physical Issues: There are lots of complications that may arise in a professional gaming player. Indeed, a lot of these depend on the lifestyle and possible hereditary complications. Furthermore, since being a League of Legends Professional requires that you stay seated, some things may get complicated. First of all, depending on the diet, you could have complications with diabetes or obesity. Additionally, if you lack proper exercise, muscular pain, or heart diseases, may arise. Another complication may come with computer equipment. For example, you could develop eye complications by looking at the monitor the entire day. Also, some keyboards or mouses could create arthritis as you keep making the same hand movements.
  • External Complications: There is more stuff that may come between a professional player and the game they love. Indeed, one perfect example in the current coronavirus pandemic, which is making a lot of changes in the eSport scene. With this disease currently active, the professional lack the accustomed “Lan” connection and some “pings” may affect your performance. Hence, the lack of proper Internet could create tons of complications and defeats for your team. Furthermore, the loss of a significant family member has the potential to reduce your performance. Last but not least, parts of your computer could “break,” and you don’t have any other way to continue with your gaming sessions.

Looking in the Future

Cartoon of two commentators.
And that’s an Ace Ladies and Gents

Once you close the chapter with the League of Legends Professional career, luckily, you still have other options to maintain your passion in the game. Some of these examples don’t even require that you continue playing at all. Again, though, with your knowledge of the game, you have the potential to choose between:

  • Team’s Coach: Previous team leaders find their home in this profession after they finish their League of Legends Professional career. Since they already know how to play around the Meta and counter picking, they could give fantastic advice to the players.
  • Commentators: Due to the vast knowledge from League of Legends and the gaming mechanics, they have the potential to explain what is happening between matches. Furthermore, since they may overcome similar situations, they have better chances to figure the outcome of a game.
  • Streaming: Since they already have a fan community behind their backs, this is probably an easy opportunity to gain revenue. Indeed, just by playing a couple of random matches in a day, they could end with a massive paycheck in between. Furthermore, it is always entertaining to see their reactions between team fights.
  • Content Creator/Advisor: Even though it is strange to come across this possibility, it is still out there. Due to their knowledge of the game, they have the potential to give fantastic feedback to the development team.

Uzi’s End of Career

League of Legends Professional Uzi cartoon from a commercial

“Retired on June 2nd, 2020, after an 8-year career due to years of wrist injuries and ongoing complications with type 2 diabetes.”

At the age of 23, this League of Legends Professional player had to make the hard desition of retirement due to some health complications. Most noteworthy, in early discussions, we have seen how the lifestyle of a person could create difficulties shortly. Indeed, it is sad to see that a fantastic AD carry leaves so soon from the eSport scene. Still, though, there are other ways that he could maintain his fame through the Internet.

Frequent Asked Questions about League of Legends Professionals

Who has the potential to be a League of Legends Professional?

Anyone that has access to the servers and can play a couple of matches each day. Practically everyone on the entire planet

What does it need to become an eSports player?

It requires constant dedication to the game and in-depth knowledge of the different gameplay mechanics.

Which are the common reasons for a professional that makes them retire?

Emotional Issues
Health Issues
External Complications

What other activities can a professional do after retirement?

Become a Team’s Coach, commentator, streamer, or content creator/advisor.

Which is the common age that forces professional gamers to retire?

It happens when the player reaches the 25th year, due to a lack of reaction time due to age.

Which complications forced Uzi to retire from League of Legends eSports?

Mostly, the decision was made due to wrist injuries and ongoing complications with type 2 diabetes.

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