League of Legends S10: Ranked Rewards 2020

The 10th ranked season of League of Legends is coming to a close and with Ranked Rewards 2020 being announced recently, it’s time to find out how you can earn these limited-edition rewards before the season ends. The deadline for the rewards end by November 10, so you better get started on trying to get to the season goals for the next days before the time runs out! Don’t know how to make it in time? This guide also includes a few tips you can use to steamroll your way to meet the deadline in no time at all!

League of Legends Season 10 banner announcement
Season 10 is almost up!

Ranked Rewards 2020

The moment that every League of Legends player has been waiting for is finally here! Players who have been working hard to climb up the competitive ladder can now get the following rewards at the end of the regular season! Excited to know what you’ll get for all your hard work? Here’s a sneak peak on all the Ranked Rewards 2020 list which have been announced in the League of Legends official website:

Victorious Lucian

That’s right! The newest addition to the Victorious Skin lineup is the Victorious Lucian skin. You can get the Victorious Lucian after finishing Gold in the Ranked Solo/Duo Queue or the Ranked Flex Queue. Not only that, this skin also includes an array of Chromas that you can get depending on which rank you placed in starting from Platinum and above with Challenger players having the complete package of skins and chromas!

Victorious Lucian, using crystal guns | Ranked Rewards 2020
What evil lies that is yet to be purged?

Players will also receive Lucian’s Eternals Series 1 regardless of the rank they finished in for the season provided that they have completed their placements. In addition, players who don’t have Lucian will get him as part of the reward. The Victorious Lucian skin is only acquired by getting to Gold this season, so you better start grinding the ranked queue if you want the privilege of getting one of the most exclusive skin lines. There won’t be a second chance since a new champion will be featured next season instead!

Honor Rewards

Have you been a good teammate? It’s not quite Christmas yet but the good kids who have ended the season in higher placements in the Honor System will also get rewards depending on how their honor level is at the end of the season. This will be given out in the form of Honor Capsules which will contain specific rewards. Rewards will begin at Honor Level 3 and does not increase regardless of your Honor Milestones at that point.

Challenger Banner after being promoted
Have you reached the peak yet?

Honor Level 3

  • Random Ward Skin
  • 3 Hextech Key Shards

Honor Level 4

  • Random Ward Skin
  • Random Emote Permanent
  • 3 Hextech Key Shards

Honor Level 5

  • Random Ward Skin
  • Random Emote Permanent
  • 6 Hextech Key Shards

Clash Rewards 2020

Aside from the Ranked Rewards 2020, there are also rewards for players who placed high in the Clash Series 2020. Clash participants will receive Summoner Icons, Clash Logos, and Clash Banners of their corresponding league. Each of these correspond to the amount of VP the Clash member has. Unfortunately, not all regions have Clash enabled for them so only those select regions will receive the rewards for this event.

The Clash Rewards preview
Played Clash?

Haven’t Reached Gold Yet?

Is your account not in the Gold division or higher yet? Don’t worry, there’s still a few more days for you to grind non-stop until you reach the required minimum division for the Victorious Lucian skin. Ranked Rewards 2020 will be distributed on November 10th, so make sure to bring you A-game in the next queues before the event ends. If you aren’t able to get it by then, you’ll have to settle with trying harder in the next season to get it.

Some players have a hard time climbing the ranked ladder since the LP gain has reduced significantly compared to how it was during the start of the season. Every loss becomes even more frustrating with each of them equivalent to almost the amount of LP you gain for 2 wins. This shouldn’t discourage you, instead, it should drive you to push for your goal even harder. The rewards are definitely worth putting in double the effort into grinding.

Try Ranked Flex

If you’ve given up hope on reaching Gold in Solo Queue, try your luck in climbing on the Ranked Flex Queue. Both game modes will allow you to get the Ranked Rewards 2020. The best part of playing in Flex is that you can get your friends to boost you to a higher level. Ever since Flex removed the limitation on division difference, climbing up Flex has never been easier. Just be prepared to face tougher opponents if you party up with players that have a higher rank than you.

Collection of Victorious Lucians with different chroma shades
So many colors!

Expectations For Ranked Rewards 2021

Riot Games continue to improve League of Legends as a game throughout the years. One of the few constants is the arrival of a brand-new Victorious skin to celebrate the players’ hard work and perseverance throughout the Ranked Season. Of course, you can expect Riot Games to up their game and give the players even better rewards as they have always done in previous years. This should motivate each and every one of us to continue climbing the ladder even harder for the next season.

2021 will be filled with brand-new content including the Item Shop Rework which is the new gimmick for Season 11. This massive rework will change the way how we play League of Legends today and introduce new aspects that each of us will have to learn moving forward. As the game continues to evolve and improve itself, many players begin and end their journeys with League. Make the most out of every moment you play League of Legends!

When will Ranked Rewards 2020 be given out?

Ranked Rewards for 2020 will be given out 2 weeks after Season 10 formally ends. The Ranked Season will end exactly on November 10, 2020 7:59 GMT. Be sure to open your account during that time to collect your rewards!

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