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League of Legends has created a very competitive environment in the game which has allowed players to unlock their full potential when it comes to playing the game at a higher level. Unfortunately, those who fail to take the game higher through hard work and perseverance have taken an illegitimate way to rise to the top. This comes in the forms of illegal programs such as League of Legends scripting software which helps the player reach a higher level of play without the need to work for it. This creates an unfair advantage during games but comes with a great risk.

Faker as Ryze in the Riot Games music video "Rise"
What makes a scripter a scripter?

What is League of Legends Scripting?

League of Legends scripting basically refers to a program that takes over some of your actions in-game which is the same concept as to how LoL Bots are able to execute actions without a player controlling them. Generally, a scripter will use League of Legends scripts to assist them in executing difficult combos or automatically react to another player’s actions which removes the need for you to have high-level reflexes and hand-eye coordination when playing. There are several types of League of Legends scripting softwares:

Champion Scripts

Champion Scripts are tailor fit software which assist the player in executing hard to do combos for specific champions. Take for example champions like Ryze and Gangplank which require you to be able to press a certain skill-combination at an exact timeframe otherwise you risk missing the entire combo, a script will assist the player execute these combos flawlessly as long as elements such as cooldown and mana cost available beforehand.

Gameplay Scripts

Gameplay scripts are more general in a sense that it’s not made for specific champions rather for actions/reactions. This comprises of actions such as last-hitting minions, dodging skillshots, and skill activators which automatically uses a defensive item or champion ability when the program detects an incoming ability that can be nullified. This is the most common script you hear from other players who get their skillshots dodged perfectly.

Macro Scripts

Macro scripts are scripts which target map control and timers. This includes proper vision placements, tracking jungle or summoner spell timers, and tracking champion movements around the map. While it doesn’t sound too bad, having a these information in hand can actually be really gamebreaking when the information is used properly. However, macro scripts are more accepted as its less prevalent as the previous ones.

Botting Scripts

Botting scripts help the user farm experience by making your champion act automatically during games, much like how it would with bots on League of Legends. This doesn’t help the user have any unfair advantage in the competitive scene as bots have a very predictable rotation. This is used when the user needs to raise an account to level 30 so that it can be ready to play ranked games without the drag of having to play pointless normal or AI games.

League of Legends Scripting Misconception

A lot of times, players who are in high elos who have developed a high skill cap in playing the game are often accused of being scripters as they are able to outplay their opponents consistently. For players who are in Diamond and above, these skills are not surprising since they put in a lot of effort to reach this level of play. Also, reaching the rank of Diamond and above are difficult even if you have a League of Legends scripting software installed.

Tyler1 Raging during a stream
Don’t rage. Spot the scripter.

League of Legends scripting softwares can only take you so high into the ranking ladder because ultimately, you’ll still need to influence your own gameplay with it. You’ll need to have a certain level of gameplay knowledge and natural skills alongside the script if you want to reach a higher ranking. That is, if you don’t get banned after playing a few games with the script installed and getting detected by Riot Games’ anti-cheat team.

Are all League of Legends scripts bannable?

No, not all of them. While Riot Games has a strict rule against third-part software being used during matches, not all of these scripts provide a major unfair advantage against players in competitive play. For example, having a botting script won’t get you banned if you only use it in AI games or some normal games as you level up. Abusing these scripts might prove to be bannable though especially if you try to bot on high-stake games such as ranked games or post level 30 normal games which affect your Match-Making Ratio.

In fact, some macro scripts are said to be used even by professional players on-stage. While none of this is confirmed, it becomes a fact that a lot of players get away with it despite having a dedicated team on detecting such software. This is not to encourage you to use these Softwares, of course, since there’s always the risk of you getting detected anyway especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

How to Beat Scripters

League of Legends Death Screen Graves
Don’t die to those scripters! Outplay them.

While it’s not often that you get to encounter scripters in your games, it would still be the best course of action that you remain prepared to encounter them especially if you have a high-stake game such as a promotional match or a high-stake ranked game in general. The most important thing about beating scripters is that being aware that League of Legends scripting softwares are mere AI programs which you can outplay.

Move unpredictably

Champion combos and skill shots are embedded with the idea that the enemy champion will always move a certain way after an action has been executed. For example, a person who is hit by a skill shot will try to move away from the enemy to avoid additional damage from coming in. You might want to stray from the more obvious reactions to throw off the AI and confuse it by doing the opposite of what you’re supposed to do in these situations.

Play around other lanes

The most prevalent weakness of League of Legends scripting softwares is that they are dedicated for 1v1 scenarios which will give you an advantage in the early game. That means he’s only against you this game, if you don’t give him the chance to get the early game lead against you, there is a high chance to win against him in the later stages of the game. Try to play cautiously and visit other lanes so that you won’t die in lane while staying relevant to the game.

Overwhelm the enemy

The worst possible thing you can experience as a player is getting team ganked a ridiculous number of times during the game. This also applies to scripters as having scripts won’t save from having 1-2 people consistently gank you in lane. Make the scripter extremely irrelevant in game by giving him a 0-3 or above record and it won’t matter if he hits all his skillshots or not since he’ll be too below to even be a threat to any of your teammates.

Purge them with the almighty Ticket

Probably one of the most overlooked things to do is submitting a complaint ticket against the player after the game. Make sure that you’re 100% right about this person being a scripter though. Giving your complaint ticket helps the Riot anti-cheat team remove all of the League of Legends scripters and make the community more friendly to people who like to play the game fairly. Even if you beat them, make sure to submit the ticket immediately.

How do I report a scripter?

To report a player who was scripting during your League of Legends game, simply go to the Riot Games Report Page and submit a ticket so that the summoner’s activity and confirm whether that player did have a third-part program installed or not. Make sure to write in detail what you are reporting that player about and cite some evidence that will help the team make a decision faster and prove that you’re not just submitting a false accusation due to frustration and tilt.

Where can I find League of Legends Scripting Softwares?

We know you’re not asking this for the sake of using it on your account. But if you must know where you can find these scripts for “research” purposes, here are a few of the scripting softwares available that you can download AT YOUR OWN RISK. Remember that scripting softwares have a chance to carry malware, viruses, and other annoying bits of harmful data which can compromise your computer at any given moment so don’t expect that downloading a script is going to come without a lot of risks.

AimForest: https://www.aimforest.com/cheat-detail/lol-scripts-download-hack
WadBot: https://csaccs.com/
SpaceGlider: https://www.lol-script.com/

As you can see, these League of Legends scripts are the best reviewed scripts out there but even then, they cost money for you to actually use them. Which should discourage a lot of people from using these scripts in the first place. These websites also have a wide array of which scripts you can choose from and some even offer a complete package although the price point can be quite steep for some of them.

Do these scripts apply in other games from Riot?

No, these are specifically designed for the sake of League of Legends. Games like Valorant, TFT, and Legends of Runeterra don’t have dedicated and proven scripts yet made available in the market but there are questionable ones which you can download now. It’s not surprise after all that people will always make third-party programs in any game to create an unfair advantage for other players to abuse.

How do I know if my opponent is scripting?

Uzi as Vayne in the Riot Games music video "Rise"
Those movements are unnatural!

Sadly, for you to know that your opponent is legitimately scripting, you’ll need to have a more in-depth knowledge and learning about League of Legends as a game. This is because some of the points that will be given here can be very hard to spot and are sometimes just general skills that more advanced players have as default. Luckily, if you do have the knowledge, League of Legends scripting Softwares have some giveaways and can be spotted.

Consistent Predictions

Predicting someone’s movement is a difficult thing to do but is not impossible. If you move unpredictable, the opponent should have a harder time landing skillshots and abilities. However, when you notice that the player is landing all those abilities despite your unpredictable movement, you can assume that player is using a scripting program to predict where the skills should land every time without fail.

The same combo over and over

Sure, some champions just generally spam the same combo over and over because that’s just how they were designed in the first place. However, if you see an advanced champion like Gangplank or Ryze consistently hit you with the same combo over and over, you can then assume that player is using a champion script that is aiding him do this. This can be hard to spot though since that player might just be a dedicated one-trick with the right moves.

Always knows where you are

Warding is one thing but even that should give the opponent limited knowledge of where you are. If the opponent always finds you even when you are in the fog of war, you can assume that player is using a macro script to find out the possible areas you are in. This can be annoying for junglers as they will often get out-jungled with their camps being stolen. If this happens, counter your own jungle path and try to go in an unexpected location.

Linear and predictable movement

This script would suggest that the opponent is botting. This won’t cause you any problem as you can easily outmaneuver bots but you should take in mind that its enemy team that has it bad. Do them a favor by reporting that scripter after the match. Botting scripts shouldn’t be used during high-stake matches such as rank games as it will affect the overall gameplay not for you but for the team you are in.

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