League of Legends Season 10 Lulu Guide

Whimsical is an understatement for the mischief-loving yordle sorceress who is able to control the very fabric of reality. In this Lulu guide, we aim to reintroduce one of League of Legends most beloved support champions in the Season 10 meta. With the help of Pix, Lulu provides an excellent set of abilities which help allies in battle by making sure that your partner is always safe and out of harms way. As the support role continues to evolve, is Lulu still one of the best champions in the role?

Lulu dressed as a dragon trainer while Pix is dressed as a dragon hatchling
Learn how to protect your allies with this awesome Lulu Guide!

Adventures of the Fae Sorceress

Lulu was born as an ordinary yordle in Bandle City who was very emphatic and deeply caring. One day, she discovered an injured bird in the forest which turned out to be fae spirit named Pix, who lead her on a chase leading to the spirit realm. While in the spirit realm, Lulu discovered how to twist reality to her own will but was sent back to the mortal realm with her Pix. Here, they began bringing mischief to all of Runeterra.

Lulu: Champion Spotlight | Gameplay - League of Legends

In competitive League of Legends, Lulu has always been the top choices for support because of her useful kit. However, for a good duration of her time in competitive League, she had gone beyond the support role going mid lane and even all the way to the top lane since she is able to abuse her kit to survive or bully others in the same lane. However, wherever she may go, she’ll always carry a great supporting role for the team.

Lulu’s General Playstyle

Lulu’s plays a relatively controlled playstyle, only reacting to enemies mistakes rather than pushing for an aggressive play. She is especially effective in a tactic called PEELING, where you help an ally or yourself disengage from a fight. By doing this, it’ll give your team the chance to launch a counter-attack once you find a better position to go offensive on the enemy champions.

Lulu and Pix sleeping under a magical tree
Learn the best way to play Lulu

As a support, she will only act when the AD Carry decides to engage first or after the enemy makes the first move. Targeting the main damage dealer by disrupting their attacks or providing heals and shields to your ally will help turn a bad fight into a winning battle. By using her long range, she can deal a bit of damage every now and then but shouldn’t be her main priority since it’s easy for the enemy to try and engage onto you.

Lulu Guide: Skills and Rotations

Lulu’s abilities each have different effects depending on whether you target an ally or an enemy. This means that you don’t only have to learn which skills to use but also figure out which targets are the correct ones in a given situation. In this Lulu guide, you’ll learn about the differences each effect has depending on the situation you’re thrown in. This yordle definitely has a lot of tricks inside her sleeves to show you.

icon of lulu's passive showing off pix Passive: Pix, Faerie Companion

Innate: Pix helps Lulu attack a target by releasing 3 bolts of magic damage. These bolts can be blocked by other units who are in the way of the attack’s trajectory.

**When Lulu uses Icon of Lulu's E ability showing pix rushing to help Help, Pix on an ally, that ally will gain this passive ability for 6 seconds.

Pix is Lulu’s main source of damage and can be an annoying source of poke damage. Make sure that when you’re attacking enemies, your attack path is not intercepted by other units to maximize your damage output towards the enemy unit you are targeting.

icon of lulu's q showing two magical bolts Q: Glitterlance

Active: Lulu and Pix both fire a piercing bolt of magical energy towards a direction. The first bolt deals full damage towards the first enemy it hits and is reduced by 70% on succeeding targets. Targets who are hit with this ability are slowed by 80% for 2 seconds.

Glitterlance is great peeling ability which helps your AD Carry escape pursuers. You can also use it when enemies are trying to run away but it’s a good idea not to use it to initiate a fight since the 2 second slow does very little in disrupting the brawl. Make sure to angle the skillshot well so that you can hit more than one enemy champion at the same time.

icon of lulu's w showing off a staff emitting magic W: Whimsy

Enemy: Lulu casts a magical spell on the enemy champion polymorphing them into a harmless critter. Polymorphed champions can’t attack, cast spells, and have their movement speed reduced to 60.

Ally: Lulu casts a friendly magical spell on herself or allies causing the target to gain 30% increased attack speed and movement speed for a few seconds.

This is Lulu’s main peel ability and should be used when enemies are threatening your teammate. Always use the enemy cast on the enemy that deals the most damage or the one that is closest to your ally. Use the ally cast on your AD Carry at the beginning of the fight to maximize the damage output of your team. During disadvantaged fights, always try to polymorph the enemy to give your teammate a moment to run away or reposition.

Icon of Lulu's E ability showing pix rushing to help E: Help, Pix!

Enemy: Lulu sends Pix towards the enemy dealing magic damage and revealing them for 4 seconds.

Ally: Pix jumps to protect an ally, shielding them for 2.5 seconds and transferring Pix to them for 6 seconds. Pix will then follow the targeted friendly champion, attacking the same target as the host.

Most of the time, you’ll reserve this ability for the sake of being able to shield your ally during fights. Only use this spell offensively when your enemies are playing passively and have no intention of launching a counter-attack. It’s also a good idea to use this ability against enemies who stealth during combat such as Champion close up photo of Vayne in ADC Tier List Vayne and icon of Qiyana, Empress of the Elements Qiyana.

icon of lulu's r showing a man growing in size R: Wild Growth

Active: Lulu plays a trick and enlarges her target ally causing all enemy units within the vicinity of the target to get knocked up. The ally affected by this ability gains bonus health, increases 40% in size, and an aura which slows all enemies surround them.

Another great peel ability, this ability is used on the ally which have the most enemies targeting them. This can also be used to save your carries when they are being jumped on by assassins. Generally, the best application for this skill is using it on a frontline champion to increase their sustainability during teamfights and setting up for success for the rest of your team.

Lulu Guide: Items and Builds

In this Lulu guide, we focused on the support aspect of Lulu since this is the lane where she excels at the most. Having more of a facilitative support role, Lulu will be building items that aim to draw out the potential of her allies during fights. This will also mean that she has almost zero offensive items on her kit to help her deal damage to enemy champions but will instead build health and shielding items.

Starting Item

starting item, relic shield icon Relic Shield – while known as being an enchanter, Lulu can also be quite a useful frontliner for her AD Carry because of her Icon of Lulu's E ability showing pix rushing to help Help, Pix! ability. Having extra stats on HP and health regen helps her to better sustain in fights and allow her ally to peel easily from enemy engages.

Core Build

Item Builds Ardent Censer icon Ardent Censer – This item is the highlight of the Item Lulu Guide. Casting Icon of Lulu's E ability showing pix rushing to help Help, Pix! will activate this items ability increases your attack speed and provides bonus damage. In combination with the passive ability from Pix and her Whimsy ability, the AD Carry becomes some sort of machine gun shooting out both physical and magic damage at the same time.

Item Builds - Athenes Unholy Grail icon Athene’s Unholy Grail – The ability of this item virtually doubles the amount of shield you give your ally since you get to damage enemies with premitigated damage thanks to Pix. As mentioned in this Lulu guide, shields really help in peeling. The added AP also gives you more threat during extended teamfights.

Zekes convergence full item build Zeke’s Convergence – Once you have a comfortable amount of HP, Armor, and Magic Resist, this item will allow you to comfortable counter-engage on enemy champions with your icon of lulu's r showing a man growing in size Wild Growth. Always attack the conduit with your AD Carry so that they will deal more magic damage with the basic attacks.

Recommended Items

Redemption Support Item Icon Healing Redemption – A standard healing item which is recommended for almost all support champions who have shields/heals in their skillset. This greatly helps your team survive longer in extended teamfights and deal a little bit of damage to the enemy team.

Mikael's Crucible Item Icon Mikael’s Crucible – This is a great item if the enemy team has a heavy amount of CCs. Additionally, the +20% in shielding power is extremely useful in making your allies survive longer during teamfights.

Leona Skill Icon locket of the iron solari Locket of the Iron Solari – A great item to boost your tankiness and make you more effective on the frontline. Being able to cast a ridiculous amount of shields can definitely prove to be a game changer during teamfights.

Mejais soulstealer icon Mejai’s Soulstealer – A good item to use when you’re ahead or you have a very reliable frontline. The availability of more AP can be useful if you have an excess of tanks. Just make sure that you’re not dying too much.

Lulu Guide: Runes

Primary: The Rune Icon - Resolve Resolve

Keystone: Guardian Keystone icon for resolve Guardian – As mentioned before, shields can determine the outcome of a fight. As an early game peeler, one of your many jobs is frontlining and blocking for your ally as much as possible. Always play defensively when your Guardian is not yet up.

A leaf shield - font of life icon Font of Life – an excellent combo with your Glitterlance, allowing your ally to deal more damage and heal themselves during extended teamfights. Just make sure that you and your ally are attacking or marking the same target so you’ll benefit most from this rune.

three sharp bones - bone plating icon Bone Plating – Another defensive rune which boosts your survability in extended teamfights. This rune will allow you to tank a bit of damage as the target for the enemy team.

a growing plant - revitalize icon Revitalize – Of course, as mentioned a lot of times in this Lulu guide, a champion who will be building a lot of shielding abilities will want to take this rune. By having this rune, your shield effectivity shoots up a lot allowing your allies to benefit more and survive better in battle.

Secondary: Inspiration

a flying biscuit with wings - biscuit delivery Biscuit Delivery – we mentioned that you’ll be spending a lot of time peeling your AD Carry and tanking a bit of damage in their place. Having more hp potions and mana regen will let you stay longer in lane so your AD Carry can farm longer in lane.

cosmic insight rune icon Cosmic Insight – This rune provides some really good cooldown reduction even increasing your maximum CDR to 45% which will be really helpful in keeping your allies alive when you’re in a middle of a fight spamming all those abilities in battle.

Lulu: Overview

Now that we’ve covered everything there is to know about playing this champion in our Lulu guide, we’ve learned that Lulu specializes in ensuring that your allies survive in battle as long as possible. Her abilities are excellent in ensuring that your allies become almost untouchable and makes it easy for your team to launch a counterattack. She is a great choice when fighting against a team composition with heavy engage tactics.

Evil looking Lulu and Pix shooting down magical beams
Do you think Lulu is the best support?

Who’s the best ADC partner for Lulu?

Lulu thrives with champions who have longer basic attack ranges. Make sure to pick a high-tier ADCs like Senna to partner with Lulu so that you can maximize damage output during your fights. Champions who have shorter range can also benefit from Lulu’s shields and Wild Growth but will eventually fall off in extended teamfights. When that happens, make sure to effectively peel your AD Carry off the fight and fulfill your duty as a great support player.

Where can I learn about playing Lulu even further?

The best place to learn about champion tactics and getting some useful tips and tricks is through the various League of Legends Youtube Channels. Watching match highlights of professional games or support mains which offer an educational insight on how to play the champion can prove to be an educational experience.

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