The League of Legends Season 14 Map Changes Is Very Exciting!

Riot Games has recently released details regarding the new changes to the upcoming League of Legends season. As usual, there are a lot of major changes that will completely revamp how the game is played without taking away from the core identity of the game. Players and professional competitors will be learning how to adapt to the new Season 14 map changes by re-learning how to play the game.

The League of Legends Season 14 Map Changes

There are two major changes to Summoner’s Rift in the 2024 season. The first major change is the update to Void creatures in the map including an update on Baron Nashor and the Rift Herald. This also includes an entirely new void creature introduced as a major objective. The second change is the update on Summoner’s Rift’s terrain. We’ll be talking more about these later on but that’s the gist of the League of Legends Season 14 map changes.

Season 2024 Gameplay Teaser | League of Legends
The new Season 14 changes coming in 2024!

Understanding the Season 14 map changes will give you a significant advantage when you begin the season and will make climbing the ranks a lot easier while everyone is still unfamiliar with the current patch. Since the map changes are extremely impactful to the overall gameplay, it’s a good idea to get ahead of your competitors in the newest ranked season. Of course, people have time to figure it out in the preseason but not everyone will have the knowledge of learning it early.

Changes to Void Creatures in the Map

There were two main non-Champion void creatures on the map in the previous seasons – Baron Nashor and the Rift Heralds. In the following 2024 seasons, we’ll have a major updates regarding these two creatures and an additional void creature to join the game. Also, some existing creatures will also be corrupted by the void at certain times in the game. This means that the upcoming season will have a heavy emphasis on the void storyline.

Little insects that have grape-like bumps on their backs - Season 14 Map changes
More pushing power!

The first major change is the addition of Void Grubs. Starting at 4 minutes, 3 void grubs will spawn in the Baron Pit. Killing the void grubs will grant your team a permanent buff that will cause attacks on structures to take additional damage over time. The void grubs respawn once again after 4 minutes. If your team kills 5 or 6 void grubs, each player will summon a void grub every time they attack a structure, in addition to the DoT they inflict to the turret.

The Rift Herald will get a visual update. Only one Rift Herald will spawn per game at 14 minutes. If the player claims the Eye of the Herald, they can summon the Rift Herald which charges at the nearest structure. The main update is that players can now ride the Rift Herald and steer it the same way you would with a Sion ultimate. This deals damage to turrets and champions upon collision (it will then charge at the turret for additional damage). Enemy champions will get knocked up upon collision.

The new Rift Herald visual - Season 14 Map changes
It’s the drive!

Finally, the Baron Nashor corrupts the Blue Buff, Red Buff, and Rift Scuttler after it spawns. Corrupted Buffs will provide its buff effect to the ENTIRE team after being slain. The corrupted rift scuttler will reveal a large area and reveal all wards, leaving them at 1 HP. The Baron Nashor will have three different forms and change the terrain around the Baron Pit depending on which form it takes upon respawning.

Changes to Terrain and Lane Vision

The League of Legends Season 14 map changes become even more impactful as the terrain around the map is restructured. The brush around top lane and mid lanes are pushed further into the river which means that enemies that enter will be seen much earlier than before. Top lane’s terrain is also opened up to make it almost impossible for junglers to gank since the vision line is also increased to show enemies that enter much earlier.

Two new gank paths in bot lane - Season 14 Map changes
Ganking is more complicated?

On the other hand, the terrain around bot lane is much more enclosed with additional entry points for junglers to gank. This means that AD Carries and Supports will have a horrible year ahead of them since the map is designed to make top lane almost ungankable while bot lane will require to be played much more carefully. As a support you want to place your wards near the gank entry points to have more time to avoid a gank.

Who is Affected Most with these Changes?

Obviously, the junglers are the ones who will be most affected with the Season 14 map changes. They will require to play more proactively, contesting the Void Grubs since they give such a huge macro advantage and they’ll need to find better ways to gank top and mid lane. In addition, they are incentivized to gank bot lane a lot more frequently. They’ll also play an active role in utilizing the Rift Herald in sieging the base or teamfight objectives around the dragon.

Ezreal facing off against Baron Nashor and Rift Herald - Season 14 Map changes
Who’s scared?

The junglers will need to come up with new ganking paths in the upcoming season. Meanwhile, top laners will become an even more isolated lane with it being extremely safe. Mid laners will have a more difficult time roaming with the brush pushed deeper into the river, not knowing if enemies are nearby. Bot laners will to play more defensively with ganks being a bigger threat than before.

When will Riot Games Implement the New Map Changes?

Riot Games plans to implement the new map changes midway through the 2024 preseason, which will be around the 1st or 2nd week of December. This will give time for players to learn how to navigate the new map changes before the new ranked season officially begins.

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