LEC 2021 Playoffs: What In The World Is Happening?

The LEC 2021 Playoffs has kicked off and the final 4 teams have made an appearance. From LEC Week 7, the tournament started getting closer with teams striving for the top. While the tournament is still far from over, the 2nd round has already put up a lot of question marks for the fans as the results aren’t as anyone has expected from the teams. Things are definitely getting spicy in Europe during this run. With Playoffs heating up and each team is seemingly just inches away from the championships, we must ask ourselves: “What in the world is happening in the LEC?”

LEC 2021 Playoffs Update

The LEC 2021 playoffs has proceeded in a way that’s understandable but the performance we’ve seen from the teams is absolutely bonkers. Fans are taking their daily dose of Copium as they try to understand what is going on in terms of the players performances and overall drafts. Even though there are a lot of mishaps happening on the rift, the region seemingly looks stronger because of those events which is true to the identity of the super meme-worthy region that is the LEC.

G2 vs MAD Highlights Game 3 Semifinals Playoffs LEC Spring 2021 G2 Esports vs MAD Lions by Onivia
G2 Esports vs MAD Lions Game 3 Highlights via Onivia

As the LEC continues to fight for the LEC MSI spot, the pieces on the chessboard are cluttered leaving the world to wonder who might be able to steal the victory from behind. Expectations are suddenly shattered as the players’ true colors are revealed right when they step foot on stage. The race for MSI is tight but the world should prepare for a new era of European League of Legends considering the gap between the top teams have thinned and the weak have been weeded out of the competition.

Fnatic Fumbles!

Fnatic losing Rekkles was a big issue for the fans but adding Upset and Nisqy to the mix comforted them with the idea that this change might add some stability to the team. Unfortunately for FNC fans, the Bwipo & Hylissang coin continues to land on tails with the nail on the coffin being Schalke04 easily sweeping them from the competition as if the team was nothing more than a lower seed wildcard team at the Worlds Group Stage. This means no more FNC vs G2 Esports finals!

FNC Upset clenching his fist on stage | LEC 2021 Playoffs
Sadness for FNC fans

FNC has undergone some minor changes leaving the Core 2020 Roster somewhat intact. Now that they are out of contention, the organization must undergo some strategic, or even roster, changes to keep up with the growing competition in EU. The only question for Fnatic now is how they will reclaim their spot as one of the top teams in the LEC knowing that their star player has gone towards greener pastures and a better chance to win the Worlds Trophy.

Did Rekkles Just Transfer The Bwipo & Hylissang Curse To G2?

Wunder & Mikyx aren’t the types of players that make questionable plays consistently. However, during the entirety of the LEC 2021 Playoffs, it makes you wonder who turned off the switch for these two players as they keep inting out of their minds. It’s as if you could see the images of Bwipo & Hylissang flashing in front of your eyes. Rekkles might have some sort of Playoffs auras that are emanating to his nearby teammates that’s making them perform this way.

G2 Mikyx walking out of the stage
What does this mean for G2?

G2 Esports may be in the lower brackets right now but let’s not forget that both MAD Lions and Fnatic sent them to the Lower Brackets early on in the Playoffs during Spring & Summer respectively. You could say that G2 Esports has mastered the art of the lower bracket run. Despite their performance, a lot of critics still believe that G2 Esports is still the top contender of the LEC Championships especially now that they have assembled a superteam. Let’s just not hope it’s a superteam of inters.

From SAD Lions to MAD Lions

During Worlds 2020, MAD Lions has broken the record for being the first team in the 4 Major Regions (LCK, LPL, LEC, LCS) to have failed to qualify for Groups via Play-ins. However, the Lion has finally licked its wounds and has regained its fiery pride to show the world that they are not the BAD Lions that everybody thinks they are. With the new additions in Armut & Elyoya, who have both been the biggest stars in the team, MAD Lions is looking fierce.

MAD Lions victory screen on-stage
The Lions are back in business!

The performance that MAD Lions gave against their game with G2 Esports wasn’t simply a fluke since Elyoya hard-capped Jankos, winning the game via a huge Jungle diff. The bottom lane in Carzzy and Kaiser are also looking really confident, showcasing some serious synergy and killer instincts as they aren’t afraid to jump onto the slightest chances for a kill.

Rogue & Schalke04: Forces of Nature

The games between Rogue & Schalke has just concluded and the results may not have been as satisfying as everyone had hope. Schalke04 has delivered some exceptional performances over the split and deserves their spot in the LEC 2021 Playoffs. With the team almost pulling off a Reverse Sweep against G2 Esports, they have given the fans some more hope in their future games. BrokenBlade has showcased that he is not just an NA import but a true European to the end.

S04 Gilius raising his fists in victory
The Future of the LEC?

Rogue has been one of the most consistent teams in the LEC so far. Unfortunately, they have looked nothing but shakey during the playoffs to the point that it makes you wonder how they ended up in this position. Regardless of their performance, they are looking like a real threat in future games. The playoffs is far from over and everyone needs to be prepared for the future games.

The LEC Stands Tall On The World Stage

The LEC 2021 Playoffs isn’t done yet but these past few games is a clear message to the world of how strong the region has become. Every year, European fans boast at how they are not the same region they were from the previous year but this time might, it might actually hold some meaning. Damwon Gaming looks unstoppable in the LCK and the LPL’s Top 6 teams are looking extremely terrorizing. However, Europe is definitely the pride of the West now that they have some rough competition helping them improve.

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