EUW’s Challenge: Chance for the LEC To Win Worlds 2020?

As the first every League of Legends region to win worlds, the LEC looks to reclaim its former glory by challenging titans and favorites from the LPL and LCK. The EUW’s rise to power in 2018 with FNC reaching it all the way to the finals showed that the region isn’t much of the meme region it was made to be. Now, the international competitive League of Legends community sees the region as one of the three most dominant regions in the world. The only question is, is there a chance for the LEC to win worlds 2020?

A complete list of 2019 teams from the LEC
Who will take the EUW and LEC to win worlds 2020?

The LEC’s 2018 Rundown

League of Legends 2018 was the year where LPL’s most prestigious team, Royal Never Give Up spearheaded by the legendary AD Carry, Uzi, dominated every competition they entered. That was the year they won the LPL in both Spring and Summer, Rift Rivals, eSports Asian Games, and most of all the Mid Season Invitationals. For them, there was only one tournament remaining to conquer and that was Worlds 2018.

A chance for FNC to help the LEC win worlds back in 2018 against Invictus Gaming
The miracle run from LEC’s Fnactic

During the group stage of worlds 2018, the European 2nd seed team which is Team Vitality was grouped against what most people called “The Group of Death” where both RNG and Gen.G awaited them. However, when the group stage started, Team Vitality did the impossible – beating both RNG and Gen.G. European fans rallied behind the LEC’s underdog as they saw signs of life. Unfortunately, Team Vitality still fell against RNG in the final match and got eliminated in the group stage.

After that, the fans saw that the region had a fighting chance and asked is it possible for the LEC to win worlds? Following the victory of FNC against LPL’s EDG, it was time for the match between RNG and G2 esports. RNG led the series 2-1 with 1 win away to secure their run. However, G2 and Perkz’s LeBlanc destroyed RNG’s chance for the final trophy as they came back and won 3-2 against the tournament favorites.

Rekkles crying after losing in Worlds 2017
The need to win is the will to win

The European scene was alive and cheering on their favorite teams. The LEC had never been so rejuvenated about their hopes of winning worlds again. Unfortunately, G2 eSports fell to Invictus Gaming in the quarter finals and Europe’s kings, FNC fell to the same team in the finals. Although, even when they were defeated in the finals, the fans knew that this was the beginning of a great legacy withing the LEC. Now, it was only a matter of time for the LEC to win worlds.

The 2019 Rise to Power

In 2019, the European saw major changes as teams such as G2 and FNC made major changes to their rosters. Specifically, Caps transfer to G2 and Perkz’s role swap to the bottom lane. This caused a lot of controversy about how these teams were way over their heads but they proved otherwise about how they made it work. In the events following these changes, G2 proceeded to win game after game.

G2 celebrating after winning MSI 2019
One more trophy left for G2 Esports

As people grew more aware of the achievements of G2, it was finally time for the team to show what they were made by participating as the EUW’s representative in MSI 2019. In surprising fashion, G2 defeated the tournament’s redeemed kings, SKT T1, and took down Team Liquid to secure their title as the MSI 2019 champions. To which fans were quick to claim that surely it’s the year for the LEC to win worlds.

Finally, Worlds 2019 came and the frontrunners for the EUW showed all the fans that they were an unstoppable force in the tournament. However, by the end of the group stage, fans were shaken up by the fact that the LCK’s 2nd seed, GRF, took down G2 to secure first seed in their group. This didn’t stop them as they took down both DMW and SKT in order to fight the LPL’s first seed, FPX. Unfortunately, the dream for the LEC to win worlds was shut down again by an LPL team as they go down 0-3 to the new world champions.

Is 2020 the Year for the LEC to Win Worlds?

The LEC featuring the rivalry between Rekkles and Caps
Old friends. New enemies. One LEC.

Now, the EUW is once again showing the world that it has completely evolved and improved over the past months. Each year, they grow even closer to the worlds’ trophy and it’ll only be a matter of time until the LEC will hold the summoners’ cup once again. Even though the LCS, LEC, and other regions weren’t invited in the recently help Mid Season Cup, we know that the LEC is definitely one of the world’s powerhouses to day.

Despite the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic in the LoL eSports scene, EUW hasn’t let up by taking a break. As the LPL produces another titan in TES, the EUW is further developing its old kings, FNC and G2 to stand up against the competition. So far, the two teams seem to be growing stronger despite major roster changes in the side of FNC. The LEC has its eyes set on the competition and is expected to return with a thirst for vicory.

The EUW’s Drive To Win

Ocelote Swearing on Stage after G2 loses to FPX
There’s no other way than to keep trying to win

The European League of Legends scene has always been working hard to become the world’s strongest region. It’s long standing rivalry to NA prior to its boost in 2018 proves that Europe West has never settled to be the lesser region. In fact, playing in the region has shown that the players there take the competition seriously and each League of Legends game they play are of high caliber.

So, it’s no wonder that most professional players go online and buy unranked smurf accounts on the EUW server to practice and scrim against tough opponents. For English-speaking League of Legends enthusiasts, Europe West is definitely where you’d want to go and hone your skills. Being able to compete in a heated region will give you a lot of things to incorporate in your gameplay.

Smurfing in the EUW

Smurfing often refers to the act of utterly outplaying your opponent with style. The term smurf, however, means a secondary account you use which is separate from your main. A smurf can also refer to a person whose skill level is beyond the rank or ELO he/she is in. This means that you are considered a legend in that specific ELO bracket which will give you more insight on mistakes people commonly do.

The EUW is popular for its ideal smurfing conditions since it’s not too difficult to connect to their server and the English speaking community allows for better coordination and communication. Practicing here will help you earn a more aggressive play style compared to other regions where slow-macro priority is put first. This makes it worth purchasing a Level 30 unranked EUW smurf account to start your ranked climb.

Who are Europe’s Best Bet for the LEC to Win Worlds?

The League of Legends European Championships feature the EUW’s 10 best teams that compete in the Spring and Summer leagues to get a chance to play for the Mid-Season Invitational and the Worlds Finals. With 10 different teams to choose from, it’s difficult to know which of these teams have the best chance of helping the LEC to win worlds. Fortunately, based on previous achievements, here are the 4 best teams that have the highest chances of bring glory to Europe.


A complete lineup of the G2 esports roster in 2020
Risking it all for a taste of victory

G2, who is the greatest meme team to ever compete, has always been a consistent contender for the top in Europe. Despite the several role changes being made, it’s still a fact that they can do whatever they want and still provide much needed results. They won the LEC’s 2019 summer split and 2-2020 spring split and recently this year too. They were last year’s Worlds Finalist and MSI 2019 champions and are the LECs favored bet.


A complete roster of Fnatics players in 2019
The Kings of Europe will never surrender

The season 1 Worlds Champions have never been irrelevant in the competitive League of Legends scene. Despite a lot of major roster changes, FNC manage to pick up strong talents which fill up the players they’ve lost. Superstar ADC, Rekkles, aims to lead his team to the Worlds stage and help the team regain their former glory and support the LEC to win worlds this year. They are known to defy expectations and come out even when the odds are against them.


A complete roster lineup for Mad Lions players in 2020
The Lion see its prey and hunts it

Formerly known as Splyce, this was the team that made it as the LEC’s 3rd seed last Worlds and managed come out of the group stage against the LMS and VCS’ top seeds. This year, they’ve defied expectations again as they kick G2 Esports down to the loser’s brackets after winning against them in the quarterfinals. Despite losing the rematch against G2 Esports in the loser’s bracket the team showed the EUW that they are definitely a force to be reckoned with.


a complete roster of origen players in 2020
Don’t count out the dark horse

Origen has been compared alongside FNC and G2 as the unofficial third-wheel rival between the three. Despite not having anything as newsworthy as both FNC and G2, OG definitely have something to offer for to the Worlds Stage. It’s not uncommon for the League’s underdogs to show up when they need to in order to produce much needed results. With a stronger lineup in 2020, the team has yet to show its true potential to the fans.

What to expect from the LEC in Worlds?

The play style that the region has for the LEC to win worlds is their aggressive playstyle who constantly look for coordinated fights by proper coordination is something similar to the LPL and VCS’ scrappy teamfighting style. Compared to that of the LCS and LCK’s macro focused slow and steady scaling playstyle which is considered to be outdated in today’s meta. Team’s will need to rely on Jungle-Laning synergy to secure much needed objectives and get early game kills.

G2 caps wearing a crown and holding a scepter
Will LEC be the new kings of the world?

Fortunately, EUW junglers such as Jankos, Xerxe, and Selfmade have dominant early game jungling styles that focus on positioning themselves to prevent enemy junglers from ganking lanes for free. With the lineup of superstars including Perkz, Caps, and Rekkles, who has had years of experience, there’s no doubt that the LEC has an excellent shot to win worlds.

With The Great LPL Ascension in the competitive scene, the EUW is one of the best regions to topple down the empire and help LEC to win worlds. Showing support to your region will greatly affect their morale and indirectly impact the performance they have on stage. Europe West awaits its chance to become the next world champions as the tournament’s sleeping tigers. Of course, it’s only a matter of time before the throne is returned to the original kings of the World Championships.

How many teams will the LEC send to the Worlds series?

The LEC and LPL will be sending a total of 4 teams to the worlds series to make up for the covid-19 pandemic cancelling the MSI event. These regions will have their 1st-3rd seeds automatically qualifying for the group stage while the 4th seed will be competing in the wildcard round to win a chance for a slot in the group stage of the tournament. This gives the region a higher chance to snatch that much needed win.

Has the EUW ever won worlds before?

Yes. Fnatic won the very first Worlds Championship series. However, this was a time when Eastern teams from the LPL, LCK, LMS, and VCS weren't a part of the tournament. Most people don't consider it to be too much of an achievement because of this fact but a championship is still a championship regardless of who were a part of it.

Where is the best place to buy an EUW smurf account?

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