LEC Week 1: G2 Esports vs Europe

The League of Legends European Championships kicks off with some exciting games. The various roster changes has shaped the competitive scene and it looks like the entirety of Europe has waged war against the superteam in G2 Esports. LEC Week 1 has finally concluded and G2 has taken the top spot in the rankings ending the week with a clean 3-0 record. With the conclusion of the first 3 games in the first week, what can we expect from the LEC in these coming months?

G2 vs MAD Highlights LEC Spring Season 2021 G2 Esports vs MAD Lions by Onivia
G2 Esports vs MAD Lions Highlights

Massive LEC Roster Changes

The LEC 2021 Spring rosters are huge with the Tier 2 teams balancing out in terms of raw talent per roster. Aside from G2’s powerhouse roster, the rest of the LEC looks pretty equal in terms of skill level which will prove to be interesting to watch live as you won’t ever know who will win. Rosters have been shuffled but the obvious favorite continues to take the lead but there’s something about G2 Esports’ performance in LEC Week 1 that makes them look more vulnerable than what they look like on paper. Let’s get to that later.

Armut playing for the TCL
New faces arrive at the LEC

The best part about the roster changes in LEC this season is the homecoming of some talented European players that played in other regions, namely – Armut, BrokenBlade, and Nisqy, who have been key players in their previous organizations. The LEC looks like a definite powerhouse and that’s good for the entirety of the region as more powerful competition means that each team’s development and standards will also heighten as the season progresses. G2 doesn’t have one rival anymore this year.

G2 Esports Successful(?) LEC Week 1

The moment Rekkles decided to transfer to G2 Esports, everybody thought that the organization would definitely be invincible and be the 2nd org in the region to get an 18-0 record. Even though G2 Esports secured a 3-0 standings in the LEC Week 1, it wasn’t as though they dominated those 3 games perfectly and didn’t run into some pretty questionable plays. Each game that G2 played was pretty back and forth only until it suddenly wasn’t.

2020 G2 Esports playing at Worlds
The Reigning Kings

Regardless of how the games played out, it doesn’t change the fact that they went 3-0 in the first week. Whether that’s because G2 Esports is facing some hidden issues that affect their collective performance or because the LEC, as a whole, has become significantly stronger, it will make for some entertaining games for the remainder of the split. Will G2 Esports take yet another championship home or will an LEC dark horse rise up against the superteam and surprise everybody’s expectations?

Misfits Vetheo: Mid Lane King or Overhyped Zoe OTP?

Misfits new mid laner, Vetheo, has been receiving a lot of attention after giving out a great performance in LEC Week 1. A lot of Europeans have been calling him Baby Caps while others are skeptical on how good this guy actually is. It’s still too early to judge players’ skill levels especially since this week is primarily an adjustment period for most teams to get used to playing with new people in their rosters. Regardless, Vetheo’s individual performance isn’t too shabby for his first week in the LEC.

Vetheo's European Masters player banner
Baby Caps

Vetheo is a mid laner fresh out of the LFL. He previously won the LFL with LDLC OL in the previous year and has been invited to play for Misfits Gaming. The organization looks like it might have struck gold with this player and he’s definitely going to be shining star in the future of European League of Legends. For now, Vetheo still lacks the experience of playing against the biggest stage in Europe but despite that, he’s already performing like any top LEC player in the league.

Rogue Is Looking Good

Losing a key player like Vander is definitely a heavy blow to the organization. However, with the addition of Odoamne to the roster, Rogue has finally found a way to cover their weak topside and allow Inspired and Larssen to do their magic in the bottom lane where Hans Sama guides his young Support to bot lane dominace. Rogue looked great last year but it feels like this year will have another dominant run from the organization.

Rogue preparing to play at worlds
Can Rogue take down G2?

G2 Esports taking down Mad Lions means that there is one challenger left that looks to take down the superteam and that challenger is none other than Rogue themselves. The organization has some of the top players in their respective roles and now that Rogue has adapted a faster and more aggressive playstyle, it seems like they’re looking to take down the LEC giants. Larssen remains to be the team’s heart and soul and he’s looking to prove himself against the European Mid Lane King – Caps.

Rekkles’ Almost Perfect KDA

G2 skeptics have been saying that Rekkles personality will conflict with that of G2 members so he’ll have a difficult time synchronizing with his teammates. It turns out, personality has completely nothing to do with League of Legends and Rekkles completely dominated the entirety of LEC week 1 with his godlike performance with a KD of 25:1 only dying to a rogue Thresh hook that wasn’t intended for him. So yeah, Rekkles still looking like the best marksman in west.

Rekkles sporting his new G2 Esports jersey | LEC Week 1
The Best AD Carry in the History of Europe

Mikyx had a huge part in helping Rekkles achieve such a massive KDA and it looks like this is the bottom lane that every Rekkles fan has been looking for. Mikyx has shown that he’s the best support in Europe and combining that with the best AD Carry in European history, the bottom lane might as well be untouchable. Let’s not forget that G2 Esports also has a great fallback with their superstar mid laner Caps. Oh, and there’s Jankos and Wunder too… I guess?

What to Expect From LEC Spring 2021?

It’s still pretty early to say anything solid about each team after LEC Week 1 but the only thing we can expect for sure is that the LEC this year is going to be an absolute slugfest of talent. Every team looks like a challenger and that’s exactly what a strong region should look like.

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