LEC Week 7: Who Will Make It To Playoffs?

LEC Week 7 has just concluded and 3 out of the 10 teams have managed to qualify for the LEC Spring 2021 Playoffs. The competition has definitely reached its peak as the teams fight for their spot either to make it to the playoff brackets or secure an upper bracket position to ensure the highest chances of getting the best pairings in the tournament. With 3 slots remaining and 1 week left in the LEC, who will do you think are the teams that will make it to the ultimate tournament of the split?

LEC Week 7: The First Three

After the LEC Week 7, two teams have secured an upper bracket standing in the playoffs – G2 Esports and Rogue. These were also the top two teams in Spring 2020, with Fnatic and MAD Lions both trailing closely behind them. Mad Lions has also secured a Top 6 standing but Fnatic is yet to be confirmed in the event of tie-breakers even though they are tied with MAD at 9 wins and 6 losses due to matchup technicalities that place MAD above them.

Teddy bear wearing a MAD Lions Jersey
Who are your bets for the LEC playoffs?

G2 Esports have unsurprisingly taken 1st place after beating Rogue. They have never looked more dominant than they have now thanks to the addition of Rekkles who has proved to be a significant upgrade in the bottom lane. Rogue have also shown their growth being a bit more consistent in all departments with Odoamne going huge in their games. G2 Esports only need 1 more win to take the 1st place undisputedly.

G2 Esports Spring 2021 Run

G2 Esports are looking like the best team the entire LEC and EU LCS has ever produced. The talent in this team is absolutely insane considering how each member of the team is performing at their peak. They might even be looking like one of the Top 3 teams in the world right now alongside Damwon Kia and Royal Never Give Up. The Western League of Legends scene has been showing up for the past 3 years but 2021 is looking like it’ll go G2 all the way.

LEC: Reckless with my heart
Who here misses Rekkles on Fnatic?!

Honestly, the only weakness that G2 Esports have right now is that they tend to do random shenanigans in the game that bite them in the butt. While other EU teams aren’t quick to punish they’re mistakes, some eastern teams who have sharp killer instincts might humble them down. If they’re able to control those shenanigans or mold it into a weapon that works in their favor, EU fans might be happy to know that this year is definitely looking up for the region.

LEC Spring Playoff Top 6 Candidates

Aside from G2 Esports, Rogue, and MAD Lions who have been recently confirmed for the playoffs after the conclusion of LEC Week 7, there are 3 more slots that need to be filled. As of the conclusion of LEC Week 7, Astralis is the only one who has been counted out for contention. We are looking at 4 teams that have the highest chance of making it to the playoffs. Unfortunately, one of them will not be able to bring it all the way home.

1. Fnatic

Fnatic has always been a contender for the LEC Championship Trophy and are one of the 2 organizations that have won the most trophies in the history of the region. While they’ve lost their superstar ADC – Rekkles – to G2 Esports, it seems the team has managed to hold on to their strengths instead of crumbling after losing such a key member. Both Nisqy and Upset are performing well but have yet to blow away the minds of Fnatic fans and critics alike.

Fnatic Complete Roster - Bwipo, Selfmade, Nisqy, Upset, Hylissang

Fnatic has had a history of looking shakey during the regular season before suddenly going beastmode during the LEC Playoffs. Right now, Rogue are looking significantly better than them but there’s a chance we might see another Fnatic vs G2 Esports Finals like we do every split. Now that they have even more to prove against G2, can they pull a miracle like toppling down the seemingly invincible superteam that is G2 Esports? We’ll never know until we see it.

2. Schalke 04 Esports

Schalke 04 shocked the entire world last split by going from 1 wins and 10 losses at week 5 to 8 wins and 10 losses at the final stretch which qualified them for the Summer 2020 Playoffs. The #SchalkeMiracleRun was achieved and is one of the best moments in LEC history. This split, they aren’t running from 10th place but simply need to maintain their 6th place standing to be able to make it in the playoffs. The biggest hurdle for this team will be Fnatic, who will be their final match of the regular season.

Schalke 04 Esports Live Stage - LEC WEek 7
Schalke 04 Esports

Schalke may not have the exact same roster as they had during their miracle run but the new kids are shaping up to be something else. With both GodGilius and Fakerdagge leading the team, they have a pretty high chance of locking in their spot in the Top 6. After all, Schalke is the only team that legitimately managed to take down G2 Esports in the regular season without external help like lag. If you’re a Schalke fan, you have nothing to fear.

3. SK Gaming

SK Gaming has always been a middle of the pack team. They have shown that they’re capable of handling teams that have better players and steal upset victories every now and then. After LEC Week 7, they’ve managed to snag a comfortable standing at 8-7 but will have a tough week ahead of them since they’ll be facing off against both G2 Esports and Rogue at the final week. As long as they win against Astralis on their first game, they will have a good chance to make it to the Top 6.

SK Gaming Complete Roster
SK Gaming

SK Gaming doesn’t have the most prominent members on their roster but that never stopped them from being competitive. Treatz, who was TSM’s former substitute support player, is definitely showing himself to be a big name in the LEC now that he’s finally given a stage where he can perform. Even though they are seen as mere gatekeepers, we never know when the sleeping tiger might show its fangs to the world.

4. Misfits Gaming

Misfits Gaming can be seen as a team whose constantly trying to claw their way to the top. While they’re obviously struggling against the top dogs of the league, they aren’t ones to show weakness to the lower half of the standings. There are significant weaknesses to their solo lanes and teamfighting follow-up but with a little more practice and development, they might turn into a real threat during the Summer Season of the LEC.

Misfits Complete Roster - Hirit, Razor, Vetheo, Kobbe, Vander
Misfits Gaming

Vetheo looks like he’s developing into a mid lane king. His performances during the past weeks have attracted the attention of LEC fans. On the other hand, Kobbe and Vander are the team’s core and their main win condition during their matches. Without a strong solo lane presence, the team doesn’t look like they’ll suddenly pull of some kind of miracle steal to snag the LEC Championship trophy. In this list, they have the least chances of making it to the LEC Spring 2021 Playoffs.

What happened to Astralis?

Astralis was a name that many FPS & League of Legends fans were excited to come to the LEC. Unfortunately, the team was struggling to beat any of the LEC teams and inevitably placed 10th after the conclusion of LEC Week 7. Although, they did manage to hold onto 8th/9th place during the past weeks as Vitality showed signs of weakness as well. Regardless of the outcome, no one was really surprised to see that they placed really low during this season.

The biggest reason why Astralis flunked the season is because their entire roster was made up of LEC rookies. The most experienced members of the team was Nukeduck, an accomplished LEC mid laner, and promisq, who was a substitute for G2 Esports. The rest of the roster includes players who are still trying to get a feel of the big stage and might stay that way for quite some time. Rookies aren’t exactly a bad thing, they only need a significant amount of time before they can show their potential to the fullest.

LEC Spring 2021 Playoffs Expectations

To be honest, after G2 Esports beat Rogue during the LEC Week 7 match which makes them 2-0 against the team, there’s very little doubt that they’ll be the LEC Champions once again. Carlos has created a superteam that looks like they’ll be impossible to topple down. The only losses that the team has suffered is a game with Schalke, during a time the team was still adjusting, and against Fnatic, to which they reported that they were playing with high ping.

The closest team that might actually have a chance to beat them is Rogue. However, G2 Esports simply outclasses them in every lane with mechanically-gifted gods manning their stations like an elite spartan phalanx in a narrow pass. Rogue need to play more aggressively and take more risks if they want to beat a team that has better players than them. After all, League of Legends is a team game and isn’t won by having one person alone.

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