Will Legacy Esports Secure the 2020 OPL Championship?

The 2020 Oceanic Pro League Split 2 regular season has finally come to an end, and who better to finish on top than Split 1 champions, Legacy Esports. The OPL champions are now looking unstoppable and are aiming to compete in the international stage as the OCE’s representatives for the world finals play-in stage. Legacy Esports are definitely a team that represents what’s best about League of Legends in Oceania, but do they have what it takes to secure that position when they compete against the others in the playoff stage?

Legacy Esports OPL Champions for Split 2
Legacy Esports are the OPL Regular Season Champions for Split 2!

Legacy Esports Regular Season Run

Legacy Esports finally found a good run in 2020 securing first place seeds in both the 1st and 2nd splits of the season. With Legacy Esports being the Split 1 OPL Champions, can they defend the title and earn the right to become the back-to-back OPL champions? Looking back at how the team performed in their previous games, it’s safe to say that they are definitely a team to look out for. Especially with Babip leading the team’s charge.

Team Razer MVP of the Month - Babip

During their run in the regular season, Legacy Esports secured an impressive 18-3 record in the OPL split 1 and 17-4 in the OPL split 2. Only losing to the top competition 1 game each. There hardwork as a team has ensured that they have a comfortable lead in the top spot as ORDER sits in second place with a record of 15-6. The team will be playing in the Playoffs with a 1 round bye, playing on the 2nd round of the upper bracket.

Legacy Esports in the OPL Championships Split 2

Minor league tournaments like that of the OPL Championships have a higher stake than that of major regions since only 1 representative from this region will be participating in the world stage. There is no room for any team to make a mistake if they plan on showing the world their performance on the rift. For Legacy Esports, this will be their first time to participate in the world finals if they manage to secure the championships.

The only thing left to do on the side of Legacy Esports is to prepare for the Playoff rounds which will begin on August 14, 2020. While they’ve shown how much they can dominate the region, they should still respect what the other teams can do in the time they’ve last faced each other. After all, competition becomes fierce when the prize is being waved in front of you. The next OPL Champion is about to be crowned in a while.

The Road the World Championship as a Wildcard Region

Unlike the major regions (China, Korea, Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and Vietnam), the OPL will have to take the hard route if they want to qualify for the prestigious Group Stage and eventual Top 8 finals. Only the best teams around the world will be playing on this stage, and Oceania has yet to prove itself to stand against the titans of the rift. You shouldn’t worry though since there is a definite upgrade on the region’s performance this year.

The OPL has always sent their best bet on the Play-in stage but has yet to qualify for the main event. With the Play-In system being relatively new to the Worlds Format, it’s easy to understand why. However, the OCE will need to be able to produce top quality teams if they want to be respected as a competitive region. Making a name for yourself isn’t easy, that’s for sure but League of Legends continues to evolve with all the players learning how to adapt with it.

The State of OCE’s Competitive League

The Oceanic Pro League is doing fairly well when it comes to improving their competitive league. With the recent decrease in players due to some technical issues with the region’s servers, the activity has dwindled down quite a bit and has made it really hard for the players to get some much-needed practice. Luckily, the region’s servers have now stabilized a bit and made it more playable which will definitely attract more players.

ORDER vs Legacy Esports match
Competition is looking fierce in the OCE

With the end of the competitive season comes a new stage where organizations will start rebuilding their rosters with new talents. Oceanic teams will start scouting the rankings for promising players, so this is your time to start looking towards your career as an esports player. Play on the OCE server by buying a Level 30 Unranked OCE Smurf Account to boost your chances of making it in time for the challenger series in the region.

Supporting Legacy Esports Journey

Legacy Esports have worked hard to become the number one team in the region since the establishment of the competitive league. They are truly an inspiration to every League of Legends esports team in the world when it comes to what they have achieved today. It’s natural that a lot of people are finally coming together to root for the team to win it all in the prestigious championship that they very much deserve to win at this point.

Legacy Esports' Victory Banner

If you’re a player outside of Oceania, why not spread the love for this team by purchasing a Smurf account on the region and share your love with other fans. Don’t think for a second that the community and fandom that a team has doesn’t affect how the team will perform on stage since the players themselves will get inspire by the messages of their fans. So, it’s up to you to show your support to Legacy Esports by voicing out why you believe in them.

Who is Legacy Esports Star Player?

Babip, Legacy Esports jungler has been performing the best among his teammates. He has become an excellent facilitator and a fearsome carry for Legacy Esports as a whole. He deserves to win the MVP award for his team this split for the performance and life he brought to the table.

Can Legacy Esports make it to Worlds?

Legacy Esports still has to compete for its spot in the playoffs despite placing first in the regular season. Luckily for them, they already have a 1st round bye which saves them from playing one more round. They should have a pretty good chance to compete this year.

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