Level 30 Account – Adopt the Winning Approach

Are you desperate to be at the winning end when playing league of legends? The biggest problem with most of the players is that they get stuck at Level 1 till 20 and it seems that it will take them an eternity to reach the level 30. Well, buying a lol Smurf account is the best refuge in this situation. So we thought, we simply explain everything about a Level 30 Account to you.

This is why most players are desperate to get hold of shortcuts so that they do not reach this level at a snail’s pace.  We will just unveil the best approach so that you can reach level 30 in no time.

League of Legends Account Match history

Level 30 Has So Much Excitement for The New Lol Players

When you start playing League of Legends as a new player, then you can easily get access to multiple characters that have multiple abilities. The new players do get their set of advantages over the course of time.

The only problem is that these new players do not have access to the full characters when they start off with their journey playing this game. Now, when you have access to the character, then it becomes easier for you to devise your strategy.

The biggest challenge in Lol is that you need to invest time to gain the needed experience. Similarly, you have to strive quite hard to get equipment, gold, and new characters. The interesting thing is that when you start off with Lol, then you will have access to 10 heroes only.

The access to other heroes will be available as you excel in the game. Once a player reaches the level 30, then it becomes much easier to get access to all the summoner spells. At level 30 you have the honor of playing the coveted ranked games also.

Reaching Level 30 The Smart Way

Buy Lol Lvl 30 Account

The truth is now it is possible to skip leveling altogether. What you need to do is buying league of legends lvl 30 account. When you go to level 30 lol smurf accounts, then you can save the money that you spend on the boosts. Plus, these level 30 accounts are available at quite an affordable rate.

You can save up for your playtime hours too when you go for the level 30 smurf accounts. You will get extra IP and champions with the level 30 accounts. In most of the cases, you can get 50 to 125 champions with your level 30 lol smurf account.

The Strategic Approach That You Should Follow in Lol

Making a strategy truly makes a difference when you play League of Legends. For example, if you have invested in 7-day XP boost, then you should devise your strategy in a way that you can make the most out of this boost. At the same time, it is important that you should make your best effort to avoid the penalizations.

When you are at the initial levels, then you will only earn a few XP if you decide to play Coop vs. Beginner. A better idea will be to switch to Coop vs. Intermediate. You should follow this strategy till you can reach the level 15.

When you opt for these shorter bot games, then you can get a huge advantage. It becomes quite easy for you to knock out pretty fast. You have to invest about 10 minutes now and then in your game.

It is also a smart idea to make friends with smurfs before you get to the level 16. If you reach the level 16 but still play the coop v. ai, then you will have to suffer from reduced XP/ip. The smarter approach will be to graduate to the PvP matches.

Ideally, you should go for a blind pick when it comes to the selection of the players because the general psyche is that most people want to avoid the high-level players. Do not be experimental when it comes to your champions.

The appropriate approach is that you should go with those champions that you are well-versed with. When you reach level 20, then by that time things will become more stable for you. The main objective of the game for you will be to spend your IP wisely.

The benefit of spending the IP wisely is to get access to the Tier 3 Runes. You will require the Tier 3 Runes for the ranked games. Another important thing to remember is that your champions should have about 450 IP.  The remaining IP you can use for the Tier 3 Runes.

When you have reached the level 30, then it will be a good idea to go for some placement matches with your friends. When you have a new league of legends lvl 30 account, then you can get easy access to gold if you win all your placement matches.

Try to Secure the Maximum Wins

When you want to level up fast, then it is important that you should win all the games. What you need to do is be smart in your selection. You should first go with the easier matches. This means that you should either go for players or bots at the lowest level because this increases your chance of winning the game.

When you are eager to secure a win, then smurf account will be the perfect move on your part. The time duration of your match also makes the difference. This is why it is important that your match should be at least 9 minutes long. This way leveling up will be easier.

Secrets to Excel In League of Legends

Communication Is the Key

When you want to secure wins using your league of legends lvl 30 account, then you need to know that communication with the team member also plays a key role. It is vital that you should not look down at your team.

The problem with most of the smurfs is that they think that they have complete control over the team. They try to assert their dominance over the other team members. When you need to communicate with your team members, then pinging is the most suitable way.

Availing the Opportunities

When you are using a smurf account, then you should not let go of any opportunity be ahead in the game. At the same time, you should also ensure that you do not end up hurting any of your team members.

Let us explain things here with a practical example. Two teams are playing the game. One is the blue team, and one is the purple team. The current scenario is such that the top lane of the purple team will push into the blue side due to the reinforcement wave of the purple side reaching the minion wave before the blue team can achieve this.

Assume that you are a top laner. If you are on the blue side, then it is surely the perfect scenario for you. In this situation, your enemy will end up losing creeps.

If you are on the purple team, then things will be quite different for you. In this situation, you will end up losing a significant amount of experience. You will also be prone to the swindles in this situation since the wave will be on the blue side.

The biggest problem is that most of the smurfs out there are not aware of these intricacies. What you need to know is that these small things will make a lot of difference in the long-run.

Make Sure That You Read the Updates About the Game

When you are keen to play League of Legends, then it is essential that you should be aware of the updates in the game also. This way you will be able to become a better smurf. When you read the updates, then it helps you get the knowledge that other players may not have.

The Final Piece of Advice

The truth is that being addicted to Lol can be a positive experience for you provided you commit the game. Getting smurfs is surely beneficial too provided you opt for the right approach.

If you are losing your edge in League of Legends, then it is a great idea to switch to smurf. This way you will be able to gather your confidence in no time, and you will get the needed edge that you are striving for.

If you have decided to buy level 30 smurf account, then dig down the best deal that can come your way in this situation. You should make sure that you get hold of the top sellers that holds credibility. This way you will not end up losing your money and will not waste time also.

If you are getting great customer support service from the seller, then you are moving in the right direction. If you feel that the communication is not going well with the smurf seller, it is better to go for other options.

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