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The competitive factor is sometimes the best part of any multiplayer video game available on the market. Indeed, when you have the chance to outplay your opponents with your lol accounts and give them a little taunt, it kind of feels overwhelming. In other words, you practically show the rest of the gaming community that you have mastered the current gameplay mechanics of a single game, and they should be scared of meeting you again.

Sett 1
Ruling the Servers!

When something like this usually happens in a multiplayer environment, sometimes people take the
, practice a little further, and try for conflict all over again. In contrast, though, some other players (the salty ones) may label you as a hacker. At the same time, they may call you a cheater, or someone that takes advantage of in-game exploits.

Furthermore, when the community of a single video game tends to overgrow, the development team builds another competitive system for its players. Therefore, when the time comes, a Ranking System does the job more than often. In this environment, any player that wants to participate enters in a calibration process. Afterward, depending on the results and performance, a number is assigned that represents the level of mastery in a video game. As a result, when they show that they have the skills to play against veteran players, they’ll get a higher number.

What comes next, is up to you. In any LoL Account, the more favorable results you tend to have, the quicker you’ll reach the top positions between the complete player base.

League of Legends Ranking System

fire dragon
Buffing Your LoL Account

In this MOBA based game, the usual components that make the Ranking System challenging become available to all of its players. Still, though, it contains some little variations that make it unique above the rest. First of all, since League of Legends maintains the accustomed Five Main Roles. Therefore, when you click the Ranked Queue button, you’ll need to pick two Roles before starting the timer.

Hence, if you want to participate in this competitive environment, you need to Master at least two different Roles. Sometimes though, people only focus on one and tend to “escape” if they get the other option in a match. Rather than playing the whole match with an unaccustomed duty, he/she will opt to take the time-out penalty instead.

Furthermore, you’ll find the same behavior when their favorite Champion becomes unavailable to them. Indeed, this commonly happens when a new Champion arrives in the game, and everyone wants to try the recent gaming mechanics. While it may look tedious, due to the high number in the gaming community, you’ll find another match in a relatively short time.

Either way, remember that each victory actually means a lot more than the traditional casual matches. Therefore, when you obtain positive results in your LoL Account, you’ll increase the Ranking number. As a result, you’ll get the chance to climb the ladder and improve your Rank Tier.

Thanks to this concept, people tend to become more “personal” when things are going in the wrong way. Insults may come and go, making the experience somewhat frustrating. Most noteworthy, if you think that somehow is affecting you, mute them as soon as possible and take a little break afterward.

Getting Ready for Ranked in LoL Accounts

After all of that introduction, you still want to participate in the Great Leagues, hold your engines, in this particular game you need some requirements to unlock this feature. Therefore, when you create a new account, you won’t have the chance to click on the Ranked Queue, unless you achieve the next tasks in your current Account:

  1. Reach Level 30:

    This is probably the most tedious thing to complete. Since you have no option to buy experience points in your main account, you’ll have to do this the old fashioned way. Indeed, you have the opportunity to buy “Boosts” items, which can improve your pace; but you’ll still need to play some casual matches and hope for the win. Most noteworthy, completing this requirement usually takes a couple of weeks. Certainly, if you play regularly and obtain positive results in your matches.

  2. Unlock 20 Champions:

    Sometimes you’ll have the opportunity to unlock both tasks at the same time if you’re lucky. While you’re getting some levels in your lol account, the rewards can help you in unlocking Champions with ease in the League of Legends Shop. Furthermore, if you are in the middle of a special event, by completing Quests you’ll have the opportunity to obtain additional Blue Essence or Champion Shards.

  3. Gather Your Friends and Create a Team (Optional):

    Since all of the matches at the start become crucial to obtain a higher place in the Ranking System, it is recommendable that you queue with a party. Therefore, you’ll have other players to trust and higher winning chances.

For the Victory!

Tier Ranking

This is it, you already got the chance to complete all of the different tasks to unlock Ranked Queue. At the same time, you gave your best and went through the Calibration System with favorable results (hopefully). As a result, the whole first process is practically done, but the “war” is far from over. Indeed, now you’re in the middle of a group of players called Tier, which coexists with the rarity of the “real” metals. Therefore, the lowest tier has the name of “Iron,” the next tier is known as “Bronze,” the rest you’ll get the idea.

Remember that your actual group represents how much you know about the different gaming mechanics in League of Legends and essential strategies. Therefore, the more you accumulate the gaming sessions and continue the struggle, the better you’ll become in the game. As a result, it is ideal that you keep playing and increase your potential.

ranked grandmaster 1
Be the Master!

Now, besides the name of the Tier, you’ll also get a “roman number”, which is kind of a sub-group. This time around, the roman number four or “IV,” represents the lower sub-group of that particular tier. Most noteworthy, each time you win a match, you’ll earn League Points (LP), or lose some amount if things don’t go your way. Indeed, the amount of LP that you’ll win/lose depends on the current Tier. Therefore, in the lower groups, you’ll earn more when you win. In contrast, though, in the higher tiers, you’ll lose a lot of LP when you didn’t get a victory.

How to Improve Your Gameplay

Now that you know how this Ranking System works, you’ll probably want some important tips that may give you the upper hand in League of Legends. Indeed, when things are going on the right path, you’ll get the chance to collect a lot of League Points in your LoL Account.

Seems like, once you collect 100 LP by winning Ranked Matches in your LoL Account, you’ll have the chance to participate in a promotion. First of all, when you’re advancing between different sub-groups, you’ll need to win a “best of three” series. Consequently, when you’re moving to another Tier, you’ll need to win a “best of five” series.

Omn thunder
*Special Effects*

Above all, to overcome any obstacles in League of Legends, and continue with amazing results you’ll require certain components, such as:

  • Perseverance
    in the Game:
    Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re stuck in the same place, and
    no matter what you do, there’s no way out. Similarly to any difficult video
    game in the market, you need to practice until you finally “get it,” and move
  • Learn How
    to Handle the Toxic Players:
    Yes, we get it, this is a multiplayer game
    with lots of social interactions. Furthermore, since League of Legends requires
    team play, you need to cooperate with random players each time you’ll
    participate in the Solo Queue. Therefore, don’t think twice if you need to mute
    someone that isn’t productive at all.

Besides those important tips about personal growth, you’ll also need the knowledge and understanding of…

Knowing the Importance of the Top Meta LoL

meta lol
Breaking the Norm

Between the recent Patch Notes and the population within League of Legends, you’ll have the chance to gather vital information about the recent changes. Indeed, as time goes by, between all of the numbers, you’ll have it easier to spot overpowered implementations. Therefore, you’ll know which Champions will have the opportunity to “break the mold,” and become the next best thing in a couple of months.

Furthermore, there’s always the occasion that some equipment may have important chances once the patch hits the main servers. As a result, the current builds from those affected Champions, suddenly become obsolete and require some tweaks from here and there.

Most noteworthy, the eSports scene will surely take a turn-around due to possible changes in the game. Since all of the professional players require winnings to obtain Tournament earnings, they’ll surely play with the best options in the current patch.

At the same time, all of the random Ranked Matches will gain different effects. Occasionally, players from around the World may use the best options to earn a lot more LP in a relatively short time. Hence, to become prepared, you need to be two steps ahead and pick or ban those troublemaker Champions.

Smurf LoL Accounts

When you get the chance to acquire multiple LoL Accounts, you’ll surely have some advantages when you’re trying some Ranked Matches. First of all, since is practically a new Account, you’ll have to restart with the process of unlocking Ranked and Calibrate all over again. Therefore, this new journey you’ll surely give you another opportunity to obtain more victories and reach a better Tier in the Ranking System.

Furthermore, is a particular lol account, you’ll have the chance to focus on a particular Role. It can either be Jungle, Top-Lane, or Support. Whatever the choice, you’ll surely gather Champions that belong in that particular Role. As a result, you’ll become an expert in that part of the game with ease.

Last but not least, you’ll get the opportunity to help a friend in need with a lol account that belongs in the lower part of the Ranking System. Therefore, both (or more) players will gain League Points as they play together and earn a lot more victories as a team.

smurfs 1
The More, the Better

Frequently Asked Questions about Ranking System in LoL Accounts

How do you unlock Ranked Matches in League of Legends?

First of all, you’ll need a LoL Account with Level 30 or Higher. Secondly, you’ll need to unlock at least 20 Champions. Indeed, even though it doesn’t seem to much at first, it requires around two weeks to obtain both of the achievements.

What Role is the Best to start playing in Ranked Matches?

It all depends on the player. Sometimes, players find it easier to fulfill the different tasks from the Support Role. Still, though, the lack of equipment and the requirement of a competent carry makes it less appealing. Therefore, try all of the different Main Roles and once you find something worth playing, stick with that particular Role for a while.

How can you get a promotion in League of Legends?

First of all, you need to earn 100 LP (League Points) by winning multiple Ranked Matches. Afterward, you’ll need to win a series of “Best of Three” to move further in the Ranking System. Additionally, if the promotion will give you the chance to move into another Tier Group, you’ll need to win a “Best of Five” series.

What do I need to improve my gameplay?

There are a few steps that can guide you in refining your mastery in League of Legends:
– Have Perseverance in the Game
– Learn How to Handle Toxic Players
– Gather All the Posible Information about the META

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