LoL Client Cleanup Campaign 2020

Programing 101

Few people know how hard it is to learn how to code anything in the world of computers that keeps evolving each day with more improvements. Furthermore, it is even harder to keep any software “alive” for a prolonged period or even years to come, like the LoL Client Cleanup Campaign. Indeed, to discuss this subject even further, let us bright things up by using some simple examples.

Let’s compare coding with the action of building a new house from scratch. First of all, the most critical part of any home is the foundation; if this isn’t solid or stable, everything could crumble at any time. At the same time, coding needs a robust and well-written engine that needs to be trustworthy and durable. Similarly, if the first lines of the program have too many issues, everything else may fall apart suddenly.

Clipart, Man sitting in front of PC, surrounded by all sorts of coding languages
Coding languages

Taking this example into consideration, if the foundation is somewhat inclined, but you manage to “fix” the issue with a counterweight or any other practical methods, at first, it may look okayish. Still, though, if you want to add a second level to your house, that tedious first issue could return. Hence, you can say the same thing with the art of coding. Therefore, if the engine comes with bugs, you could add some patches to “fix” things up.  But, if you add another essential update (like a new Champion), that bug may resurface within the game, and break things up again.

Now that you know a little more about programming, indeed, let us focus on the LoL Client Cleanup Campaign.

League of Legends Main Client

If you didn’t know already, in this particular video game, everything becomes represented into two different parts. First of all, when you “double-click” the League of Legends’ Icon, the Main Client runs primarily. While it may not look impressive at the beginning, when this interface loads, you’ll have the opportunity to download new content, and log-in with your Account(s). Furthermore, you can unlock new items from the League of Legends Store or Queue for another match.

League of Legends Client log in screen, lol client cleanup campaign
Smurf Goes Here

Now, before the second part of the video game loads, both teams need to pick their Champions, Runes, Summoner’s Spells, and possible cosmetics. Afterward, in a matter of seconds, you’ll see that the Main Client minimizes itself, and another black window invades your monitor. Most noteworthy, in the middle of everything, the Main Client communicates with the other part of the program. Hence, depending on the choices, it will “tell” what requires to be present and what map needs to load.

If everything becomes successful, depending on the player’s computers, everything will load in just a few minutes. Now, if you consider this, both parts of the video game are equally important. Therefore, if anything breaks on either side, nothing else will work appropriately in League of Legends.

Changes within the LoL Client Cleanup Campaign

In the next couple of months, the development team from Riot will focus purely on some vital parts that could improve the Main Client for a little bit. At first, things may now look that impressive, but if we investigate the current repercussions, you’ll be able to understand why they have become necessary.

As a result, let’s investigate these LoL Client Cleanup Campaign issues even further:

Client Bootstrap Time

Since League of Legends currently has millions of players from around the planet, some of its player-base does not have powerful computers to run everything smoothly. Therefore, the first issue manifests itself when someone wants to load the game, but the Main Client takes additional time to load. Indeed, with the inclusion of meaningful patches, this process somehow tends to get even worse.

green loading=
Almost There…

Now you may ask why it is indispensable to focus on this problem this time around. Well, to answer your question, when a crash occurs in the middle of the battle, you want to return ASAP. Hence, if the Main Client is taking more time to load with each extensive patch, this may get worse for the affected players.

Champion Select Lock in Time

This one is a little unusual that is currently affecting all of the players in League of Legends. It occurs when you finally made your decision about the Champion you’ll like to use in a match. First of all, you click on the portrait, but when you reassure your choice to the server, it takes some time to register.

Now, even though the issue takes just a few seconds, it tends to get worse when you have an everlasting gaming session. Therefore, you could lose vital time when you’re ready to pick something, but nothing is happening.

The Dilemma Between Slow Machines or Internet

At the moment, you’ll have a vague impression that all of these issues could have a solution by improving your Internet Connection. Because we require constant communication with the League of Legends Client, it is understandable that this conclusion could arise. Still, though, this time around, it only affects those computers that have little struggles to run the game properly.

Old desktop PC with old fashioned monitor showing the Windows XP startup screen
Still Kicking!

Since Riot wants (or needs) to maintain compatibility with a vast number of hardware set-ups, it is necessary to keep things “clean.” Furthermore, there may be additional add-ons or patches in the next couple of years to keep things fresh and exciting. Therefore, it is necessary to fix these issues at the moment before they become more tedious in the future.

Most noteworthy, there are probably no plans to deliver something like “League of Legends 2” soon. Indeed, it seems that they will focus on fixing their only game at the moment.

What needs some fixing in the game?

Client Bootstrap Time: Improving the time that takes from your computer to load the Main Client.
Champion Select Lock in Time: Fixes the delay that takes the server to register your choice.

What part of the game needs some improvements?

In this LoL Client Cleanup Campaign, the development team focusses on improving the Main Client.

Do these Issues relate to poor Internet Connection with the Servers?

No, it affects the computer’s hardware and how capable it is to compute this information.

Is there anything unclear on the new changes?
Let us know in the Comments Below!

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