League of Legends Cosplay

The League of Legends community has always been very passionate about every aspect of the game. For some, giving life to the game’s elements spans outside the digital realms and breathe life into it by laying certain aspects into the real world. This comes in the form of League of Legends cosplay which brings the beauty and aesthetic of Runeterra’s characters into the real world through the efforts of passionate individuals. Cosplay is not only a hobby for League of Legends fans, but also something that people have identified themselves as.

Complete Aether Wing Kayle cosplay with working wings
1000Learn everything about League of Legends cosplay

What is cosplay?

Cosplay can basically be expanded into Costume Play and is the practice of dressing up as a character. While cosplay might seem like a simple dress-up hobby, cosplayers often make their own costumes from scratch which is a very time-consuming, expensive, and difficult task to do. This is especially true for characters with very complex character designs and features. Cosplayers are often seen on major events or conventions.

League of Legends Cosplays Sample

Being competitive about League of Legends isn’t only limited to playing the game itself. Sometimes, even League of Legends cosplay can show how competitive its community can be regarding how much effort the individuals put into making their costumes. Others compete for the memes, but even then, the cosplay are still simply breathtaking and absolutely amazing.


Original Skin Ahri Cosplayed by a woman
Did Ahri’s charm take effect yet?

DJ Sona

Close up photo of DJ Sona Cosplay
Feel the beat!


Nidalee Cosplay taken from a major convention
Nidalee looking really wild in this convention!


Very detailed photo of Yasuo
As cool as a spring breeze


A little girl cosplaying Annie for halloween
When she goes trick or treating, you always give treats

Genderbent Teemo

A genderbent cosplay of teemo by an adult woman
Bet you hate Teemo less now, huh?

Xayah and Rakan

A couple cosplaying Xayah and Rakan
And you don’t have to cosplay alone


A Wukong cosplay complete with a realistic mask
Cosplaying isn’t just monkey business


A hilarious gragas cosplay
Or maybe it is?

Miss Fortune

A league of legends cosplay selfie of miss fortune
These are just done perfectly

Pizza Delivery Sivir

LCS Pro Sneaky cosplaying as Pizza Delivery Sivir
Some of these cosplays are just really Sneaky


LCS Streamer Tyler1 cosplaying as Draven
Tyler1 rocking that Draven cosplay

Arcade Riven

LCS Streamer BoxBox's famous Arcade Riven cosplay
Sneaky’s got some competition with BoxBox


Photoshoot of Caitlyn cosplayer
All League of Legends cosplays are amazing!

There’s no limitation or restriction on who or what you want to cosplay as long as you’re having fun in the process. There’s no shame on trying it out as well because whether you are too old or too young, there is always a character out there that matches your image and personality. All League of Legends cosplays are cool and it doesn’t have to be on League of Legends only, you can try out Valorant cosplays as well.

Cosplaying Guide for Beginners

Cosplaying can be quite a complicated task especially when you have no idea how to start it. However, for those who are willing to do so, learning how to do it is the first step. Here, we have a few pointers to help learners create their own League of Legends cosplay that they could proudly pull-off if they want to do it themselves. To do this, you need to understand which parts are necessary for cosplaying. Starting now can also be an advantage if you’re looking for something fun to do during quarantine.

Cosplaying Points of Interest:

Hair & Eyes

It’s no secret that a lot of fictional characters like to stand out by having very extravagant hairstyles. This can prove to be one of the more difficult things to follow when cosplaying. Luckily, wigs exist so you don’t have to style or dye your hair and regret it later on. You’ll need a lot of hairspray as well in order to keep your wig’s hairstyle intact for long durations of time.

For the eyes, simple contact lenses will do perfectly. However, make sure to follow proper hygiene and eye-health procedures before putting on the lenses on your eyeballs. A lot of cosplayers ignore this fact and live to regret it later on in their lives.

Facial Features and Makeup

Makeup really brings the life out of a character more than you think it would. Following noselines, lip color, eye shadows, and other shades can certainly draw you closer to the character you are portraying. Don’t forget to include skin marks such as tattoos to really make your cosplay as accurate as it can be. Even if you’re a male cosplayer, make-up still plays an important role in the character you’re portraying so just let it go.

Weapons and Armor/Clothing

The weapon is oftentimes the centerpiece of your whole character. Be it Riven’s sword or Vi’s fists, putting a lot of effort onto making your weapon can pay off really well. Unfortunately, making the weapon might prove difficult especially since you’re not allowed to use real ones or make them out of dangerous materials like metals. Craftsmen usually use foam to craft out there materials since it’s both lightweight and easily cut and molded. Use wood or metal as the base of your weapon then pad it with foam for extra durability.

You can do the same with heavy armor. For clothing, you can just buy clothes that match the image. You can also ask your local tailor to create specialized clothing for you provided that you give them your schematic. Don’t worry, your tailor won’t really question what it is for as long as you pay them the money. Don’t use cheap materials or else you might risk your costume falling apart in the middle of an event or performance.

Personality and Stance

To complete the image of your League of Legends cosplay, you need to learn your characters personality and most importantly their stance. The stance is something you’ll use a lot especially if you plan on taking photos wearing the costume. There might also be a lot of people who will ask to have their photo taken with you during large events. This is a sign that your costume is well-made and that the people really appreciate your work.

Where can I buy ready-made costumes?

You can buy ready-made costumes on cosplay specialty shops such as cosplayshopper, miccostumes, or rolecosplay. There are also options in generic shops like amazon but they might prove to be difficult at times especially when you need certain sizes or characters. It’s best you go to the specialty stores or buy some second-hand by asking your local cosplay community if they have costumes for sale.

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