LoL Reddit Pages are the Worst Places in Gaming

The League of Legends Reddit page has always been a source of interesting debates within the gaming community. Many topics ranging from innocent posts to senseless rants have dragged the entire playerbase to participate in the conversation. With so many different events transpiring in these forums, have the different LoL Reddit pages become one of the worst places for gamers to hang out in the space?

The Different LoL Reddit Pages

There are different LoL Reddit Pages on the website but the main one is the League of Legends page that is officially moderated by Riot Games and has the most members. This is where the majority of the conversation takes place with most people genuinely talking about different aspects of the game. The most controversial takes also happen here with a small number of redditors often post about the weirdest topics and the conversation blows out of proportion.

Tyler1 flexing his biceps - LoL reddit pages
What’s wrong with LoL reddit pages?

Instead of taking the LoL Reddit drama as a whole, it’s better to understand the different types of reddit pages that we currently have. It’s unfair to generalize the different LoL Reddit pages and put them forward as a single entity when there are subreddits that are notorious for having conversations about the game that does not represent the larger player community. League of Legends consists of such a large group of people that we need to take a look at each of these Reddit pages.

Niche Hobby Subreddits & Fanpages

Niche hobby subreddits like Cosplay pages, Lore fans, meme pages, and theory discussions exist within the League of Legends space. There are also fanpages for League of Legends streamers and other personalities like LoL analysts, esports bettors, casters, and other famous people in the space. In niche subreddits like cosplay pages and theory discussions, there aren’t really a lot of controversial things happening here aside from some rude people trying to ruin the fun. This usually just results in a ban and doesn’t escalate outside.

Cosplayers posing for a picture - LoL reddit pages
Specialty topics for special people

Since these types of subreddits are extremely niche, there aren’t really a lot of controversial topics that the larger community gets involved in. People in these subreddits usually just argue because they have a difference in preference or opinion that annoys the other people in the group. The arguments in these subreddits are generally just sad and cringe if you’re an outsider who doesn’t really belong to these specific fanbases.

Esports Subreddits

Esports subreddits are probably the most toxic subreddits in the gaming community. A lot of controversial posts happen in these pages because a lot of fans deeply identify with the team or player they support. For example, if you insult a player like Faker in these subreddits, you’d probably receive a lot of backlash and toxic replies in the comment section that would take the hate to a personal level since they don’t want you to talk smack about their favorite player.

Xiaohu and Faker giving thumbs ups - LoL reddit pages
Who’s the better mid laner?!

There are only two types of esports subreddits and those are the ones that either support the competitive region or a specific team/player. Either way, there are a lot of people who would take their time to join subreddits from opposing regions/teams just to cause a scene. Even though a lot of people can ignore these types of trolling, there are still a relevant number of people who get baited into leaving a reply out of rage.

Champion-Specific Subreddits

Champion specific subreddits aren’t just about one-tricks who discuss strategies and gameplay tips with one another. Those are probably the tamer versions of these pages. However, it’s easy to argue that champion-specific subreddits are the weirdest places on the internet because people worship the champion they love like a higher being. On the other hand, some people sexualize and fantasize about a League of Legends character so much that it becomes absolutely uncomfortable.

Belveth looking absolutely menacing - LoL reddit pages

There usually isn’t any controversial stuff happening in these subreddits aside from your stock-standard weirdness that the hardcore community talks about on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there was a recent controversy between the Nami subreddit and Syndra subreddit over which champion deserves the Legendary skin slot in the latest Coven skin line release. It was an ugly battle that nobody should deserve to suffer.

Why Do People Make Fun of LoL Reddit Pages?

LoL reddit pages may have all this weirdness but there are worse places in the gaming space where people talk about a lot more horrible stuff that you’d never want to see. However, League of Legends is one of the largest games in the gaming community today with the title being talked about on a daily basis both negatively and positively. People love to hate on League of Legends because it has become a culture in the gaming community to hate on the game.

It’s fun to ridicule League of Legends and the community. Even League of Legends players like to say that the game and community is trash. However, since the game retains a large active community as compared to other games, League of Legends continues to be one of the biggest topics in the larger gaming space. Every aspect of the game, even LoL subreddit pages, aren’t safe from being made fun of by people from other games.

Are There Good Discussion Forum Alternatives?

No. Reddit is probably the biggest place where League of Legends players gather to share their experiences and opinions. If there ever comes a time where another forum website manages to overtake reddit, the culture of having toxic conversations and controversial takes will be carried over to the new website. It’s deeply rooted in gaming culture for a small number of people to be absolutely cringe that they just ruin the experience for everyone else.

Caster Jun screaming his lungs out - LoL reddit pages
LoL reddit pages are the best?!

All other chat channels and discussion forums have the same problem where people just say the wildest things that don’t actually make sense. It’s not just a problem in the League of Legends community but even in other games as well. There isn’t a magical place on the internet where you’ll never find someone being weird about something that they believe is true. All you have to do is learn to deal with it and move on.

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