MSI 2021 Rumble Stage Conclusion: Thoughts & Opinions

The MSI 2021 Rumble Stage concludes with the Top 4 teams in the world advancing to the next stage. While most fans aren’t really too surprised about the conclusion of the event, there are things that has taken western fans back and made the international League of Legends community think about the standings of today’s esports scene. Let’s talk about the conclusion of the Rumble Stage and what events have surprised us the most and opened up discussion for the community.

The MSI 2021 Rumble Stage Top 4!

Damwon Kia, Royal Never Give Up, PSG Talon, and MAD Lions have emerged as the top 4 teams to make it out of the MSI 2021 Rumble Stage and will be competing for the championship trophy at the Knockout Stage. This means that 4 teams from LolFinity’s MSI Top 5 teams have made it into the next stage with Cloud9 being the odd one out as we’ve placed them above PSG Talon in the power rankings. A pleasant surprise for the PCS fans but devastating news for North American players.

RNG vs DK Highlights MSI Rumble Stage Day 5 MSI 2021 Royal Never Give Up vs DWG Kia by Onivia
RNG vs DK MSI 2021 Rumble Stage Day 5

Even though Damwon Kia placed 1st in the standings, RNG beat them 2-0 with both MAD Lions & PSG Talon taking a game off RNG so the knockout stage feels like it’ll be an absolute banger. The Top 4 teams feels like they each have a strong point that will work best against the other so no one really knows who’ll come out on top when the time comes that these 4 teams will be fighting against each other in a best-of-5 series where the stakes are a lot higher.

Pentanet.GG’s Admirable Performance

Despite receiving the advantage of having only one other competitor in their group, PentanetGG‘s achievement of making it to the rumble stage still deserves praise since they’ve suffered a lot as a region in the past year. The most surprising achievement that they’ve done during the MSI 2021 Rumble stage is being able to take one game off against Cloud9 in a Bo1 where they convincingly dominated the North American representatives on the rift using superior League of Legends tactics.

PentanetGG MSI 2021 Rumble Stage Roster
The Kings of Memes

Even though the OCE representatives ended their MSI 2021 run with a record of 1-9 in the Rumble Stage, they still went home with their heads held high. The world will be looking forward to the Oceanic teams making another appearance in Worlds 2021, hopefully bringing their memes with them and the positive attitude that they carried as they were being crushed by the other major regions around the world.

Cloud9’s Disappointing End

The internet likes to meme North America, trying to discredit their status as a major region compared to other leagues like the PCS or VCS but in the case of MSI 2021, they might actually just be right. We could’ve overlooked the fact that they didn’t make it out of groups but the fact that they lost to both Japan’s DetonatioN FocusMe and OCE’s PentanetGG as well as going 0-2 against PCS’ PSG Talon makes people wonder if they deserve the 3 Worlds Seeds that they receive at Worlds.

C9 Blaber’s end of tournament thoughts

For the past 2 years, North America hasn’t been able to send a team out of the group stage. While there aren’t any other regions that have done so as well aside from the other three major regions, it’s still questionable if the LCS deserves the same treatment as the LCK, LPL, and LEC in terms of tournament standing. At the very least, they should only have 2 slots at Worlds just like the VCS or PCS (which is a region that has won a Worlds tournament btw).

PSG Talon: Heroes of the East

The PCS (formerly LMS/SEA) has once again proved that they are a powerhouse region in the mid-season invitationals. A lot of fans were worried about PSG Talon performing well in MSI 2021 after their superstar AD Carry – Unified – not being able to attend and opting to bring in a substitute. It turns out, the team managed to play at a high enough level that they even dominated Royal Never Give Up.

PSG Talon's Maple and the rest of the team
The PCS Representatives

Taiwan and Hong Kong have always bee the dark horses in any tournament alongside Vietnam as the region that has the best chances of stealing the trophy from the other major regions. Even though they haven’t earned their status as a major region yet, PSG Talon is looking to prove that won’t be the case any longer as they are just delivering an exceptional performance throughout MSI which they’ll hopefully bring to Worlds 2021 later this year.

The RNG vs Damwon Story

China vs Korea has been the most competitive rivalry in League of Legends esports which is highlighted even more in MSI. While Royal Never Give Up has defeated Damwon Kia 2-0 in the MSI 2021 Rumble Stage, Damwon Kia has shown consistency in their performance by placing 1st in the group which has given them the opportunity to choose MAD Lions as their Playoffs opponent which they believe will be the easier opponent between them and PSG Talon.

RNG Xiaohu and DK Showmaker staring each other down
The rivalry continues!

Fans expect that RNG vs DK will be the biggest Bo5 in the tournament but recent results have tilted the favor exceptionally. Since RNG and DK are on two separate brackets, we might end up getting disappointed if either PSG or MAD show up and beat their opponents in the knockouts. Either way, we’re looking forward to seeing who the MSI 2021 champion will be between the Top 4 teams who have worked hard to make it out of the tournament.

Who will most likely win MSI 2021?

After the MSI 2021 Rumble Stage, Royal Never Give Up has come out as the tournament favorites after defeating Damwon Kia 2-0 even though they are only 2nd in the standings. The team has an aggressive style and reliably consistent players that have the chance to steal the game from behind.

Where is the best place to watch MSI 2021?

Riot Games’ Twitch channel is the most reliable place to watch MSI 2021 since they are the only channel that’s updated. They are advanced by a few seconds compared to the YouTube broadcast which fans might want to take in mind if they want to avoid spoilers.

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