Buy Valorant Account on the OCE/ASIA Server

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    • The account is fully ready to be played competitively in ranked games.RANKED READY
    • You can change the Email and the Password anytime, granting you full access over the account!FULL ACCESS
    • Our dedicated Valorant team plays these account by hand. No software, such as bots, scripts or anything alike is being used.HANDPLAYED
    • The account has not been played in ranked games yet.UNRANKED
    • You'll receive the Account Information via email and it'll also be displayed in your Account Dashboard here on LolFinity.comINSTA DELIVERY


Are these Accounts really Handplayed?

Yes, absolutely. We never leverage any kind of software when creating and level these accounts. We do have a great team, which love to play Valorant, and since they already ranked their own accounts in Immortal and some even Radiant ELO, they love to get their hands on new accs and start grinding them for you!

Win Rate of 50%+ | Good KDA | Non-AFK - What does all this mean?

Simply put, our players leveling these accounts know what they are doing. They are seasoned veterans playing shooters in general and play Valorant every single day. Therefore these accounts have a great KDA and overall a Winrate of over 50%.

What Does Instant Delivery Mean?

As soon as we have received your payment, you will find the account information in your LolFinity Dashboard, and they’ll be sent via email. Therefore we highly recommend that you create an account on LolFinity upon purchase. This ensures that you’ll always find your account information, as long as you have your account with us.

What Is The Lifetime Warranty?

It’s quite simple – if your Valorant account gets banned through any fault or defect of our own we will provide you one brand-new replacement Valorant smurf account free of charge.

Simply contact us through the various contact opportunities on, and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

I Have More Questions!


Simply head over to our Frequently Asked Questions and you’ll find most of your questions answered.


If there is still anything unclear, simply contact us through the chat, which you’ll find in the lower right corner or shoot us an email.

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When you should buy an account for North America?

North America has become one of the centers for Valorant esports and are looking to continually expand their rosters and recruit the best players in the region. When it comes to asking yourself when the best time to buy a smurf account for NA is? It definitely has to be TODAY! Work towards buying your smurf account immediately so that you can have more time to work towards reaching Radiant in the shortest amount of time to play for the best League in the world. North America is the birthplace of the Valorant competitive league, this is where the most famous esports personalities are born. It’s also relatively easier to land a career in Valorant pro play in NA than it is in any other region just because of how frequent player scouting is done in the region. If you’re an aspiring Valorant pro, you should definitely start climbing the rankings now and showcase your skills as a player so that you get the attention of the different organizations. Streaming is also one of the career options you can pursue in Valorant considering it’s already in the top category of games that are being viewed on Twitch and other streaming platforms. Gather as many subscribers as you can find and start earning a living by entertaining the masses online. You can choose to do whatever you want with the Valorant smurf account you’ve purchased so long as you’re having fun with what you do. North America is considered the center for all esports when it comes to media and viewership. As the largest English-speaking community among all Valorant regions, this gives you an easier time to play coordinately with other people unlike in other regions where different languages are used in the voice chat. Who knows? You might even run into a famous streamer or pro while you play in the higher ELOs of the game. The North American Valorant league is about to shake the esports scene by introducing a competitive series that would rival that of more established FPS games in the market. Many people will want to play in the NA region in the near future to pursue the prestigious league. You can meet fellow fans here and talk about your favorite teams together. Establish yourself in the biggest region in the world where people arrive from different parts of the world. LolFinity offers the greatest deal when it comes to purchasing your own Valorant smurf account. With the account being organically hand-level, you don’t have to worry about violating any Riot Games terms that will compromise your account. Since the accounts are registered on an unverified email so that you can change it any way you like. With our 24/7 account delivery system, you’ll be able to get your account almost instantly. Get your North American Valorant smurf account now while the community is still growing. The best time to play the game in a different region is when you’re feeling even the slightest interest to do so. Join the NA Valorant league today with LolFinity!

Why you should buy from LolFinity!

LolFinity is the best place to buy your North American Valorant smurf account and for good reason! LolFinity, as a company, tries to ensure that we always deliver high-quality smurf accounts to our customers. Our system is developed specifically to offer you not only the best products but also the best service to ensure that we reach a peak level of satisfaction. When it comes to buying smurf accounts, you should only trust LolFinity to give you the best! We know how many people want to transfer from their regions to play on a North American server in online games. In Valorant, you can choose a North American account specifically made for you to play the game from wherever you are. After all, players want to join the largest English-speaking gaming community and experience what it feels like to play on the center of Valorant gameplay in the world. LolFinity offers you that gateway and more! Playing in the esports premiere NA region is definitely something every player wants to do. LolFinity offers you a chance to do this with our organically hand-leveled smurf accounts which are ensured not to violate any terms against botting or the use of any third-party programs. We want to give you accounts that you can use for the long-run so that every penny is worth the price. Make your life easier by buying the unranked smurf accounts today. Players prioritize having accounts with no history of ranked games and a fresh MMR, this is so that they can develop the account themselves and make sure that they’ll enter the best match-making scenario available. LolFinity is aware of this and so we level up our accounts in a way that wouldn’t hinder your experience with ranked games. All accounts are made by playing 20+ unrated games that activate the minimum requirement to play the ranked mode. LolFinity is experienced in providing the best smurf accounts out there, which is proven by our reviews in our League of Legends smurf store. As such, we know how much service is important when it comes to delivering our products. We have developed a system wherein you will be able to get your account immediately after purchase no matter what time it is (24/7). Just order the account, pay the amount, go to the email you input to receive your account credentials! Every player needs to have at least one smurf account. Where else to buy yours than with LolFinity, who is trusted by thousands of consumers worldwide when it comes to their smurf needs. Valorant smurfs are becoming more and more popular, with the competitive scene becoming more and more heated each day, The game may still be developing, but it’s best you take advantage of this time to reach the top today! Finally, LolFinity smurf accounts have a lifetime warranty. Get a brand-new replacement for your account when anything goes wrong due to mishandling from our side of the production. Be confident with what you buy as long as you buy from nobody else but us!