Oceania 20 Capsules

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The Account comes with 20+ Champion Capsules. Open them to receive up to 4 champion shards per Capsule.

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Additionally, this account type can have up to 16.000 Blue Essences, the main ingame currency.

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This account is on the league of legends server OCEANIA. Make sure your friends play on the same server!

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The account is at least level 30, which is still the main requirement to queue for ranked games and is therefore RANKED READY.

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The email address connected to the account is still unverified, which means you can assign your own email address just like that.

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The account is unranked this season, which means it hasn't played any ranked games in the current term.


Keep things interesting in League of Legends with your “new” journey as you unlock some LoL Smurf Accounts from LoLFinity. First of all, this isn’t just a simple restart, starting from zero with your new credentials. Instead, when you buy League of Legends Accounts, you’ll also have the potential to acquire a lot newer handicaps that can help you in making things a lot more comfortable in your other “home.”

Therefore, this time around, the first assistance on the list comes with the current level of all the available LoL Smurf Accounts in LoLFinity. Most noteworthy, since you’ll have 30 Levels after you type the login information, the road for unlocking Ranked is almost at hand. Most noteworthy, depending on your Champion’s picks, you’ll have less work to do afterward.

Additionally, after checking the current level of your LoL Smurf Account, you’ll probably head up to the Account’s inventory and check the available Capsules waiting for you to Unlock. Within this particular Smurf Account, you’ll have the chance to obtain 20 Capsules from the get-go. As a result, you’ll have the opportunity to collect different Champion Shards and Blue Essence to start the Solo Queue right away.

Furthermore, when you buy League of Legends Accounts in LoLFinity, you’ll notice that they have an “unverified E-mail Address.” Hence, when you sort things out, that new possession will be yours forever to do as you please. Afterward, you also have the potential to customize even further and create a special bond with your new Smurf.

Remember that every activity in LoLFinity is always secure in our main servers. Indeed, with the different techniques that we have available to you, each transaction is still safe for any possible threats. Above all, we aim to keep things secret and only open to you if you forget important information in the future. Indeed, all of the LoL Smurf Accounts have Lifetime Warranty. As a result, you’ll surely collect fewer worries for their reliability and focus more on gaming.

Also, it doesn’t matter what time or which day of the week you’ll suddenly come with the need for a New Account. Due to the Instant Delivery feature in LoLFinity, when you Buy League of Legends Accounts, there’s no need to watch the clock anymore. Yes, with this feature, you’ll always have multiple Smurfs waiting for you in times of need.

Due to the constant important work from the Support Team in LoLFinity, there’s always someone that has the potential to clear all your doubts related to Smurfing things. Therefore, you’ll only need to send a ticket to our main servers if you have any questions about the different transactions or if you’ll like to share some constructive criticism. Indeed, you have the potential to leave your comments whenever you feel like it.

Last but not least, always keep in mind that this LoL Smurf Account belongs to the Oceania Servers. As a result, you’ll have the potential to find new fantastic players from your region that can either belong to your team or show some challenge in your Solo Queue matches.

How Much Blue Essence/Champion Capsules Will I Need?

Ranked Ready Guide:

All runes are now gone. You don’t need to spend your Blue Essence on runes any more because of the new Rune Reforged System.

20 Champions are required:

13 @ 450 BE = 5850
7 @ 1350 BE = 9450

Total BE needed = 15390

If using Champion Shards you would only need 12312 BE to get 20 champions.
20 Champion Capsules will get you 20+ Champions with plenty left over.

Basically with Champion Capsules you can get 20 Champions for about 20% off if you use the Champion shards to unlock the Champions.

List of 450BE Champs:
Amumu, Annie, Ashe, Garen, Kayle, Yi, Nunu, Poppy, Ryze, Sivir, Soraka, Warwick, Singed.

List of 1380BE Champs:
Alistar, Cho’Gath, Mundo, Eve, Fiddlesticks, Janna, Jax, Malphite, Morgana, Nasus, Sion, Taric, Teemo, Tristana, Tryndamere, Twisted Fate, Udyr, Veigar, Xin Zhao and Zilean.

What Does Instant Delivery Mean?

As soon as we have received your payment, you will find the account information in your LolFinity Dashboard, and they’ll be sent via email. Therefor we highly recommend that you create an account on LolFinity upon purchase. This ensures that you’ll always find your account information, as long as you have your account with us.

What Is The Lifetime Warranty?

It’s quite simple – if your League of Legends smurf account gets banned through any fault or defect of our own we will provide you one brand-new replacement LoL smurf account free of charge.
Simply contact us through the various contact opportunities on, and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

I Have More Questions!


Simply head over to our Frequently asked Questions and you’ll find most of your questions answered.


If there is still anything unclear, simply contact us through the chat, which you’ll find in the lower right corner or shoot us an email.

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