OPL 2020, Legacy Esports Kickoff 2nd Split with 2-0 Victory

The Oceania Pro League home to the eight professional teams based in the different countries within the Oceanic region have begun last June 5, 2020 with Legacy Esports coming out on top defeating the 4-time OPL champions, Dire Wolves. With the team also securing a 2-0 standing after defeating ORDER on June 6, 2020 putting them on the number 1 seed for the first week alongside Pentanet.GG and Avant Gaming, who will be their opponent for the second day in week 2.

Legacy Esports as the 2020 Split 1 OPL Champions
Taking it to the next split with Legacy Esports

Legacy Esports Split 1 Champions

OPL 2020 Split 1 Final - Legacy v Dire Wolves - Game 3

Legacy Esports have been a part of the Oceania Pro League ever since the formation of the region’s first Riot Games’ officiated championship series, the Oceania Pro League back in 2015. The team has always competed against the best but always fell short at the last moment being 4-time runner-ups getting bested either by Dire Wolves or Chief Esports Club. Fortunately for them, the team would secure a much deserved victory in the 2020 Split 1 season but with great cost.

With the beginning of the 2020 season, Legacy Esports underwent a massive remodel of their roster bringing up fresh recruits to the main roles and returning star jungler, Babip going home to bring a dynamic duo with Tally who recently lane swapped to the Mid Lane. The team went on to secure an 18-3 1st seed standing in Split 1 wherein fate would then again let them face the team that has denied them the championships for so many times in the finals – Dire Wolves whom they ultimately defeated.

The Oceania Pro League

Oceania Championship Series Water Droplet Banner
The OPL Begins Now!

The Oceania Pro League is the competitive championship region found in the Ocean Region (OCE). It is home to players mainly from Australia and New Zealand. The region has been qualified to participate in the League of Legends World Championship Cup as a wildcard region where the champion of Split 2 will represent the OCE. It is a top competitor among the wildcard regions and has won multiple Rift Rival championships in the past.

With the organizations in the OCE constantly evolving, the region is one of the best places for top players to start out their careers. In fact, a lot of players buy smurf accounts from the OCE to jump-start their careers and gain the chance of getting recruited to the major leagues and fulfill their dreams to become a professional League of Legends player. Most players prefer LolFinity when buying their OCE Smurf accounts as we ensure that you are given the best value for your money.

Heading Towards OPL Split 2

Online Stream screenshot featuring the match between Legacy Esports vs Dire Wolves
Who do you think will lift the trophy?

After the unfortunate instances brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic affecting the esports scene, thing have finally normalized and the OPL will resume its Split 2 schedule following proper health guidelines to protect both its players and the fanbase. With that said, 8 teams will be competing again playing 2 games per week over the weekend playing 1 Best-of-1 game each day against a different team each time. The winner of this split will earn the right to represent the OPL in the League of Legends World Stage.

With that said, Legacy Esports is still projected to standing on top of the ladder with Pentanet.GG being a close second thanks to the arrival of Pabu in the starting roster. Split 2 will have higher stakes and the pressure for the defending champions will be high as everybody will prepare to best the titans. The season will be played in a triple round robin format ending on August 8, 2020 where the playoffs will shortly begin afterwards.

You can watch the championship series on Twitch OCE where it also includes games from the regions University League and Academy League. The schedules of all the games can be found here. If you’re a fan of the OPL then it’s highly advised that you try out their League of Legends community by getting a smurf account and play in the region’s server as a guest. You can learn a thing or two from how these players show up in games.

The Future of OCE

The region’s competitive league is always evolving where organizations are not afraid to bring in fresh talent in favor of getting veterans from other regions to fill up their main rosters. This makes it a great region for people like you to introduce yourself through your gameplay and get the attention of scouts from various organizations. Needless to say, it’s best that you start climbing up the ladder now.

What better way to start playing in a new region than to buy a level 30 smurf account to start climbing to the Challenger Series right away. Luckily there are a lot of smurf accounts for sale in websites like LolFinity that cater to your account’s needs and give you an arsenal of champions which are ready to use instead of trying to spend countless hours just to farm blue essence and champion capsules just to get that one champion you need to play.

With that out of the way, it surely won’t be an easy task climbing the ladders of the OCE League of Legends scene as the players here are a formidable force. It only means that you are required to show your best and prove that you have what it takes to take on the competition from Oceania. Reaching challenger isn’t achieved over the weekend so it’s best that you start working your way up there right now.

Is it worth playing in the OCE?

Yes, definitely! With the OPLs reputation for being extremely competitive and tactical about the games they play, the OCE will bring more than opportunity to your doorstep as you will learn a different way to play League of Legends as a whole. The community is also very warm and welcoming which is the perfect place to be if you're trying to escape the toxicity of the other regions. So, whether you are here to play competitively or just experience the ambiance, each moment will definitely be worth your time.

We’re looking forward to seeing how the OPL will turn up during the 2nd Split of the season and will further cover more about the OCE competitive series. Make sure to follow LolFinity for both your Smurfing needs and content about all things League of Legends.

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