LoL Patch 8.7 – Hype Grows with New Minion Changes

Patch 8.6 was one of the biggest installments in recent times, and the amount of excitement around it was huge. Even more excitement is already beginning to mount around the recently released changes in the 8.7 patch, because from the looks of things, this is going to be another big one. Aside from the already hyped out to death Irelia rework, there are also a bunch of rune changes, minion changes and even champion balancing. The latter of these hasn’t, in our opinion, gotten the amount of recognition it deserves – perhaps drowned out by the kind of frenzy players have for the release of the new Irelia. This is going to be a quick summary of new minion changes in lol.

Minion changes in LoL - patch 8.6

Minion changes in LoL

The simplest way to put it is that cannon minions will now be worth more gold than usual and will be a lot tougher than they usually are. The same goes for melee minions and super minions. However, caster minions will now be worth a little less gold.

Not too, exciting, in particular, sure. However, the biggest change is going to be with cannon minions. The amount of gold from then has shot up tenfold. This is pretty important because as it stands, they are already a source of lots of contention. They often lead to a lot of intra-party engagements as they try to prevent their enemies from acquiring the gold. With any luck, this change will only see a triple quadruple in the kind of hell players raise against their own mates.


Additionally, these changes will also lead to some major shifts in how players use the laning phase of the battle. Snowballing will be harsher, skirmishes more fierce and recall timing will mean the difference between life and death.

For instance, it’s common practice to concentrate fire on a cannon minion on low health just so they can get that sweet, sweet gold. It was prevalent before, but now it’s going to blow itself out of the water. In an effort to stop the enemy from getting the kind of gold cannon minions are now going to be minting, defensive fronts will have to be even more fierce. Even one slip-up and the enemy gets a huge advantage.

Even more so, if the laner is successfully able to ward off the enemy after a whole wave of cannons attacks, the enemy is going to miss out on 95 gold, rather than 82 as it currently stands. All the while, recall that that number is only for the first cannon wave and later ones will result in even more gold.

Another impact on the game that this will have is that snowballing is going to be easier in a winning lane. Due to the gold increase, the game will work in such a way that only one laner gets the gold. This way, whoever missed out is in an even worse position than they were before and the one who gained is even better off.

This should dramatically influence some people’s general gameplay style. There are those who choose to face a cannon minion wave head on to prevent their turrets from getting damaged and the ones who prefer to let them do their job. It’s more so because their base health has been increased to 900 and an increased growth every ninety seconds. In other words, they are significantly tougher and will sponge up a lot more damage before they go down. This is sure to help with recall timing though, if you decide to back during a cannon wave.

So far, hope we gave you a good inside on the new minion changes in lol.

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