Preparing For NA Scouting Grounds

With NA LCS preparing for the upcoming Summer 2020 LCS Season, the major teams have been bolstering their rosters by recruiting players from other teams or promoting their academy players who have shown excellent promise. This means that there will be a potential recruitment period to fill up the sub-rosters by initiating the NA Scouting Grounds series for players in specific regions or giving invitations to players who are ranked the highest in their respective roles.

The NA LCS arena hosting the NA Scouting Grounds tournament
Get ready to start your NA professional career!

When will the NA Scouting Grounds happen?

The NA Scouting Grounds are usually held on the 2nd week of November meaning you the event will happen anywhere around November 9-13. Players can apply provided that they fit the criteria of being on the top ranks in their respective roles. This means that you should be grinding the ranked ladder to be as high in the challenger ranks as possible. The challenger series isn’t for those who only play casually, so it’s best you start now by prepping your accounts.

Requirements for Joining NA Scouting Grounds

It’s no surprise that the requirements for competing in the NA Scouting Grounds are quite high and are implemented strictly. This shouldn’t discourage you from pursuing starting your career whatsoever. Even if you’re not an NA resident you can always buy an unranked smurf to pursue your League of Legends career in North America. Here are the requirements taken from the 2019 Scouting Grounds:

  • Must be at least 16 years old
  • Must not be playing for an Academy Team or any professional League of Legends Team for the past three seasons.
  • Is not under contract for any League of Legends organization
  • Must be a North American Resident according to the Interregional Movement Policy
  • Must not have violated any rules stated in the Terms of Service, Banned or Suspended in-game, or displayed any inappropriate behavior.

Is it time to make an NA Account?

For prospective NA Scouting Grounds competitors, it’s best that you create an NA account as soon as now. However, why waste time grinding a brand new account when you can always purchase an Unranked Smurf which will save you the time needed to grind for the ranked ladder. It beats spending all that time playing normal games and bot games as well as earning blue essence and champion capsules just to have all the champions you need.

Buying a LoL account is made easy with LolFinity’s services. You are not only given an unranked smurf account ready for climbing, you are also given the choice on how many champions you want your account to have. This means that you are also given the arsenal to take on the challenge that lies ahead of you. Chasing your passion to play pro-League of Legends has never been made more accessible.

The Path to Becoming a Pro LoL Player

An official scouting grounds game between Team Ocean and Team Cloud
Play with other competitors

League of Legends isn’t only a game anymore for a lot of people. Careers and dreams can be built around the game and earning money isn’t as impossible as it was before. In fact, a lot of people are already paving their path towards becoming a full-time streamer but only a few people are confident enough to even attempt becoming a League of Legends pro. Fortunately, the NA scouting grounds provide a platform just for endeavors like these.

Not everyone needs to be Faker or Uzi on their first year of League of Legends careers. What’s important is the dedication to improve and retain the information you have about learning the game. Explore different ways to learn League of Legends and pick-up a thing or two by playing for each region before deciding to go pro. You can purchase different accounts in our smurf account store to get you started.

Of course, even when you become a pro-player, the training doesn’t stop. Even the best of the best spend most of their days playing League of Legends either through the solo queue system or scrimming with other teams. This means that the work you need to put in will be very heavy and you might as well start today.

Is it possible to be a pro-player when you’re not an NA resident?

Yes, very much. In fact, North America has the most diverse lineup of pro-players among all the major regions. North America is no stranger to picking up talented players from every region in the world and develop their talents through their experienced coaches and staff. You don’t have to be an NA resident but it would be best if you had an NA account so it’d be easier for you to be discovered by organization scouts.

Do NA Academy players get promoted to the starting roster?

Yes, in fact very recently academy players such as TL Tactical (who replaced Doublelift), were promoted into starting position thanks to the promise they displayed. It’s important to note that the NA Academy is a great starting point for a lot of players to make a name for themselves. A lot of these players also own smurf accounts which they developed themselves or they bought smurf accounts from different websites like these, all of which are ranked highly in the challenger series.

Academy players getting promoted is also advantageous for you as a prospective NA pro-player. Getting promoted means that they often leave a spot open in the academy team that you can nab for yourself. This is if you match the following role they are looking for. While it’s best to be flexible in all lanes, it’s ideal for the player to specialize in a specific role or lane because the experienced earned from playing a lot of games here give you more credibility.

Academy Team Recruitment

Aside from the NA Scouting Grounds, teams often post Academy Team Recruitment such as this. You don’t have to be a resident in order to be a member of a pro-team. This means that you have every bit a chance to pursue your career as an NA pro outside of being an NA Resident. Team recruitments aren’t as common but you can always expect that one or two will pop out before a new season starts or ends.

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