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There are so many ways that Riot has between their plans to continue their legacy, this time around we have some League of Legends Skins, and a game mode. Furthermore, with each additional content we get, its always assorted with interesting lore for us to read and enjoy. Therefore, if you enjoy some of the well-known themes that revolve around the League of Legends repertoire, you’ll probably get involved somehow. Consequently, you’ll have a mini-game to explore and master; with amazing skins from different champions that you’ll need to collect.

league of legends project skins trailer
Target Acquired!

This time around, we dig into the Project theme, where everything dwells around the technology and its possible uses in the future. Above all, if you’re one aficionado of lasers and cyberpunk paraphernalia, you’ll feel drawn into this fantastic lore. As a result, gather your nanotechnological mouse, your cyberspace keyboard, the holographical monitors, and explore the endless possibilities that our future technology has to offer.


“To become a “PROJECT,” you have to surrender your humanity. The technology takes over your soul.”

Technology is the only thing that matters in this real. Therefore the winning side involves a higher understanding of the capabilities that augmentation has to offer; and the perfect union between a human and the machine. As stated before, one of the inspirational themes from this particular event revolves the different subjects about “Cyberpunk.” Consequently, if you like movies like “Blade Runner,” or the “Matrix” trilogy; you’ll have a better understanding of the different subjects that make this theme attractive to diverse audiences.

league of legends project 1178509 1280x0
To Infinity and Beyond!

Most noteworthy, thanks to the diversity in different themes that revolve around the main game. Indeed, we get to see League of Legends skins that have this futuristic subject while we play around the Summoner’s Rift “medieval” environment. As a result, besides augmentations and stuff, the options to add different “realities” to the game are practically endless.

To learn more about the interesting lore about this them, we’ll explore the different League of Legends skins available in the game:

Old League of Legends Skins Lore

Vi (2017, Trace 12)

vi project
These Fists Need Faces

“Street-smart, brash and always bluntly honest, Vi is a Central detective working to keep law and order in the neon city. Toughened from her days as a lower sector enforcer, Vi keeps the peace with a pair of ATLAS gauntlets, and a mean right hook.”

Deliver your augmented Punches with this colorful League of Legends Skin. Therefore, with every enemy that you “apprehend.” The Central city will become safer for all those citizens that try to improve their lives with a robotic limb or two.

Legendary Yi (2015, Trace 1)

“One of the first concepts, Yi, was held by PROJECT for extensive experimentation, and then finally freed by the G/NETIC rebels. His psyche may still contain some glitches, but his experimental hyperlight “alpha” blade serves the resistance with its precision blade.”

Control the jungle with your futuristic sword that practically has the power to cut everything that crosses its path. As a result, you’ll have the option to help the rebels out there as you cut through all those rivals that want to keep their experimentations and control over you.

Leona (2015, Trace 2)

e12890efd5bd446d35e43df2098c26ae12ae219f hq
How Big you Want Your Shield? Leona: Yes!

“A heavy armor combatant, Leona has seen the truth behind the neon light of PROJECT, and now stands with Ashe and the G/NETIC rebellion. She carries a mounted ion charge shield, capable of blocking and stunning targets with its variable energy yield output.”

Laugh at the powerful lasers and attacks that your enemies have in their repertoires. Indeed, with the help of her shield, you’ll be able to support your carries and lead your team to victory. Most noteworthy, with the capabilities that Leona possesses, you’ll have better chances to maintain the Rebellion alive.

Lucian (2015, Trace 3)

“Once a sentinel within the Command Line, Lucian has seen PROJECT for what they truly are. His dual ion-core Lightcaster pistols now serve G/NETIC and the human rebellion, bringing down their technological oppressors with brutal efficiency.”

Never miss a shot with your augmented vision that gives you the capability to reduce your enemy’s health in a matter of seconds. Therefore, with this League of Legends Skin, you’ll see the “lasers” flying around over the battlefield as you gain enough gold to improve your arsenal.

Yasuo (2014, Trace 4)

project yasuo splash
Downloading some Tunes as He Fights

“Yasuo returned from advanced combat only to be accused of a crime he did not commit. Knowing that PROJECT’s corporate leadership was somehow involved, Yasuo fights with the G/NETIC rebels, cutting away the lies of technology with his plasma coated blade.”

The sound spammer that everyone likes to try for a couple of matches is now “upgraded” to show his skills in the futuristic environment. Indeed, with the help of advanced technology, you’ll be able to control the wind effectively and send your enemies through the sky.

Fiora (2015, Trace 6)

Augmented for speed, Fiora uses her zero-pulse sword to fight alongside Ashe and the other members of G/NETIC. The full-length energy blade allows for flawless attack precision, and maximum repel strength, while the spatially controlled atomic tip coating is the most suited for single-target combat.

Win your duels with her augmented body and unrealistic pulse sword. Therefore, with this League of Legends Skin, you’ll have the chance to overcome any obstacles that the top lanes may have in any random match. Without a doubt, with the capabilities of her enhancements, the Rebellion will never fail.

Legendary Ashe (2016, Trace 7)

kelly aleshire ashe splash 8
She knows Your Internet History

“While on the frontlines of corporate war, Ashe witnessed the human cost of the PROJECT’s ambition. Now the leader of the resistance group G/NETIC, Ashe has set her sights on nothing less than the downfall of the most powerful corporations.”

Freeze anything that wants to become a threat for the G/Netic group as you give the right orders to keep the rebellion at bay. Consequently, with her improvements with vision augmentation, every “cybernetic” arrow has the potential to crush the enemy’s heart.

Ekko (2016, Trace 8)

“A hacked prodigy picked up from the lower sectors by Ashe, it didn’t take much to convince Ekko to help her take down PROJECT. Using a powerful key decrypter and a mind tuned for disruption, Ekko can always find a way into the code.”

Control time and space effectively with the new mechanical enhancements that Ekko now possesses. As a result, with these improvements, he’s able to alarm and keep the Rebellion safe before anything happens. Indeed, with this “flashy” League of Legends Skin, you’ll surely dominate the middle lane without too much effort*.

*Results may vary.

Zed (2015, Trace 5)

Project Zed
Can’t See Me

“Rising from the Command Line, Zed is a leader within the PROJECT’s counter-espionage units. He seeks out the G/NETIC rebels with high-frequency split blades and molecular “solid smoke” projectors, favoring close-proximity and multiple angle target laceration.”

Assassinate anything that comes on your path, even those mindless minions that like to throw their money as they fall to the floor. Above all, with the different enhancements that he now contains in his repertoire, every hit counts. Therefore, eliminate that Rebel Scum before they get their hopes high.

Katarina (2016, Trace 9)

“Once an ambitious lieutenant in the G/NETIC rebellion, Katarina returned to the Command Line after a confrontation with Ashe herself. Her hyperedge daggers now serve PROJECT once more, but those rebels who knew her still hold out hope that she fights for them from the inside.”

Play as a spy to keep the Project alive and prosper. Therefore, with the aid of her augmented daggers, you’ll have no problem in breaking any metallic defenses or force fields. Most noteworthy, with this League of Legends Skin, anything should run as you walk fearlessly through the Cyber Space.

Jhin (2017, Trace 10)

alex flores project jhin final alexflores
Someone Needs Some Shooting?

“After a botched surgery, Jhin went from being a black-market augmented hacker to a notorious mechanized killer for hire. Still programmed with a taste for high-clearance upgrades, the tech Jhin takes from his victims has left him with a severe personality fragmentation, and a dark vision for the future of PROJECT… moreover, humanity.”

With improvements on his sights, every shot that leaves his weapons is undoubtedly deadly to anyone that opposes him. As a result, dominate the bottom lane with all your shots and obtain the right amount of gold to carry your team for victory.

Legendary Vayne (2017, Trace 11)

“Augmented with classified tech, Vayne was once a member of PROJECT’s counter-espionage unit. After she became betrayed by the corporation she served, she now stalks the shadows as a vigilante, searching for ways to break the PROJECT and the technology that haunts her soul.”

Why drag yourself in drama with a particular group, when you alone can survive and create chaos around the place. Furthermore, with the different augmentations that this League of Legends Skin possesses, every ability will look astonishingly good. Above all, be deadly with some critical damage and drain the enemy’s health as soon as possible.

New Skins Lore

Die Verstoßenen | Animierter Trailer für PROJEKT: Abrechnung – League of Legends


One of Riot’s favorite chick that possibly have (or will have) a different League of Legends Skin for any possible event. Indeed, with anything new that comes over the store; we get to see surprising ways to keep this carry from looking great in any random match.


The deadliest assassin that never misses in creating chaos in different games that revolve in this particular video game. Therefore, with the new update, we’ll probably see amazing augments that have the capability of enhancing her abilities.


Got Blades? With this champion, you’ll inevitably never fail to deliver some cuts around the battlefield. Without a doubt, we’ll get to see some improvements in the different effects that come when you provide some damage to your enemies.

FrequentFrailAsiaticgreaterfreshwaterclam mobile
Robots. Robots Everywhere!


Dominate the jungle and hunt for your prey with his “wolf-like” abilities. Being one of the “classics” in the LoL repertoire, we always welcome any new options for our favorite Lycanthrope. At first, it may look “weird” to combine the “medieval” mythic creature with the cyberpunk theme, but surely Riot will find the way.

Legendary Pyke

Who needs air when you have augmented lungs that can keep you underwater as much as you’ll like. Most noteworthy, since this champion is relatively “new,” we have better chances in getting graphical enhancements with his abilities that have that nautical them all over them. Furthermore, being “Legendary,” we may get to see more exciting things besides different special effects.

Shared Universe

Program Nami Splash Art HD 4k Wallpaper Background Official Art Artwork League of Legends lol 1024x604
Error 404


Different Champions with their respectful abilities can keep the Rebellion alive in the future. Furthermore, with their intentions, the control that high corporates have like the Project is unlikely to have any success at all. Indeed with Ashe as their leader, they have the chance to improve humanity and create freedom for a better universe.


Due to the consistency of the rebellion and their constant threat to “peace.” There was a need to create security measures and keep humanity free of any conflict. As a result, champions that enlist in the Program have the main goal to keep everything in order and “pacify” any possible threats.

Resistance and Battle Cast:

Battlecast Viktor LoL

Sometimes the Artificial Intelligence gets out of control and tries to dominate the entire universe by eliminating the “human” threat. Therefore, to prevent this event from occurring shortly, the Program aims to dismantle any possible Robot that hurts the living. Above all, with the aid of the technology, they have the required tools to deal with this threat before it escalates even further.


PROJECT Fiora splash art 1
Is time to Duel!

Due to different events and themes that dwell in this particular game, anything can happen in the future. Indeed, it is always refreshing to see topics such as Project, where technology and futuristic environments are its primary focus. As a result, we get to see augmentations, lasers, and theories that we may obtain in the future. Furthermore, with these League of Legends Skins, every champion has the option to change drastically, with different armor and weapons that respect this peculiar theme.

Above all, thanks to these events, we get to see fantastic new elements in the market and continue with new ways of enjoying this game through all these years.

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