Secure your League of Legends Account

League of Legends is a multiplayer online video game and it was developed by Riot Games designed for Windows and Mac operating systems. Hence it is a great game and there are countless people who buy league accounts these days. But it is essential to secure your League of Legends account.

When you are trying to get your account secured, very often you might be prompted to do something which initially might seem very easy but later it may lead to some disastrous consequences. So it is very important that you know about some of the best ways that will help in protecting your account.

Steps to protect League of Legends account

Setting up the right password

First and most importantly when securing your league of legends account is to setup a good password. Choose a password that is not very easy to guess. So called “brute force” programs are available that have the ability to generate a set of words that will help them in finding out the password of a particular account. Those passwords are mostly from hacked websites, whos passwords have been obtained through the so called SQLi injection method and then sold an black market forums. Therefore, never use your league of legends account password anywhere else.

The steps given below will help you to choose a secured password:

  • It should not contain dictionary words
  • Password should always be a combination of numbers, letters, special characters, capitalization as well as spaces. Apart from using this combination it is also important to distribute them properly
  • A very good example of a good password is aFNp 2&U599j whereas a password like password1234 is by far not a save one.
  • If your password is long then the chance of it getting hacked is a lot lesser
  • The password that you use should be unique and no used elsewhere

Install an antivirus

In order to keep your League of Legends account secured it is also important to have proper antivirus software available. This software fights against the dangerous third party programs and also against viruses.

Riot doesn’t recommend any particular antivirus program but you should always make sure that you install antivirus software from a good  reputable company. A free and still good solution would either be Commodo or 360 Security, which we would can highly recommend.  The paid solutions are manifold and you should decide for yourself which one to pick.

Update your operating system

It is also important to get your operating system updated at regular intervals. Installing security updates further enhances your account protection from all types of virus attacks. Therefor always keep all related system drivers and your operating system up to date in order to secure your league of legends account.

If by any circumstance your system will be lost, have a look at our Guide on reinstalling LoL

Avoid using shared systems

If you are using a system that is shared by others then I highly recommend to be especially careful. Using a public computer to play LoL on, there is a very high possibility of your personal information getting leaked.

If you ever logged in to your account from a shared system then better change your password immediately. Using a shared computer on a regular basis, ensure once you are done to log yourself out. This will prevent anybody else from getting access to your League of Legends account.

If you follow these simple steps then the chances of your account getting hacked is minimized. Protecting your account is definitely important and you should be very particular about it.

If you are still thinking as to whether buying this video game will be a good decision then do not delay any further. I can assure you that after buying it you will feel it is definitely the best decision of your life. Just keep in mind to do everything to secure your account.

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