Ranking The Top 5 Hardest Roles in League of Legends By Difficulty

Each League of Legends player has a preferred role they want to play with a small percentage being flexible and carefree enough to not care about sticking to a specific lane. With that being said, the more loyal players to their role have been debating on which roles are more difficult to play according to skill level. Let’s discuss what we think are the hardest roles in League of Legends ranked according to their overall difficulty.

Ranking the Hardest Roles in League of Legends

Ranking the hardest roles in League of Legends is a difficult task because there are many things to consider when making the list. While it’s easy to be subjective and rank them according to the level of players who usually play the role from Iron to Challenger, it’s not always fair to do that since there are many underlying things that players need to understand when playing each role to their ceiling.

To rank the hardest roles in League of Legends, we’ll be taking a look at their average difficulty according to what they are expected to do in the game, not just in the laning phase or teamfights individually. Of course, we’ll be ranking them according to the level of professional League of Legends to make the metric a lot easier. These metrics might not apply to your solo queue games but these are what we think are needed in the most advanced level of League of Legends gameplay.

5. AD Carry

The AD Carry is arguably the easiest role in League of Legends with the least responsibilities. Even though it’s the easiest role, we don’t mean to say that it’s a brain-dead role that does nothing throughout the game because it’s actually the most important role to determine your success in the game. That being said, they have very little responsibilities with them basically being farming, damage-dealing, positioning, and kiting, which you can argue is expected from the other roles as well.

Vayne surrounded by green aura - Hardest Roles in League of Legends
The team’s win condition!

The AD Carry needs to deal damage and carry the game, which isn’t exactly an easy feat but they a good team will always help them achieve that. The junglers, mid laners, and support players are basically in charge with helping them succeed later in the game by giving them more opportunities to succeed. Of course, highlights of AD Carries kiting enemies and outplaying them using champions like Vayne or Tristana is also very impressive.

4. Support

Support has always been considered the easiest role in League of Legends, but that’s simply not true. Even though this role has the easiest champions to play, the role itself has pretty advanced responsibilities that low-level players often don’t do in the game. That being said, their responsibilities don’t have as heavy of consequences as the other lanes that allow this role to rank higher in terms of difficulty.

Nami in a lake under the cherry blossom tree - Hardest Roles in League of Legends
Keeping the team alive!

Support players are selfless and are expected to roam around the map while making sure that their AD Carry isn’t left alone too long that they’re left vulnerable. They aren’t just the AD Carry’s support, they are the ENTIRE TEAM’s support. They are also in charge with maintaining and managing vision around the map. All of those combined with the fact that they need to keep the team alive means that this role is a lot harder than people make it out to be.

3. Top Lane

Top Lane is a very underrated role with players often making fun of it for being a boring farm fest where players are left on an island for half the game and only come out later. The laning phase is truly less skill-based as compared to other roles but top laners have so many responsibilities when they get out of the lane that they are an essential part in ensuring that their team is presented with opportunities to win the fight.

Darius in dark armor accompanied by wolves - Hardest Roles in League of Legends
Find openings, dominate fights!

Top laners are expected to maintain the side lanes with proper wave management by split pushing and constantly being aware about the state of the map so that they can teleport at a moment’s notice. They are also in charge with facilitating the teamfight by getting proper flank positions or by finding a good engage for their team. All their roles have heavy consequences and the only thing keeping them at the middle of the pack is the fact that their laning phase relies on 0 IQ.

2. Mid Lane

The Mid Lane is the second hardest roles in League of Legends. Not surprising considering the mid laners are often seen as the stars of the show and the champions that they use often rely on heavy mechanical skill. They play on the most vulnerable lane and can easily be punished if they are not aware of the state of the map. They have a lot of responsibilities and are often seen as the secondary carries when the AD Carry fails.

Twisted Fate as an old western thug - Hardest Roles in League of Legends
The center of the team’s success!

Mid Laners are expected to roam around the map and help the jungler maintain presence on the river. Since they are playing in the mid lane, they are always the target of a gank by the enemy jungler and can easily get camped. They basically have the same responsibilities as the top lane, AD Carry, and support in terms of function so you can say that mid laners need to understand the needs of their teammates and be ready to supplement them whenever they need.

1. Jungle

The Jungle is the hardest role in League of Legends and everybody can agree that they have the most responsibilities and the most consequences for their actions. Fighting against AI monsters during the laning phase may not seem mechanically challenging but proper pathing is an advanced skill that has a very high skill ceiling, especially for junglers that also try to punish the enemy jungle by invading their camps.

Xin Zhao as an eastern war cavalry soldier - Hardest Roles in League of Legends
Master of objectives!

The jungler is in charge with securing objectives like dragons, Rift Heralds, and the Baron Nashor which can easily determine the direction of the game. They also need to find proper ganks to help their laners succeed. Because of the nature of the jungle, they are often behind in terms of experience and gold despite being a role that requires a lot of resources. Even Tyler1 who made fun of jungle as an easy role eventually came to realize that it’s definitely one of the hardest roles in League of Legends.

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