Ranking The Top 10 Cutest LoL Skins

Do you consider yourself a skin connoisseur? Look no further! It’s time to open up the discussion regarding the Top 10 Cutest LoL Skins that the Riot Games design team has blessed upon us players. These skins are guaranteed to make even the manliest of men squeal from the sheer level of adorableness (if that’s even a word) of the designs. No matter what kind of art style you like, we can all agree that cute skins are a welcome addition to the League of Legends environment.

Top 10 Cutest LoL Skins

It’s not gonna be a secret that the yordles and animal-themed skins will be dominating this list because let’s face it, nothing’s cuter than an intergalactic space cat. To make the competition a bit fair, we’ll only be putting in one candidate from each skin line and champion to represent the entire pool of similar skins. Otherwise, we might have too many duplicates on the list. Let’s try to diversify the competition a little bit even though there is a recurring theme to our definition of cute.

Space Groove 2021 | Official Event Trailer - League of Legends
Give us a list of your Top 10 cutest LoL skins!

Choosing the cutest skins is a matter of perspective and personal preferences. Different types of players will have different opinions on what they consider are cute. As long as nobody judges us on what we put on our Top 10 Cutest LoL Skins list, everything should be good. After all, League of Legends contains some of the most diverse cultures around the world. Now, let’s take at some of the cutest LoL skins in the game that players can use today!

10. Pajama Party Urgot

I bet that caught your attention. Urgot may not be the most adorable champion in the game but appearances can be deceiving because he’s actually a sweetheart! The only Fear Beyond Death that you should worry about this champion is the fear of dying from cuteness. Pajama Party Urgot takes our spot as the 10th cutest skins, something that League of Legends fans has been hoping for since the beginning of time.

Urgot wearing a cute cat pajama
Urgot’s looking ready for a sleepover

Kidding aside, the Pajama Party Skin Line is probably the cutest of the non-animal themed skin lines in the game. If it’s able to make even Urgot such a huggable character, the designers probably did something right. If you don’t think that Urgot should be on the top 10 list of Cutest LoL skins, you can probably agree that at least of one of the candidates on this skin line should. In addition, the history of how this skin came to be is just as amazing.

9. Dragon Trainer Tristana

Dragon Trainer Tristana is an absolute cutiepie. An adventurous yordle with her little pet dragon is probably a children’s cartoon that even people over their 30s would watch voluntarily. Looking at the splash art design, you can already appreciate Boomer‘s design as a juvenile dragon looking up with his/her friend. Fans of the How to Train Your Dragon films will definitely have this skin in their inventory and use it on a regular basis.

Tristana sitting beside a tiny dragon - cutest LoL Skins
A tiny group going for big adventures!

The best part about this skin isn’t the splash art but the fact that the dragon has its own animations and actions in-game. Instead of being Tristana’s usual inanimate cannon, the tiny dragon walking beside her and playing with the champion is a scene that makes you forget that you’re busy playing the game. The fact that Tristana’s holding the dragon on her sides while the little dragon shoots tiny fireballs is helping us prove our point even more.

8. Meowkai

One word – CATS. When it comes to the ultimate battle of which animals are the cutests, it all comes down to Cats vs Dogs. We don’t exactly know who the heck thought “Hey, let’s make this vengeful treant a cat skin” but that person must’ve really thought about their plan really well because this skin has become an absolute favorite. A design that’s very similar to the Pajama Party skins but this one uses cats as the main theme.

Maokai wearing a cute cat onesie
Name a better duo than cats and trees

The best part about Meowkai is that he throws kittens instead of saplings. When you see that little sapling runnin’ towards ya, you kinda want to run towards it even if it means taking some damage afterwards. The recall animation is also really adorable with Maokai and the kitty playing with a huge ball of yarn. The only downside of this skin is that it doesn’t change the voice lines so you get to hear a really old spirit dude talking which really breaks the theme of the skin.

7. Firecracker Sejuani

Many would argue that Poro Rider is cuter than Firecracker Sejuani but we have to disagree. The gigantic pig mount trumps the poro every time and it even symbolizes good fortune for the years to come. Even the traditional Chinese outfit that Sejuani wears combined with the hairstyle both add to how cute this skin is on the champion. Sejuani may be a ruthless ice queen who beats her enemies with a mace, but you gotta admit how lovable she looks on this skin.

Eastern-style Sejuani riding a fortune pig
May the year bring you fortunes

Much like the other skins on this list, Firecracker Sejuani doesn’t change her voice line but the animation in itself makes up for it. Since this skin was released in 2019, which is the Year of the Pig in the Chinese Zodiac calender, the skin symbolizes wealth for Eastern cultures. The skin has a lot of Fortune-themed elements to it including the animations of the skin and the symbols that those abilities leave behind. Perhaps this is a sign that you should spend a little bit of cash for you to buy this skin and play a little bit of Sejuani every now and then.

6. Corgi Corki

Corgi butts have been a weird trend on the internet lately especially among dog-loves. Corgi Corki specially highlights the spectacle that the Corgi butt offers as it’s literally the first thing you see when this champion leaves the map from the Blue Side. Now this isn’t some kind of weird sexual kink or whatever, it’s just that Corgi butts are absolutely fluffy that you want to squeeze it (that sounded better in my head). The point is that Corgi butts are wholesome.

Corki coaching a bunch of sports dogs - cutest LoL skins
Nothing more adorable than Corgis!

Corgi Corki is an absolutely gorgeous skin. Every time Corki moves around, the Corgi plane does a little pant that tries to replicate the sputtering of an old-school plane engine. In addition, some of Corki’s skills leave behind a gigantic paw mark. If that isn’t cute, I have absolutely no idea what is. Even the machine gun just highlights some little corgi paws. The best part about playing Corgi Corki is waiting for the Package to arrive so that you can reward your good little boy with some dog biscuits.

5. Star Guardian Lulu

Finally, a non-animal themed skin on our cutest LoL skins list. Most of the other Star Guardian skins are cute too but when it comes to who does it the cutest, no one can really beat a yordle. Star Guardian Lulu transforms the little witch into a Mahou-Shoujo character that fairly resembles all of the charming qualities of Cardcaptor Sakura including the cat-like companion that she has. Fans of this particular genre will definitely like Star Guardian Lulu specifically.

Sparkly-eyed, green-haired, magical girl Lulu! cutest LoL skins
It’s time to transform!

Both Lulu and Pix shine like real stars in this skin. The little green-haired girl with her space cat thingy shooting tiny stars and hearts at an enemy is the best thing we’ve ever seen. The polymorph even turns the enemy into a slime-like creature, which is a great touch. Surely, the enemy won’t mind being polymorphed it means that they get to transform into something so adorable. Having Star Guardian Lulu as your support will surely make your day if you focus on her skin.

4. Grungy Nunu & Willump

The story of Nunu & Willump in the League of Legends Universe is cute by itself. People who understand the lore just love the connection that these champions have with each other. Grungy Nunu & Willump remind us of the Monsters Inc. characters Sully & Boo, a fan-favorite for a lot of people growing up watching movies like these. Grungy Nunu & Willump perfectly encapsulates the theme of the movie and might even bring a tear into your eye from the nostalgia.

A monster-like Willump playing with Nunu
Someone call the CDA cuz we got a 2319 on our hands!

The playfulness that Nunu & Willump have in the Grungy skin is the biggest reason why people buy this skin. As you know, there isn’t a lot of actions that League of Legends characters do in the game that’s transferred from the lore aside from voice line interactions. However, seeing these two characters dancing about during the recall animation with their special secret handshake kinda brings life to these champions that make them deserving of being at the Top 5 cutest LoL skins.

3. Dino Gnar

Moving to the top 3, we have Dino Gnar. The missing link surely brings out his best character when wearing that tiny dinosaur onesie that makes this already precious champion into something even more adorable. Players can even choose what color dinosaur they want from the different chromas made available specifically for this skin. Whether it be mini gnar or mega gnar, the dinosaur theme is perfectly embodied by this champion’s ancient charm.

Gnar wearing a dinosaur onesie trying to look scary
Prehistoric cuteness

The Dino Gnar skin changes as the champion fills up their rage bar. If you take a closer look, you’ll notice that the dino onesie changes into an angry-faced dinosaur when Gnar hits the red zone of his rage bar. Finally, he transforms into a not so scary dinosaur when he finally hits his mega Gnar form. You can even watch Gnar attempt to chase his dinosaur tail while in mini form or hear his “fearsome” roar as he looks directly at you.

2. Space Groove Blitz & Crank

Now Space Groove Blitz & Crank should objectively be at the very top of every Top 10 Cutest LoL Skins list on the internet but we’ll explain why it’s number 2 in a little while. There is literally no skin in existence that can trump this skin as the most adorable design. The fact that Blitzcrank is transformed into a robot piloted by Intergalactic Disco Space cats just leaves any person dead in their tracks. One look at the skin spotlight and your loved ones will find you on the floor.

Two cats named Blitz and Crank piloting a robot
Groovy Intergalactic Feline Robot Pilots at your service!

Space Groove Blitzcrank literally went way beyond with everything changed to fit the theme of the skin. Just looking at the splash art itself makes you think on what champion this skin belongs to. The fact that you get to watch Disco Cats dancing about in the game, accompanied by some groovy music already makes this a winner. Even then, the skin goes way beyond the limits of objectively being the best with the Bliztcrank Robot design itself being so fun and engaging.

1. Pug’maw

At the number 1 spot of our Top 10 Cutest LoL Skins list is Pug’Maw! This champion is an absolute sweetheart that represents everything loveable about dogs. Running around the map all silly and shooting slobber everywhere makes you want to love him even more. The design of this champion to fit the characteristics that are distinct to the pug breed is spot on and pug owners are reminded of the eccentricity that the dog breed brings to the household.

Pug'maw chasing a bunch of toys
Make way for the Pug’maw!

Now a lot of people may be wondering at this point why the author has chosen Pug’maw to be at the top of the list of cutest LoL skins but the answer is simple. Because the author is a PUG Owner! That’s right. Nothing beats direct bias when choosing something so subjective as what the cutest skin is. But don’t worry, it’s not like Pug’maw should even be on this list in the first place. A lot of people might put this skin at the top 5 of their list because of how delightful this skin is in the game.

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