Ranking the Top 10 Worlds 2022 Teams

The regular season has concluded all over the world and Riot Games has released the official Group Stage and Play-Ins groupings for each region. After watching hundreds of games throughout the Summer Season and Playoffs, we’re confident about ranking all of the teams and choosing which ten organizations have the best chances of winning at Worlds 2022. Let’s take a look at the top 10 Worlds 2022 teams and see how they’ll fair against the competition.

Top 10 Worlds 2022 Teams

There are 24 Teams competing at the Worlds 2022 tournament with 12 of them competing for a chance to play in Groups at the Play-Ins stage. In League of Legends esports, the best teams are clear and there are only really a handful that are ensured to win the tournament even before it begins. These usually come from major reigons such as China’s LPL or South Korea’s LCK, but Europe has also proved itself to be a competitor.

We’re ranking the top 10 Worlds 2022 teams according to their performance over the summer season, so it might not actually be prove to be accurate once the real Worlds tournament begins because the LoL meta will shift massively due to the different patch that will be introduced. Regardless, these teams still have the best chances of winning the entire tournament.

10. Cloud9

Cloud9 makes their appearance on our list not just as a token name to appease our North American fans, but because they have set themselves apart as the flagship team that the LCS sends to the world stage. This team consists of very young talent with reliable veterans that puts themselves ahead of their domestic competition.

C9 Blaber giving the fans a hi-five - Worlds 2022 Teams Spotlight
The final hope of NA!
  • RegionNorth America (LCS)
  • Domestic Standings – LCS Champions
  • Players to Watch – Blaber (Jungle), Berserker (ADC)

Many people will obviously complain that North America isn’t as competitive as Europe so they’ll be contesting the 10th spot for a more “worthy” team from Europe or the Southeast Asia. However, it’s clear that this team didn’t win the LCS purely because the region is free. Unfortunately for this team, they are grouped with T1 and the reigning world champions – EDward Gaming.

9. Damwon Kia

Damwon Kia has largely fallen off from their glory days with their powerful Mid-Jungle duo not having the same dominance as they had in previous years. The former world champions still shouldn’t be underestimated as the following meta at Worlds allows for Junglers to have a more dominant role for the team.

DK Canyon and Showmaker sitting down - Worlds 2022 Teams Spotlight
Fallen champions rising up!
  • RegionSouth Korea (LCK)
  • Domestic Standings – LCK 3rd Seed
  • Players to Watch – Canyon (Jungle), Showmaker (Mid)

We’re not keen on Damwon Kia winning the world championships especially with confidence issues surrounding their starting top laner – Nuguri. However, if they can pull themselves together as a team, they might prove that they can win the championship once again and prove that they are indeed the best Worlds 2022 team.

8. G2 Esports

G2 Esports is a name that everybody knows and if we’re talking about popularity, this team can’t be beat. They have proven themselves as the top team in Europe for multiple seasons now with their core members in Caps and Jankos proving to be unrivaled not just in Europe, but the west as a whole.

G2 Jankos and Caps' entrance - Worlds 2022 Teams Spotlight
The best in the west!
  • RegionEurope (LEC)
  • Domestic Standings – LEC 2nd Seed
  • Players to Watch – Caps (Mid), Jankos (Jungle)

While G2 didn’t win the Summer Finals, they are still the fastest team that adapts to the meta during the early stages of a patch. This gives them the advantage of securing crucial wins early on. They’ve managed to do so in the Mid-Season Invitational and are coming back to compete once again as a a regional top seed.

7. Rogue

Rogue have finally won the LEC Championship and many Europeans couldn’t be happier. This team has set themselves apart, stomping G2 in the finals as an act of revenge after they did the same to Rogue in the upper bracket. However, the team has managed to create a winning formula in their past few games and are coming to worlds as Europe’s top competitor.

RGE Larssen and Odoamne celebrating - Worlds 2022 Teams Spotlight
European Champions!
  • RegionEurope (LEC)
  • Domestic Standings – LEC Champions
  • Players to Watch – Comp (ADC), Malrang (Jungle)

Rogue have yet to prove themselves at the international stage since they have always lost at the Group Stage thanks to the fact that they always end up in the Group of Death. This year, the Worlds 2022 teams seem to be closer in terms of skill level and Rogue may be the dark horse in this tournament.

6. EDward Gaming

EDward Gaming is the defending World Champions and have retained their roster going into the season to keep their form. Among all the Worlds 2022 teams that are most likely to win the trophy, EDG ranks the lowest among them and might not have the privilege of defending their title at all with their form deteriorating through the season.

EDG Scout and Meiko getting interviewed - Worlds 2022 Teams Spotlight
The defending champions!
  • RegionChina (LPL)
  • Domestic Standings – LPL 3rd Seed
  • Players to Watch – Viper (ADC), Meiko (Support), Scout (Mid)

They opted to retain their winning roster and are playing the same strategies as well. Consistency is their greatest weapon, which is something that the LPL isn’t entirely known for. However, it would be unwise to count them out considering they weren’t the team anyone expected to win in 2021 as well.

5. T1

T1 are unsurprisingly coming back to Worlds 2022 to take a jab at winning their 4th Worlds trophy. The team made famous by Faker’s glory days have found a strong set of young players who have served as the team’s main stars. Gone are the days where T1 is just Faker dragging around his team since their entire roster is hungry for a championship.

The entire T1 roster marching off the stage - Worlds 2022 Teams Spotlight
Reclaiming their dynasty!
  • RegionSouth Korea (LCK)
  • Domestic Standings – LCK 2nd Seed
  • Players to Watch – Zeus (Top), Keria (Support), Faker (Mid)

While the team is not the dominant 18-0 team from Spring 2022, they are still a massive threat that can take over the competition. With the Worlds patch having less priority on AD Carries, this might be T1’s best chance of reclaiming their former glory.

4. Royal Never Give Up

Royal Never Give Up barely manage to make it to Worlds 2022 despite being a dominant force after winning MSI 2022. The loss of Bin made fans skeptical but Breathe has proven himself a worthy replacement. Even though they looked shaky in the playoffs, we still believe they are the 3rd best LPL team coming into worlds.

RNG Wei and Xiaohu strategizing - Worlds 2022 Teams Spotlight
The MSI Champions!
  • RegionChina (LPL)
  • Domestic Standings – LPL 4th Seed
  • Players to Watch – Xiaohu (Mid), Ming (Support), GALA (ADC)

The world may forget that this team just won the last international tournament since they are only the region’s 4th seed. However, it would be wise to remember that the level of competition in the LPL is so high each year that even the 4th seed can be a big threat in the tournament.

3. JD Gaming

JD Gaming are the top LPL seed and are considered heavy favorites to win the tournament. They are consistent, calculated, and have the best top laner in the world with 369 leading the charge. Regardless, they still feel lacking in a lot of parts that we feel will hold them back.

JDG Yagao posing while wearing a facemask - Worlds 2022 Teams Spotlight
The LPL’s Top Seed!
  • RegionChina (LPL)
  • Domestic Standings – LPL Champions
  • Players to Watch – 369 (Top), Kanavi (Jungle), Yagao (Mid)

There are a lot of top Worlds 2022 teams this year with the level of competition among the LCK and LPL being very tight. JD Gaming needs to show that they have complete mastery over the meta with 369 being their key to victory since the patch heavily favors his playstyle.

2. Gen.G Esports

Gen.G Esports is the top LCK seed coming into the tournament and are the only superteam in the modern League of Legends era that managed to show a strong standing domestically. Unlike a lot of previous superteams in other esports regions that flopped, this team is looking like it can break that curse and meet expectionations.

Gen.G Ruler walking off the stage - Worlds 2022 Teams Spotlight
The superteam that worked!
  • RegionSouth Korea (LCK)
  • Domestic Standings – LCK Champions
  • Players to Watch – Chovy (Mid), Peanut (Jungle), Ruler (ADC)

Many non-LCK fans like to say that this team is massively overhyped and will flop the same way as 2018 kT Rolster with their superteam that was expected to “dominate the competition.” However, we believe that this team has what it takes to take back the worlds championship from the LPL.

1. TOP Esports

Our top Worlds 2022 team is TOP Esports, the team that contains amazing talent but has yet to produce any amazing results at the international stage. They managed to compete at Worlds in 2020 with most of their core like Jackeylove and Knight being in the roster only to severely underperform in the tournament. This year, they’re looking to show the peak aggression at the LPL is known for.

Knight and Jackeylove gazing afar - Worlds 2022 Teams Spotlight
Showcasing aggression!
  • RegionChina (LPL)
  • Domestic Standings – LPL 2nd Seed
  • Players to Watch – Knight (Mid), Jackeylove (ADC), Tian (Jungle)

While we believe that Top Esports is the best team in the world, it’s easy for Jackeylove to single-handedly throw all our expectations out the window. Kidding aside, TOP isn’t that far ahead of the other two teams in the competition especially considering JD Gaming beat them twice in two Bo5s.

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