Regulation changes in LoL 2018

League of Legends Regulation changes

League of Legends is a very popular video game. It is today considered to be one of the major reasons for the popularity of the esports industry. There are as many as 100 million players all around the world who are interested in playing LoL. Therefore, it is just common sense that regulation changes set up by Riot apply. The most important regulation changes in LoL 2018 are explained down below.

New rules set up by Riot – Regulation changes

When Riot Games majorly changed the rules in the North American League of Legends Championship Series, it was definitely a big deal. The most important reason for changing the rules was to give an extra security to the North American franchise as well as the North American players.

Benefits of these new rules

These rule changes brought major structural, communicative and financial change about to the North American LCS.

  • Structural Change

Today if a team member of a LCS Team is not able to perform well then it is very likely that he will be thrown out of the team. And eventually will not be allowed to play in the entire season. But from the year 2018 the LCS will start having a set of permanent team members. Which in turn is a huge game changer overall.

In order to be a part of this team the players have to meet the criterion which has been set up Riot for brand management and player support. Moreover the pro challenger series will become an Academy League where fresh talents would be given a chance to play.

This new rule of permanence will definitely help the coaches as well as the players to have more stability. Stability also makes investors shell out more funds in the market because they know that the teams that they are investing in would definitely not disappear from the market suddenly. This also helps Riot to pick up some good players who are still in high school.

  • Financial changes

On the financial front there is a major change that has come up. Riot feels that they should find out a way that will secure the players financially when they have retired. Their salary has been raised from 25000 dollars approximately to 75000 dollars. In addition, players will also get a lot of incentives if league of legends is able to earn a good revenue.

  • Communicative Change

Riot has led down the foundation for forming the formal Player’s Association and has provided all the financial help required to form a new association. Here the players will be able to vote favoring their own representatives, And eventually if needed they can directly communicate with Riot.

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