RNG Uzi League of Legends’ Crownless King

Uzi was one of the most prominent League of Legends players in the world during the Korean domination of international competitions. He was widely considered as the only non-Korean person who was capable of dethroning Faker. Many people, even outside China, started calling him the 2nd best player to ever touch League of Legends after Faker. Let’s recall RNG Uzi League of Legends’ story as The Crownless King that stood as the main challenger against the Demon King.

Uzi sitting down and staring intently
Do you know the Uzi League of Legends story?

Uzi League of Legends’ Young Puppy

Uzi joined Royal Club back in 2012 and instantly caught the eyes of Chinese League of Legends fans because of his exceptional mechanics. He was a master of playing AD Carries and had a high standard of play when it comes to the bot lane. He would often criticize the support players he would be paired with and only considered one person to have been worthy of being his equal as a bot laner. He had a very difficult attitude on and off the stream as how viewers would describe him.

Regardless of his personality, Uzi was definitely a superstar player. In 2013, Royal Club managed to compete at Worlds 2013, being seeded directly into the Quarterfinals. He won the Semifinals match against OMG (Royal Club’s Main Rivals) and faced off against SKT at the finals, who eventually managed to take home the World Championships and began the great Korean Dynasty with Uzi League of Legends story as a crownless king begins.

Uzi Vayne Pentakill
Uzi scores the PENTAKILL!

In 2014, Royal Club renamed to Star Horn Royal Club with the Hong Kong players (Tabe and Wh1t3zZ) retiring that year. Because of this, Uzi decided to swap to the midlane but was completely unsuccessful in doing so. After 4 months, he came back to his home at the bottom lane. Once again, Uzi became a force to be reckoned with as they qualified for another year competing at the World Stage.

The 2014 World Stage Group Stage was quite easy for Star Horn Royal Club but playoffs was a different story. SHR had to fight both Chinese Representatives in the Playoffs and narrowly beating them both at 3-2. After winning the Semifinals opponents, Uzi became the first player to make it to the finals twice in a row. Unfortunately, Samsung White looked unstoppable in their run and true enough they beat SHR and Uzi which put them at 2nd place for a two years in a row.

Frustrations: The Biggest Move In LPL History

Uzi had large ambitions and 2nd place didn’t sit well with him. At this point, he had yet to win the LPL trophy since his team would fall short every time. In 2015, Uzi decided to move to OMG, SHR’s biggest rivals, and was considered to be the most controversial roster announcement in history. Unfortunately for him, his time at OMG didn’t go well as the team struggled quite a lot in terms of performance as well as internal affairs. They would lose in both Spring and Summer. For the first time ever, Uzi would not go to the World Stage.

Uzi staring at the stage in Black and White
A man without merit

In Spring 2016, Uzi moved to Qiao Gu Reapers where he would be invited to attend the IEM Season X where he would once again have a disappointing run. The team had so much issues that they had to forfeit the Semifinals Match in Playoffs because they couldn’t find a mid laner to sub. They finished 4th during that season. Despite making playoffs, Uzi was further away from his goal than he was initially when he was with Star Horn Royal Club.

The Grand Return of the King of LPL

Uzi League of Legends’ career was still quite early and so he decided to go back to the organization that gave him everything. He returned to Royal Club which rebranded again into Royal Never Give Up. He would make a triumphant return as he led RNG to a 13-3 record during the regular season only to fall short during the playoffs as they lose to EDward Gaming in the Playoff Finals of the LPL’s Summer Season. Luckily, they qualified for Worlds thanks to Championship Points. Yet again, no trophy for Uzi.

Uzi would once again make a return to the World Stage where he would get out of Group Stage only to face against SKT in the Quarterfinals where they would once again fall to the hands of Faker. This solidified the rivalry between RNG and SKT, as well as between Uzi and Faker. At this point, the two players became the 2 greatest players to have ever played the game professionally. Despite playing since the beginning of professional League of Legends in their countries, the two people remained as the top player in their respective countries.

A Young Uzi playing at the WOrld Stage
A Triumphant Return!

2017 was no different for RNG, they continued to prove that they are a powerhouse in China with Uzi League of Legends’ greatest AD Carry leading them at the helm. In both Spring & Summer, RNG made it all the way to the finals but lost both times to continue his streak of being called a King that has yet to win a trophy that proves his achievements. Because of their high standing in both seasons, RNG would automatically qualify for the World Stage where they would once again have to climb the ladder in hopes of bringing home the championship.

RNG would dominate in the Group Stage, ending in a 5-1 standing, even sweeping eventual champions Samsung Galaxy 2-0. They managed to beat their Quarterfinals opponent where they would once again meet SKT in the World Stage. Like a broken record, Uzi would watch his dreams crumble around him as Faker decimates his team to the ground. They lose to SKT 2-3 and go home to the LPL without a trophy to show for their troubles.

Crownless King No More!

6 Years of playing Pro League of Legends and yet Uzi still hasn’t won anything that earned him a trophy or at least a medal. For the longest time in Uzi League of Legends’ Dynasty, he has continued to be the Crownless King. A player that was considered to be one of the greatest players in the world and yet he can’t even secure the championship in any tournament he has ever attended!

Coming out of a loss in 2017, Uzi came back stronger than ever. During the 2018 LPL Spring Season, RNG marched on a warpath to defeat everyone in their path and his teammates rallied behind him. For the first time in this man’s career, he came out as a Champion as RNG beat EDG in the Spring Playoffs to become the LPL Spring 2018 Champions, giving Uzi his first-ever trophy. At last, Uzi is no longer the Crownless King.

The Year of the LPL

As RNG secures 1st place in Spring 2018, they qualify themselves for the Mid-Season Invitationals. MSI had fierce competitors but RNG held strong as they finished 1st at the standings with 7 wins and 3 losses. RNG secured their playoffs spot as they would meet FNC, whom they previously beat 2-0. RNG had no trouble finishing off FNC with a clean 3-0 victory but the real challenge of the tournament was in the Final Match.

RNG had always lost to a Korean team whenever they met in the Playoffs. At MSI 2018, RNG had to face Kingzone DragonX in the finals. RNG didn’t let their history affect their play, and so they led the game 2-1. At the final stretch of game 4, a heated teamfight broke out. In the chaos that ensued, only one battlecry was heard from the Chinese Representatives: “Protect our AD Carry!”. As the entire team collapses to shield Uzi from any threat, he shoots out Arcane Shots to win the teamfight and eventually, their first International Victory – MSI 2018.

Uzi placing his hands on the MSI 2018 Trophy
Crownless no more

RNG became the 2nd LPL team to lift the MSI trophy. As you can see in the picture above, Uzi is left with disbelief that he finally won. His teammates push the trophy onto him so that he can lift it but he refuses knowing that it wasn’t him, alone, that earned their victory. And so, Uzi did not only win in his home soil but also internationally where millions of people from around the world witnessed the greatest AD Carry in action.

2018 was called The Year of the LPL. Before MSI 2018, Uzi had actually participated in the Asian Games League of Legends match where he and the rest of Team China beat Korea to take home the Gold Medal. Furthermore, RNG made it to the World Stage once again but was upset by G2 Esports at Worlds 2018 Playoff Quarterfinals. However, Invictus Gaming managed to avenge RNG and took home the trophy as the first-ever LPL Team to win Worlds.

An End of An Era

The Uzi League of Legends Bot Lane Era is one that has persisted through 7 years of competitive esports. However, it was not as perfect as one might think. Throughout Uzi’s career, he had already sustained some injuries and developed some health issues that interfered with his career as a pro-gamer. It was so bad that he would often skip the majority of the regular season, only being pulled out during important matches against difficult opponents and during Playoffs or other major tournaments.

In 2019, RNG had once again qualified for the World Stage. However, on their last match against Fnatic to determine who gets out of Groups, RNG faltered. They lost the final match which caused them to miss playoffs. For the first time in RNG’s and Uzi League of Legends career, they didn’t get out of Groups. It was Uzi’s last match. For in the next season, he announced his retirement due to Type II Diabetes. And so, an era ended. Abruptly. Unfairly.

The Legacy of Uzi

The Uzi League of Legends story continues to inspire ADCs of today. Professional players around the world, such as Doublelift, Rekkles, and other notable players were inspired by this man. Despite not having won Worlds before his career ended, pro-analysts admit that he is at least part of the Top 5 players to have influenced the growth and development of League of Legends. He is a King that did not need to wear the biggest crown to prove that he could rule.

Rekkles’ Farewell Message To Uzi

Today, Uzi simply streams some League of Legends games and posts them on his YouTube Channel. You can still see that he still has a portion of the killer instincts that he once had when he was playing professionally in the LPL. He also plays various games but prefers FPS games above all, which is unsurprising for an ADC player. He still hasn’t met the minimum required years of retirement to be immortalized in the LPL Hall of Fame but we’re sure that his name will make it there once he does.

Other Impressive Feats

To showcase Uzi League of Legends skill, he is also a back-to-back champion in the All-Stars 1v1 event and a 3-time Finalist. He prefers using marksmen on his tournaments and has showcased his ability to win despite other players preferring mages and assassins. If you want to know how that feels, why don’t you Buy League Accounts and compete against other players in 1v1 tournaments.

Uzi playing at the All-Star Tournaments
The King of 1v1s~!

Uzi was also voted as “Weibo Person of the Year“. Weibo is the Chinese equivalent of Twitter. The candidates of this vote included national celebrities like actors/actresses, singers/songwriters, athletes, etc. in the mix which made his victory all the more impressive. He is famous around the world for his Vayne pentakills which displayed a ridiculous amount of discipline, patience, calmness, and mechanical skill all at the same time.

Why is Uzi considered the 2nd best League of Legends player of All-Time?

Despite not being able to win a Worlds Trophy, he has consistently managed to make it to worlds while he was still with Royal Club/RNG. His mechanical skill alone may even be considered superior to Faker but since he’s an ADC and Faker is a Mid Laner, there’s no real comparison to be made.

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