Rogue Esports Guarantees Worlds Appearance

Rogue Esports makes an unbelievable run in the LEC Summer playoffs, beating every team who was expected to make it to the top. After defeating Origen in the last match of the split, Rogue guaranteed their 1st place finish with a 13-5 standing. With 4 members who are native to the EUNE in their main roster, the region shows once again that they are an integral part of European League of Legends as a whole. What was the main reason for Rogue’s success in finishing 1st and securing their spot at the World Finals?

Rogue huddling up together for the team shout
Get ready for the LEC’s 1st place team in the Summer Season!

Rogue’s Run at the Spring Season

Rogue Esports in the spring season had exactly the same roster as it had in the summer season. However, their spring performance wasn’t as impressive as it was in summer due to a 6th place finish with a record of 9 wins and 9 losses that barely qualified them for the playoffs. Despite their record, the team played decently and showed that they were a fighting force to be reckoned with beating even Mad Lions.

During the Spring 2020 playoffs, the team qualified for the lower bracket and were against Misfits who were in the 5th seed. Amazingly, they beat them 3 to 1 in a dominant fashion despite being the underdogs of the matchup. Unfortunately, their Spring Season run ended after facing Origen in the 2nd round of the lower brackets being defeated by team 3 to 1 as well and thus only granting them 20 championship points to carry over.

The Surprising Summer Run

Summer was different for the team, where they immediately secured a 3-0 lead in the first week of the season which tied them at 1st place with the favorites – Mad Lions. The team retained their focus and achieved a higher level of gameplay and even deafeted higher tiered teams, always being tied with Mad Lions in the standings or 2nd place at lowest. They trailed Mad Lions closely and would eventually face them off in the final week.

MAD vs RGE Highlights W8D2 LEC Summer 2020 MAD Lions vs Rogue by Onivia

The last few weeks were grueling for the organization, trying to maintain their top spot in the standings in order to qualify for worlds automatically. On week 8, Rogue would have their fateful match against Mad Lions to break the tie and they came out on top. Ultimately, with Mad Lions defeat against Schalke04 and their revenge against Origen in the same week, the team secured themselves as the 1st seed and a spot in the world finals.

The Roster That Won it All

At first, Rogue’s roster doesn’t seem to look like anything special only consisting of a few veterans and new players who weren’t with the team for more than 2 years. In standard EU fashion, the organization had faith in the players and developed the rough talent that they had and turned them into a top team. Despite placing low in previous years, they finally made it to the top having players who worked hard enough to make it happen.

1. Finn – Top Lane

  • Name: Finn Wiestål
  • Country: Sweden
  • Region: EUNE
  • First LEC Team: RGE

2. Inspired – Jungle

  • Name: Kacper Słoma
  • Country: Poland
  • Region: EUNE
  • First LEC Team: RGE

3. Larssen – Mid Lane

  • Name: Emil Larsson
  • Country: Sweden
  • RegionL EUNE
  • First LEC Team: H2k-Gaming

4. Hans Sama – Bot Lane

  • Name: Steven Liv
  • Country: France
  • Region: EUW
  • First LEC Team: Misfits Gaming

5. Vander

  • Name: Oskar Bogdan
  • Country: Poland
  • Region: EUNE
  • First LEC Team: Team ROCCAT

The only person in this roster to have success is Hans Sama while he was on Misfits Gaming who managed to participate in the 2017 World Finals where they managed to get out of Groups after defeating Team SoloMid in the tiebreaker but lost to SK Telecom T1 in the Top 8. This was enough for EU fans back then to show the world that they were capable of playing a high level of League of Legends that would secure them in the future.

Rogue Post Match finishing up their game
The rising stars are ready for worlds!

Is EUNE the Future of European League of Legends

With Rogue having 4/5 EUNE players in their successful roster, it makes people wonder how big the contribution the region actually has over the LEC as a whole. Asking the question on whether the EUNE should have their own competitive series is certainly something they should be asking themselves in this situation. However, the LEC is only really strong when they are working together as a united region.

Looking back at how most of these players only began their careers 1 or 2 years ago, aspiring players in the EUNE might feel a bit of hope knowing that they too can be like them. Some start out by buying Unranked Level 30 EUNE Smurf accounts just so that they can play in the region when they want. Being scouted from this prestigious region can kickstart your career and make you one of the top players in the world today.

How will Rogue do in the World Finals?

Now that RGE has qualified for the World Finals 2020, we stand to ask ourselves what the chances are for EU to take home the trophy this time with this team as the region’s frontrunner. Looking at their incredible split, it can be assumed that they’ll at least make it out of the groups stage and proceed to the Top 8 Finals assuming they don’t get grouped in with dangerous teams from the LPL or even in the LCK.

Hans Sama and Vander Talking after a game
The world finals better prepare for these titans!

With EU getting stronger by the year, we can take it by faith that there is a high chance for the region to finally bring it home. However, RGE still has to prove themselves in the Summer Playoffs if they want to convice the fans at home that they have what it takes to represent the region as a whole. If there’s one thing for certain about this team right now, it’s that they are willing to improve everyday to prove to everyone that they are worth your support in the upcoming tournaments.

Who is Rogue’s Star Player?

The star player for RGE is their Mid Laner Larssen, who accumulated 6 Player of the Game awards throughout the tournament. Despite having only played 47 games with the team, he has proven that he is an important part to the organization’s success today.

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