Rogue Locks in LEC Spring 2022 Playoffs Spot

The LEC Spring 2022 playoffs is right around the corner and one team has already secured its spot for the tournament. As the remaining European teams battle it out for the last 5 slots, it’s safe to say that the dominance of Rogue in the regular season isn’t a fluke as fans claim to be. How is the region shaping up against the international scene now that we’ve seen a bit of insight on the region’s competitive environment?

Rogue Secures Spot for LEC Spring 2022 Playoffs!

Rogue has always been one of the best teams to play in the regular season as the organization has placed or tied in first for the past three seasons and is looking to make its 4th appearance in the number one spot. Despite the team undergoing a huge rebuild after losing two of their star players in ADC Hans Sama and jungler Inspired, the team doesn’t seem to be fazed as they’ve found players who are willing to fill the void.

Rogue playing on stage in the LEC Spring 2022 tournament
Secured for Playoffs!

Being one of two teams in the LEC with a Korean import on the roster, Rogue has proven that foreign help is still an invaluable part of League of Legends esports. Even though they have an import, the core strength still lies in the European members but the former Damwon Kia jungler has added a mesh to hold the team’s talent together. While they might look strong now, they aren’t guaranteed to win it all in the end given their history as the first placer each season.

The Big Teams of the LEC

The LEC Spring 2022 season has shown us that expectations on paper will never always be fulfilled especially with the community expecting either Team Vitality or Fnatic to be the stars of the season. Unforutnately, Team Vitality has had a very shakey season while Fnatic has had some hiccups here and there but both of them are still considered strong contenders for the LEC Spring 2022 championship. Here is a complete list of the teams we expect to perform aside from Rogue:

1. Fnatic

Fnatic was expected to be the top team in the LEC for the current season but they failed to take the number one spot with a record of 9 wins and 4 losses in the spring season. While they might not be at the top, it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the title of being the strongest team in the region. They may have their inconsistencies in the Bo1 setting but their playstyle changes once they get to the Bo3s.

Fnatic playing in the LEC Spring 2022 stage
The Kings of Consistency

In terms of raw talent, Fnatic definitely takes the top spot with their star players looking extremely good in all positions. However, a large number of talent in one team isn’t always a good thing because players tend to not have a single win condition to work with, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. One thing is for sure this season, and that is Fnatic looking to be one of the biggest competitors for the trophy.

2. Team Vitality

Team Vitality has shown a very disappointing run so far with a lot of players questioning their standing as a “top team”. Even though they were considered a superteam at the start of the season, they’re current standing makes people doubt that they may even be a competitor. Regardless, a team’s true capabilities isn’t fully showcased in the regular season because it’s limited to a Bo1 setting whose results can always go either way.

Team Vitality featuring Perkz in the LEC Spring 2022 tournament
Looking for a way back

Even though they are currently 6 wins and 7 losses in the standings, we still believe that they’ll show what they’ve got when it comes to the LEC Spring 2022 Playoffs when they are placed in a more competitive stage. They are desperately clinging to the 6th place for now but they’ve definitely got what it takes to make it into the playoffs. Being seeded so low only means that they’ll have more games to play and practice the meta during the tournament.

3. G2 Esports

Nobody had any expectations for the current G2 Esports roster nor did they perform that well in the regular season. They managed to secure a spot in the upper echelon, which is to be expected considering they have both cAps and Jankos leading the squad. However, G2 Esports somehow manages to find a way to defy expectations and come out when we least expect them, which is what we’re banking on right now.

G2 Esports playing the LEC Spring 2022 stage
Down but not out!

The team doesn’t have a lot of star power and most of their veterans have declined in performance but that doesn’t mean experience is something to be underestimated. Spring split may not hold as much weight as Summer but G2 Esports always gives their best no matter the season. The young bunch of players may find a way to show up against the more experienced rivals in the bottom lane and give us a show we will never forget.

Expectations for the LEC Spring 2022 Split

There are still a few games left in the season but we expect that the current standings will most likely carry over into the LEC Spring 2022 Playoffs. The problem is that even though regular season showcases a team’s potential, it doesn’t fully display their capabilities. Playoffs will be a completely different tournament and everything you’ve seen in the past few months might not hold any weight when teams start crumbling or rising.

The LEC Spring 2022 season will be a staging ground for the different European organizations but we’re looking forward to Summer when the other teams might be making huge roster changes that will shake the foundations of the region. For now, let’s take a look at which team will be representing the LEC in the upcoming Mid-Season Invitationals where Europe is looking to take back the crown by winning it all once again.

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