Runeterra Lore: League of Legends Factions and Regions

The League of Legends Universe has been described as a world of constant discord where looming threats await on the horizon. Like many other fantasy worlds in both novels and video games, Runeterra revolves around the themes of war and chaos. In the center of all the conflict, the League of Legends factions are constantly at each other’s throats either trying to expand their territory or simply defend their homeland from invaders that want to take everything away.

League of Legends Factions

The League of Legends factions revolve around the groups of people who are associated with their country/city that each have their own set of ideals and beliefs. The two major factions are Demacia & Noxus who are constantly at war with each other not to mention the internal conflict that each of these large cities is dealing with.

Tales of Runeterra: Noxus | “After Victory”
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In the world of Runeterra, none of the major factions (aside from The Void) are portrayed as antagonists. Much like how World of Warcraft portrays the Alliance & Horde, each faction has its good sides and bad sides, placing them in a moral tipping scale that only the readers can side with.

The Kingdom of Demacia

The Kingdom of Demacia is a place where nobility and justice were upheld. The people have very chivalrous ideals that aim to give the people the justice they longing for. However, the Kingdom has become unstable since the death of King Jarvan III. Leaving the noble house questioning the king’s successor – Jarvan IV – especially with his questionable disappearance only to miraculously return to the kingdom seemingly a new man.

Demacia on top of a waterfall
The Last Great Kingdom of Runeterra

Demacia has had a strong opposition against magic. While there are magic users in the city, they try to control all of those that possess it by either getting rid of them or enrolling them in a controlled environment. The city itself is protected by an anti-magic barrier and an anti-magic golem. Every year, every child that is born with magical abilities are “dealt with” by the government of the city, which has instilled a sense of fear among the people brought about by prejudice.

The Noxian Empire

The Noxian Empire is a land where the values of strength is placed above every other. The Noxians are unprejudiced and only hate those who abuse power. Because they absolutely abhor incompetent leaders, the city is found to be fair and inclusive to all kinds of people that have earned their place. Unfortunately, even the most noble ideas can be seen as acts of terror to the eyes that fail to look beyond what they see in front of them.

The gigantic city of Noxus - League of Legends factions
A land with no crown

Noxus believes that every land should not be ruled by the incompetent but rather, those that are strong enough to take responsibility. The Noxian empire has constantly been leading a crusade across kingdoms in Runeterra, slaying armies and taking the city by force. This has led them to countless wars and more wars to come. Has their noble pursuit for fairness become an act of cruelty in itself?

The Land of Ionia

The Land of Ionia is a place where individuality has become not only its identity but also its biggest weakness. A land where natural abilities, balance, and a deeper connection to the world and oneself is prioritized, is seen as a sanctuary for enlightenment. However, instability and internal conflict plagued Ionia since Noxus invaded its shores and left the people to question their pacifistic and isolationist ideals. Now, the land is entering an era of revolutionists trying to make a change.

A guardian tree in the Navori Province
The land that lives and breathes

Ionia does not associate itself with the other League of Legends factions. Even within Ionia, the people are independent from each other. They were forced to cooperate only when a threat had destroyed much of what they had. This pacifism has caused groups to take action against the “outdated” beliefs of Ionia and start preparing the country for the cold truth that war is an inevitable event. As the people fight amongst themselves, the world too enters an age of uncertainty.

The Fallen Empire of Shurima

Shurima was once the greatest empire in Runeterra. It was protected by an all-powerful Emperor and the mighty god-warriors that made them the most feared civilization. However, after the last Emperor of Shurima failed to ascend in addition to the effects of the Void Invasion, the empire became vulnerable and it slowly crumbled under the weight of everything it had built itself to be. After thousands of years, Shurima is nothing but a desert with a bunch of nomadic tribes making by with what they have.

A small city in Shurima
A once great empire

Shurima may not be as powerful as it once was but its people have learned to survive years of being in the desert. A group of people still believe that the Shurima of old can still become a reality once more if they find the Sun Disc and someone worthy to become the next Emperor or Empress. However, the majority now only believe that the great empire was nothing more than an old exaggerated legend told by generations of senile old tale-tellers.

The Ixtali Seclusionists

Among the League of Legends factions, there is one tribe where the people with the strongest affinity to magic lives – Ixtal. The Ixtali people have produced the strongest magic users for generations because of their strong connection to the mana of the world. However, the Void Invasion has caused the people to relocate themselves and hide from the rest of the world in fear that humans might once again get consumed by their own greed that might affect the future of the Ixtali people.

The hidden city of Ixtal
A thousand years of solitude

For centuries, the Ixtali have hidden in the jungles, concealing themselves using powerful magic. However, when a young princess was who had a strong desire to see the outside world inherited the strongest affinity to elemental magic Runeterra has ever seen, the traditionalist Ixtali elders fear that she plans to open the city to the world when she ascends. And sure enough, that’s what Qiyana will do when she becomes the new Queen of Ixtal.

The Buccaneers of Bilgewater

Bilgewater is seen as the city of vice and viciousness. This area is famous for being a Pirate Hub and an escape for most of Runeterra’s notorious criminals. However, this place is actually a growing community where trade has become the center of development. The Reaver King and the most influential Captains have all developed a government whose fairness and justice revolves around the coin.

The Port City of Bilgewater at night
The Port City

Bilgewater is also home to a group of people that are sworn to keep the terrors of the Shadow Isles from escaping its shores. As the only region where the Shadow Isles’ mists reach, they are in constant threat of being consumed by the undead. The perils that haunt the seas in-between Bilgewater and the Shadow Isles are indeed horrible, but thanks to the efforts of the Bilgewater residents, it is kept at bay. For now, at least.

The Tribes of Freljord

Freljord is a cold region where no outsider can survive. The other League of Legends factions have no interest in conquering the Freljord but that doesn’t mean there is peace. For among all the League of Legends factions, it is the Freljords who are the most divided. There are factions within the very faction it is set upon.

A small village in the Freljord
Frigid cold with warm people

The descendants of Avarosa and Serylda have begun to build armies to take control of the Freljord and unite them all under one banner. Meanwhile, Lissandra watches over the distance in fear of the threat that The Watchers might return. Until the time where one of the sisters win the war of unification, there is nothing that will stop the endless bloodshed that turn the snowy plains red.

The Progressive Cities of Piltover & Zaun

Piltover is often described as the center for the world’s development. It stands on top of a cliff, overlooking the ocean. This city is always bustling with geniuses developing new technology and artists creating wonderful pieces of art. The city is seemingly perfect but where technology is being developed, the essence of nature and life are being abused. Piltover may produce wonderful inventions, but at what cost do they make these strides?

Piltover's center of technology
Where dreams are made into reality

Under the cliff at which Piltover stands, the city of Zaun is overlooked. This city is buried in the trash thrown by Piltover, to which the scavengers find their livelihood. Life in the undercity is harsh and unimaginable but like their counterparts upstairs, this too is a place where technology is made. Using the scraps thrown from the city above, young inventors develop simple machineries that help them survive the tough world they live in.

The Wanderers of Bandle City

Bandle City is home to the Yordles, a League of Legends Race that loves to explore the world. As a people, the Yordles adore the cultures and practices of the other races. This has caused numerous Yordles to align themselves with League of Legends factions across Runeterra to live as them. These people are easily influenced but once they have set their allegiances, they will no longer be swayed by any words.

A small whimsical village called Bandle City
Small town with big dreams

In their hometown of Bandle City, some Yordles have remained. Even though they are unaligned, the Yordles here still use technology which have been developed by races from the outside world. They evolve as the world evolves and the only thing that will remain constant among these people is the fact that they will always Wander. As of now, every part of Runeterra has Yordles.

The Keepers of Targon

The Targonians are a faithful people that have are sworn to the great Celestial Beings. Many people try to climb Mount Targon, but none return home to tell a story. Most people that do reach the peak of the mountain either die right away or discover a newfound faith which causes them find a permanent home at the mountain top.

The side of Mount Targon
A land ruled by a higher power

Targon may be where the faithful live but faith comes in different forms. People believe different things, things that may cause them to separate from one another. Worshippers of the Moon and the Sun live in different worlds. Like Night & Day only meet on the sunrise and sunset, these two tribes only meet eye to eye on rare occasions. It is only when a threat higher than their differences appear that they find how they can set aside their differences.

The Watchers and The Void

The Void is a place where a vast unspeakable horror exists. Hungry to set their masters – The Watchers – free, the voidborn are constantly trying to find ways they can destroy Runeterra in order to open up the path towards releasing their master. As the seals holding The Watchers start to fade under the Howling Abyss, The Void continues to become more impatient for the return of their masters.

A world of flesh and machinery
A world of unspeakable horrors

Countless void rifts are scattered throughout Runeterra but none large enough to transport the most powerful threats that exist within The Void. However, if the world of Runeterra were to enter another age where they would need to release massive amounts of magical energy onto the world, these rifts would consume enough of that power to expand to the point that even the Titans of the Void would walk through that portal and spell certain death for every single League of Legends faction.

The Future of Runeterra

As of now, the story involving The League of Legends factions is progressing really slowly as the game doesn’t have a linear timeline. However, once the League of Legends MMO comes out, we must expect that the Lore will also start moving forward to make way for the future expansions in the game.

For now we can only play League of Legends and interact with the characters with the limited resource given such as voice lines and champion interactions. If you want to experience this, you might want to Buy League of Legends Accounts to get yourself the chance to experience Runeterra to its fullest.

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