Should You Buy Fresh Smurf Accounts Instead of Leveling a New One?

We’re almost mid-way through 2022 and the popularity of League of Legends isn’t dropping since a huge amount of new players sign up every day. However, the biggest challege that players experience is that it’s pretty hard to create a fresh account in League of Legends especially right now when there’s so many that players need to catch up on. Let’s discuss how it’s better to buy LoL fresh accounts instead of leveling one from scratch.

What is a LoL Smurf Account?

A smurf account is usually described as a secondary account for players or an account that they’ve leveled and placed below the user’s actual skill level. Players can acquire smurf accounts simply by creating a new Riot Games ID, but there are also other ways to get one by purchasing them from third-party markets like LolFinity that offers these services. Believe it or not, the market for smurf accounts is massive among veteran players.

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Almost every player in the world has a League of Legends smurf account and those that do have spent a good fraction of their time using them over their main accounts because they want to reexperience playing the game from the ground up. Unfortunately, starting from the bottom is something that’s extremely difficult in 2022 and it’s going to hurt even more as we see the game evolve even further.

Reasons to Buy LoL Smurf Accounts

The trend for people who are willing to spend some money on video games is to simply buy fresh smurf accounts. Fortunately for the players, smurf accounts don’t really cost that much money that you wouldn’t otherwise be willing to spend on video game products. However, if you’re not convinced that you should buy fresh smurf accounts instead of leveling one, let’s take a look at some advantages you can enjoy by doing so.

1. Saves You Time & Money

The most obvious reason why you want to buy a smurf account is because it saves you time. It takes over 200 games for a fresh League of Legends account to reach Level 30 and that means that you’ll have to play at least 6-8 games each day to reach that point after a month. On the other hand, smurf accounts are already leveled organically to level 30 or above so players don’t have to worry about playing unnecessary normal games anymore.

Fresh smurf accounts at LolFinity
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Even though you have to spend somewhere between 10-35 USD on smurf accounts, you’ll actually be saving money purchasing it than leveling up an account. That’s because if you want to level your account quicker, you’ll be tempted to purchase EXP Boosts or other power-ups that you can use to level up quickly. If you’re going to do that anyway, just spend the money on a fresh account instead.

2. Comes with Free Champions

The worst part about creating a fresh account is that you’re now forced to collect all 150+ champions again. If you started League of Legends early, you might have a sizable collection of champions or even have the complete roster available in your account but now you’ll be faced with the reality that new players don’t have the same luxury as veterans when it comes to owning champions in the game.

List of LoL Champions No Mastery
Get champions that you can use immediately!

When you buy smurf accounts, you have the option to purchase a bundle containing a specific number of champions available in the package. This cuts down the time that you’ll need to farm Blue Essence and select the champions that you want to own and makes it easier to play ranked games since you already have a relatively good number of champions. Take note that this doesn’t mean you’ll have ALL the champions at once because it depends entirely on the bundle.

3. Play Ranked with a Neutral ELO

One of the biggest reasons why players want to buy fresh smurf accounts is because they’re trying to rank up on an account that doesn’t have a doomed ELO. Most of us play at the account we started playing the game with, but that means that we’ll also carry the losses and bad games that we had when we were beginners into our present account. That can prove to be problematic if you’re trying to play competitively but always end up getting placed lower than you deserve.

Ranked LoL Borders and Frames
Start the game FRESH!

LolFinity’s smurf accounts are leveled up in a way that makes sure they have neutral ELOs but are done so organically so that Riot Games doesn’t mistake it for a bot account. A neutral ELO means that you’ll have every opportunity to rank up on the skill level that matches your present abilities without being placed too low because of your early losses or too high because you smurfed the game too much that you get matched with opponents that are too difficult to beat.

4. Play on other Regions!

The biggest feature that smurf accounts have that they can take advantage of is that you can choose which region you can play on. Smurf sites like LolFinity offer choices such as choosing an account from a specific region. The only real way to do that with your main account is to purchase a region change which costs 2600RP. If you want to retain your account’s progress while changing regions, you can definitely go that route but you’ll also need to spend the same amount when changing back.

Different Regions to Choose From when Buying Smurf Accounts
Play where you want to play!

By having a smurf account registered in another region, you have the option to switch between your main account and the smurf so without spending a lot of money going back and forth. There are also some regions that you can’t transfer to but LolFinity has a wide variety of options that you won’t feel restricted with your choice. Playing on another region is an experience we always promote to other players in the game.

5. Start with a Ton of Resources

When you buy fresh smurf accounts from LolFinity, you have many options to choose from that mostly allow you to select how many resources you want in game. The more resources you start with, the more comfortably you’ll be able to play the game and progress much easier when trying to rank up. There are also some rare instances where you can purchase a 2nd-hand account, in-case it’s available in the store, that contain almost a complete inventory of resources.

Resource Inclusions in the Fresh Smurf Accounts Package
Start with the resources you need!

The one thing that Riot Games has begun making extremely scarce in its current iteration of League of Legends is awarding players with resources that they need to progress in the game. Unless you’re playing a minimum of 5 games per day, it’s almost impossible to get enough Blue Essence or Orange Essence that you’ll need to unlock the stuff that you want. Of course, veteran accounts don’t have that problem right now but they’re slowly being affected by it.

How to Find the Perfect Smurf Account For You!

The League of Legends smurf account market is pretty huge and it might be an intimidating task for a new player to find the perfect product for them. If you’re interested in buying an account for you or someone else, you might want to learn about how you’re going to buy one that you won’t regret. There are different things that you need to keep in mind when trying to buy your first League of Legends smurf account.

Stick To Your Budget

The first thing that always applies into any purchase is that you should learn how to stick with your budget. Decide on what price you’re comfortable spending, especially if you’re purchasing for the first time and use that as your basis when you buy fresh smurf accounts. Of course, price is only one of the factors and those that have more financial freedom to spend will have more options when choosing.

Even though we want you to stick on a budget, we also advise that you don’t let your budget limit your ability to choose. There’s a chance that you might spend money on a cheaper bundle that you end up feeling isn’t enough so you might end up spending even more money. There are also bundles that you may want to buy for a higher price but end up having received more than you’ll actually need when playing the game.

Know Your Needs

When you buy fresh smurf accounts, you definitely have things that you have in mind that you want to be included in the package. It’s good that you know what you want, but that you should have a basic idea on the packages available in the shop. For that, we suggest that you browse all the options available in the store twice or thrice before making your purchase so that you have a better idea on the product that fits your needs.

There are different types of packages catered towards various players who might have different preferences when it comes to the account that they want to purchase. Understanding the pros and cons of each package gives you a better idea on how you want to spend your money and makes it easier to set a budget that you’re comfortable with. Differentiate the packages that each bundle offers and consider how you’ll take full advantage of them.

Is It Safe To Buy Fresh Smurf Accounts?

The biggest reason why many players hold back on purchasing smurf accounts is that they might think that it’s a scam. While it’s unfortunate that there are some websites that take advantage of players, LolFinity has made the customers’ trust and satisfaction its priority in delivering the best products. While we can’t speak for all shops out there, you should know that we’ve implemented ways for you to ensure your purchase on our website.

How LolFinity Ensures its Purchases

  • LolFinity Primarily Uses Trusted Payment Options such as Stripe, PayOp, MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, and also accepts other payment options according to the customer’s preference.
  • All Smurf Accounts have a LIFETIME Guarantee! That means that if your account gets banned or reported because of our mistake, we’ll make sure to get you a new one for FREE.
  • Unverified Registrations! Having an unverified account means that you have the option to change the email address and password on the account. This means that we’ll have no way to try to recover it from you if you’re concerned that it might be resold after a few days.
  • Instant Delivery! Meaning you don’t have to sit for hours or days being anxious about whether or not you’ve been scammed because you’ll get your account as soon as your payment goes through!
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support. Have any concerns you want to talk about before or after you purchase your account? Go to our main webpage and have a chat with our representatives
  • Read Our Reviews! Take a look at testimonies from customers that we had over the past few days and read up on how satisfied they are with the services offered to them.

LolFinity caters to customers around the world and makes it so that it’s accessible for each one to purchase a smurf account that they can use. As one of the leading smurf account markets online, we’ve already created an environment where both potential customers and those who are looking to buy more smurf accounts can be at ease when trying to make their purchase. You never know, you might have a friend who has already made a purchase here before!

Advantages of Fresh Smurf Accounts Over 2nd-Hand Accounts

Something that players always want to ask about when they buy fresh smurf accounts is whether it’s better to purchase a fresh account or a 2nd-hand account that already has seen a history of play. The answer to that question isn’t really simple and relies on numerous factors that you’ll need to take a look at before you make your choice. While we sell both types of accounts, here are some comparisons that you need to take into consideration when you buy fresh smurf accounts:

ELO History

When you buy fresh smurf accounts, they always come with neutral ELO and will place you in a playing environment that’s neither too high or too low for your skill level. That means you have more freedom to grow as a player without picking up bad habits from low ELO players or end up getting smashed from getting matched with high ELO players. Even if you’re a higher ELO player yourself, it’s always better to start from the baseline since it’s easier to climb.

League of Legends Match History - Fresh Smurf Accounts
The account’s history matters!

Second-hand accounts may have a low ELO or high ELO and you’ll almost never know which one. In LolFinity, we always showcase the account’s latest ranked before it was surrendered to give the player an idea on its ELO but that’s never a solid indicator for this value. Customers need to understand that there’s no way a 2nd-hand account can come with a neutral ELO since it already has a lengthy match history that we can’t erase.

Champion Pool

Fresh smurf accounts have a limited champion pool with the standard bundles usually having around 20-30 champions included in the package. That’s a fairly decent number of champions as compared to when you buy fresh smurf accounts from other sites that have significantly less. That being said, that means you’ll have a long ways to go before you can get all 150+ champions in your collection to your new smurf account.

Some Champions in the League of Legends site
Get all the champions you need.

Second-hand accounts have way more champions included which is why they’re always priced higher than fresh smurf accounts. This is because these accounts belong to players who have dedicated time and money into developing their accounts and are looking to reimburse some of that by selling them off. LolFinity carefully screens accounts that other players sell so that the customers will only get accounts that are worth their money.

Account Security

Fresh accounts are unverified, meaning you can change the email on the account to one of your choosing so that you’ll be ensured that the account is 100% yours and there’s no way for us or other people who were involved in its leveling progress to ever take it back. Just make sure to use credentials that aren’t easy to guess since LolFinity will not take responsibility for your account getting hacked by a third-party.

Caitlyn in a police officer outfit - Fresh Smurf Accounts
Don’t you worry!

We’re not saying that 2nd-hand accounts can get reclaimed by its previous owner since LolFinity makes sure to screen all of the accounts that come our way. In addition, most players who sell their accounts have lost interest in playing the game so they most likely won’t try to reclaim the account. If the account is already verified, the best you can do is change the password so that the old owner can’t access it anymore.

The League of Legends Experience

Having a fresh account definitely gives players a chance to relive the League of Legends experience without staying too long on the worst part about it, which was leveling up. Players who buy fresh smurf accounts found new enjoyment when they start playing again without all the resources that they had in their previous account. Being able to climb from the bottom up is an experience that you definitely want to try if you’re getting tired of playing the game.

Players who get 2nd-hand accounts usually do so because they’re looking for a more complete account or a full account on another region. Some customers also do this to give it as a gift for someone they are looking to get more hooked in the game. For these players, they also get a better experience since they get something that they didn’t have access to before or have something that they received from a friend.

How Do I Convince Someone To Buy a LoL Smurf Account?

There’s really nothing that we can do to immediately convince others to purchase a smurf account if they’ve already decided not to. We understand that many people are distrustful towards purchasing fresh smurf accounts online, but we always encourage people to read up on the reasons why you should give it a shot. When trying to convince other people, you should always make sure that they’re interested first.

The best way to convince a close friend to buy a smurf account is to show them by example. Once they see that you’ve purchased an account and didn’t end up being scammed, they’ll be more likely to change their opinion about it. Most people simply wait for other people to take the first step so it’s a good idea to show them first. If you’re also skeptical about smurf accounts, the chances are they’ll also share that feeling.

Can We Get Cheaper Fresh Smurf Accounts?

Of course! LolFinity occasionally offers sales and deals that our customers can enjoy. If you’re looking to find a better deal so that you can get more in your package for lower price, we suggest that you stay tuned to any updates that may happen in the site by creating an account. There are also other offers aside from sales that give our customers more incentives for our regular and loyal customers in LolFinity.

LolFinity also makes promotional events such as recruitment and referral events that give not only chances to win smurf accounts, but also give them CASH incentives depending on their performance. That essentially means that you can refund a good portion of what you spend on our website during these events if you manage to recruit or refer our website multiple people that end up buying fresh smurf accounts as well.

How Many People Buy Smurf Accounts?

Countless players from around the globe purchase smurf accounts every day not just in LolFinity, but in other sites as well. This is one of the most popular unofficial products that circulate online since many hardcore players are dedicated to playing the game using smurf accounts to their advantage.

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