Should Players Unlock All Champions in League of Legends?

The one advantage that veteran players and those who are willing to spend real money have in League of Legends is that they’ve unlocked almost all of the champions in the game. This gives a definite advantage since they have a wider champion pool that they can use to counter-pick enemies or play different lanes. That being said, is it a requirement for players to unlock all champions in League of Legends to get better at the game?

How to Unlock All Champions in LoL

There really is only one way to unlock all champions in League of Legends and that is by purchasing all of them in the shop or crafting them in your loot box by consuming shards. Either way, players will be forced to use in-game resources to get new champions so it’s not really something that players can do with a few weeks of farming. Usually, it’ll take months to years of playing the game regularly to get all 150+ champions to buy them all.

A list of champions in the colletion - unlock all champions lol
Collect all the champions in the game!

Alternatively, the fastest way to get all of the champions at once is to purchase them using real money. You can either purchase all of the champions one by one, which can burn a hole through your wallet since there are over 150 champions in the game, or you can purchase an account containing a significant number of champions for fixed price. We recommend that players buy a smurf account instead since they have additional benefits including having a good number of champions included.

Should New Players Unlock All Champions?

Of course, players should try to unlock all of the champions, starting with the ones they want to play. However, if you’re asking us if new players should unlock all the champions as quickly as possible to have a better chance at improving the game? Our answer is going to be NO. Having a lot of champions in your arsenal will not have a huge effect on your winrate, since your personal performance and champion mastery will still play the biggest factor on your wins.

Buying Zeri in the Champion Store LoL - unlock all champions lol
Widening your champion pool.

That being said, we do recommend that players get at least 30 or more champions in their collection because this allows them to have a wider selection that is useful whenever the meta shifts in favor of specific champions. While it’s always recommended that players try to get champions that they like playing, it’s also a good idea to buy evergreen champions, meaning those that are always good no matter what.

How Long Will It Take to Unlock All Champions?

We mentioned that it may take months for players to unlock all the champions in the game, but if we’re being practical, it may take even years for players to get about 90% of the collection because the game simply doesn’t have enough mechanics that give blue essence to players. However, if players attend League of Legends events and play everyday, it’s possible to collect them all in a minimum of 6 months.

Renata Glasc covered in corrupted power - unlock all champions lol
It’s a long-term goal, for sure!

Of course, 6 months is extremely ideal depending on how many special events with good rewards Riot Games releases during that time. Players will also need to be extremely lucky with the champion capsules that they get when they level up. If players continuously play and level up by a ridiculous amount quickly, they’ll be able to get enough blue essence needed to get a good number of champions that they need.

Is it Possible to Unlock All Champions If You Play Casually?

If you play casually, meaning that you only play a few games per day and don’t log onto the game for 7 days a week, the chances of unlocking all champions via Blue Essence is extremely low. In fact, the chances of getting to 90% might be unattainable because the rate at which you get new champions may be extremely low. Since Riot Games releases champions regularly, it’ll take a long time to afford all of them.

Unlocking all champions using shards
Just keep at it and you’ll eventually reach your goal.

It may be possible, but you’re looking at years of unlocking champions since blue essence is designed to be very hard to farm. However, the likelihood of a player playing all 150+ champions is also unlikely so that shouldn’t discourage you from playing the game. Not every champion is useful, but it’s definitely way more fun to have all of them in your collection since you won’t get bored of playing one champion over and over.

Should Riot Games Make Champion Acquisition Easier?

Riot Games has definitely made champion acquisition very difficult and for a game whose roster is continuously growing, it can be daunting for new players to even dream of unlocking all of them without spending a ridiculous amount of real money. This will eventually be a point of complaint for players so Riot Games will be forced to either reprice their champions or find a different way to make it easier for players to acquire champions.

The LoL Champion Shop selling heroes - unlock all champions lol
Riot Games needs to rethink the champion shop.

However, the number of champions is still relatively manageable with the number being less than 160. For now, we might not see any new changes to the way champions are acquired, but you can expect that it will arrive in the near future. Although, you shouldn’t use this to stop farming altogether because this is only a possiblity that may never arrive. It’s still advisable that players try to unlock as many champions as possible.

How many champions are in League of Legends?

League of Legends currently has 159 champions with the addition of Renata Glasc on Patch 12.5. The League of Legends roster will continuously grow since Riot Games has made it a point that players can expect at least 4 champions getting released every year.

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