Should Riot Games Delete LoL Champions to Limit the Roster?

The League of Legends champion roster is currently over 160 and it’s hard to ignore the fact that it’s getting a bit difficult to collect all characters in the game if you just started out. For hardcore completionists who are just looking to get into League of Legends, they’ll have to either spent hundreds of dollars or a couple of months to unlock all the champions in the game. That being said, should Riot Games delete LoL champions to limit the roster and make it more manageable?

Why is Having a Large Champion Pool Bad?

Many people love that fact that there are so many characters to choose from in a game. There is no problem with having a large champion roster that players can choose from to match the playstyle they most enjoy. However, if players need to buy a champion using real money or a relatively large amount of in-game currency, it becomes a horrible experience for new players since they don’t have the same freedom as other players who have been in the game longer.

The League of Legends champion shop - Delete LoL champions
Should Riot Games delete LoL champions?

There’s no problem rewarding game veterans for staying in the game longer. However, if it turns into a system that simply gatekeeps new players from enjoying the game fully, it becomes a problem for the growth of the game. Even though Riot Games introduced a lot of ways for players to unlock the entire roster like the Xbox Game Pass, it isn’t easily accessible by players from other regions so they don’t have a choice but to farm all characters unless Riot Games decides to delete LoL champions.

It also becomes an challenge for the League of Legends team to manage so many champions at the same time. As all players are aware of currently, there are some champions that feel outdated and those that don’t feel relevant regardless of the buffs they receive in the game. Even with a large team and a huge budget, the expectation that they can maintain a healthy balance every patch for all champions is simply impossible which also adds to the problem within the environment of the game.

Showing which champiosn are already owned - Delete LoL champions
Gotta catch ’em all!

Other games don’t have this many champions in their roster. With Riot Games releasing 2-3 champions per year, the number will eventually reach point where new players can’t keep up. Eventually Riot Games need to rotate or delete LoL champions to incentivize new players to try and complete the entire roster. Otherwise, it won’t justify spending that much resource or money to complete all of the characters in the game.

How will Riot Games Delete LoL Champions?

There are multiple ways to justify deleting LoL champions in the game. The first method is to progress the lore in a way where one character will no longer be part of the story. It is either they die in the story or their character reaches a point where they will no longer participate in any major events that take place. Either way, this will be a good way to justify why a character will no longer be part of the roster than just randomly deleting them.

Briar's Eternals Selection - Delete LoL champions
There’s many ways to go about it.

The second way to delete LoL champions is to simply rotate them out of the roster. There is no reason for a champion to die or get forced out of the lore just to make space for the game. They can simply graduate from participating in the League of Legends and continue being part of the story. There are a lot of major characters (even strong individuals) who aren’t included in the game so it’s alright to put some characters out of the roster.

Alternative Solutions to the Roster Problem

Having a large roster that needs to be paid for is undoubtedly a huge problem inevitably. However, deleting champions might not be the right solution as well, especially since people buy stuff for these champions like skins or spent time farming Mastery Points and Eternals. Deleting a champion might cause some outrage from the community since they invested a lot of their time and money trying to make there favorite champion have the best.

Halve the Prices of Champions or Increase Daily Blue Essence

The best way to go about it is to cut the cost of champions in half in both RP and Blue Essence. This will make the game more affordable and not make League of Legends P2W since only those who can afford to buy champions with their time or money can play freely. If the champion pool surpasses 180, there is definitely a discussion where Riot Games needs to make it more affordable to play the game if they want people to continue spending money on it.

RP Prices in the Philippines - Delete LoL champions
I ain’t spending all that!

If they don’t want to reduce the price in RP or Blue Essence, Riot Games should at least increase the amount of Blue Essence that we can farm daily. Honestly, Riot Games expects that players to farm 50 blue essence daily from missions nd get a chance to farm more Blue Essence from randomized chest. This is extremely predatory and is designed to make players spend a ridiculous amount of time playing the game for each champion.

Unlock Champions By Completing Missions

Riot Games should implement a goal system for unlocking champions. If Riot Games is intent on maintaining active player count by giving players something to do daily, they should implement a system for players to unlock champions as an addition to being able to buy them. For example, players can unlock 5 champions for free every time they get get their 20th level.

The League of Legends battle pass current progress - Delete LoL champions
Make missions available!

This system incentivizes players to spend more time playing the game in a fair manner that doesn’t take advantage of players. Instead of unlocking certain champions per mission completed, it’s good idea to reward players with Champion Unlock Tokens (not Champion Tokens) so they’ll still have incentive to farm Blue Essence or spend RP to buy champions they currently don’t have. If the missions are reasonably difficult, the players won’t complain about this system.

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