Should Riot Games Make LoL Arena Mode Permanent?

The LoL Arena Mode has been out for a while and it’s been the best experience that a lot of players have had for the longest time of playing the game. With so much positive feedback, should League of Legends keep this game mode permanently like what they did with Teamfight Tactics? It’s time to explore the newest game mode that has drawn so many players more incentive to play more League of Legends.

The LoL Arena Mode

The new League of Legends 2v2v2v2 Arena Mode is a game mode where 4 teams of 2-players each choose unique champions to play in raw PvP matches. Each round, teams will be matched with a random team in rotating matchups. At the end of each round, players will gain gold and experience according to their performance in the previous fight allowing them to get augments, levels, and items. The one and only goal in each round is to be the last team standing.

The League of Legends arena mode map - LoL arena
Interested in the arena mode?

The beauty of this game mode is the endless fighting in each round. Since the map shrinks like Battle Royales, teams will eventually be forced to force the other team outside the battlefield or kill the enemies until your team remains. The game is designed to give players a pure PvP experience without the hassle of laning, objective contesting, and in-depth macro tasks in general.

Why are Fans Going Crazy Over this Game Mode?

Fans love the new LoL arena mode because it’s everything they love about League of Legends in a fun compact game mode. The act of laning, getting ganked, playing with more than 1 bad teammate, and playing more than 20 minutes with teammates you don’t like all make League of Legends such a tedious game to play most of the time. This game mode removes everything you hate about the game while retaining the champions you love to play.

Lux as a LoL arena fighter
This is the best game mode ever!

The most enjoyable part about playing the arena is the fact that you can go as crazy as possible with your friends without worrying about the meta. While there are champion combinations that are considered optimal, pairing random champions together and going for crazy win conditions always has a good chance of working out. If it doesn’t work out, you don’t have to spend at least 15 minutes before you can go to the next game.

Should Riot Games Make the LoL Arena Mode Permanent?

Just like the ARAM game mode and Teamfight Tactics, fans showed a sense of enjoyment in this game mode that lasted more than a week. This shows that the game mode isn’t just a temporarily fun gimmick that players only liked for the first few days. In fact, fans are already theorycrafting so many combinations and strategies in the LoL arena that it makes people excited to try them out in their future games.

Riot Games should definitely make this game mode permanent. The game mode isn’t just fun, it’s a good experience overall for the players. Using champions in a competitive game mode allows players to improve with these picks without relying on the practice tool where you don’t play against real opponents or are forced to play in normal modes. It’s raw action that all types of players can enjoy.

The League of Legends desert oasis arena map - LoL arena
Keep it, Riot Games!

The current state of League of Legends forces players to spend the first 5 minutes of the game trying not to play safe and earning resources. The LoL arena mode gives players the option to fight as soon as the game begins with very little consequence. While there are many people who love the core essence of MOBA games, you can’t blame the large number of people who simply want to brawl it out.

The biggest issue that Riot Games might face when they implement this game mode is variety. The novelty of having a 2v2v2v2 brawl can easily fade once players spend weeks playing this game mode. Since the game already has fun gimmicks similar to TFT, it’ll be easy to make the LoL arena more engaging by changing up the maps and gimmicks every few months while balancing champions here and there.

Will People Still Like the Arena Mode in the Future?

The 2v2v2v2 arena isn’t something that will be short-lived in terms of gameplay experience. The popularity of the game mode will significantly decrease, that’s for sure, but that doesn’t mean it will die out completely. There will still be enough players who enjoy playing the LoL arena mode that it might give Riot Games incentive to continue the project moving forward and make improvements that will make the players more interested in using this mode.

Pinkward playing the LoL arena mode with Shaco
Pinkward is loving it!

Game modes like ARAM in the Howling Abyss have been around for the longest time and were also introduced as fun game modes to add variety to the game. However, there are still a relevant number of people participating in this game modes since they offer a different experience to players without taking away what’s fun about League of Legends. As long as the champions do the same thing as the standard game modes, people will always have a reason to play arena mode once in a while.

The Arena Mode’s Effect on League of Legends

Let’s get one thing straight: The arena mode isn’t taking away anything from the standard game modes. Even if a large number of players commit to playing arena modes, it will significantly benefit the other game modes of League of Legends since players will get hooked to play some games. It already made a positive impact on League of Legends, as a whole, because it drew in so many players to return to the game or make new accounts just to try it out.

Streamers, influencers, and other the community, in general, are all contributing to making the LoL arena a popular game mode by sharing the joy of this new game mode to other people. For new players, the LoL arena mode is a great way to learn more about the game without having to cram so much information about macro skills and the meta.

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