Should You Get LoL Coaching If You Want to Get Better at the Game?

LoL coaching has been a heated topic in the community for a very long time where people either make fun of the concept or defend its existence. With there being a huge market for League of Legends coaching internationally, is it really the case that you should get coaching from high ELO players and professionals if you want to get better at playing the game and eventually rank up because of it?

League of Legends Coaching

LoL coaching is when players seek out high ELO players, professional esports staff/players, or well-known analysts to teach them advanced concepts of playing the game. The act is usually done by hopping on a call with the player on a platform where they can stream their games in real-time. The coach observes the player’s gameplay and introduces useful concepts that will help them improve for a specific period.

The price of coaching depends mostly on how much the coach indicates on their platform. The more prominent the coach, the higher their going rate will usually be. The average rate for coaching is $50 per session but some coaches can go as high as $300 per session. The price of the coach is often a heated discussion in the community because a lot of people don’t agree that anything above $100 per session is reasonable.

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Is it worth getting coaching services?

The primary market of LoL coaching is players between Iron-Platinum who are looking to be promoted to a higher rank. These players want to reach a higher level of gameplay by getting the insight of players who know how to play the game at an elevated level. It is essentially the same concept as taking a course in university, except star pupils don’t exactly enroll in these classes.

However, the primary issue with this market is that there are a lot of unqualified individuals who are offering coaching services that simply waste the student’s time. Unfortunately, there really isn’t an in-depth interviewing process for a lot of websites that verify the ability of a potential coach aside from taking a look at their current or highest rank and taking a look at a clip of their gameplay.

Should You Get LoL Coaching If You Want to Improve?

If you are really intent on improving in League of Legends and self-studying isn’t working, LoL coaching is definitely the most efficient way to improve at the game. However, you should prepare a hefty budget for multiple sessions of coaching and do your research on seeking out legitimate coaches that have good reviews in the community. It is extremely hard (but not impossible) to find coaches who can provide valuable information for an extremely low price.

There is no shame in admitting that you need help improving in the game. People often make remarks about people spending money to get better at a video game but the main purpose of playing is to give the player satisfaction and enjoyment. If you get satisfaction by improving at the game and reaching a certain rank, anybody else’s opinion doesn’t really matter since it’s your money to spend anyway.

LS and Deficio analyzing the game - LoL coaching
Coaches provide a lot of value!

There are many ways to improve the game such as reading guides or watching videos but there are people who simply can’t actively apply the lessons they see or read because of their own bad habits when playing the game. The advantage of receiving coaching is that the coach sees the points that need improvement and provides lessons that are specifically catered to you and your playstyle.

When getting a LoL coach, it’s better to stick with one individual for multiple sessions because they gradually understand your needs better. That is not to say that you shouldn’t change coaches if you feel like the one you booked didn’t help you improve or had a coaching style that you didn’t feel comfortable playing with. In the end, it’s your money and you should always try to get the best possible service for your cash.

Choosing the Best LoL Coach

Choosing the right coach isn’t always as simple as choosing the one with the best reviews. A lot of websites often include sample clips of coaching sessions so take your time watching them and see if you think you’ll vibe with the coach. You shouldn’t choose a coach that’s overly strict because that can ruin your mental when learning the game but you also shouldn’t choose one that’s too laid-back or you won’t get anything done right. It’s also hard to google the best LoL coaches since the results show esports coaches instead.

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The right coach will help you get better.

When it comes to the price of the coach, it always depends on the rank. Players from Iron-Silver can choose coaches that cost as low as $25 per session but the price doesn’t exactly tell much about the coach. In the end, it’s always a good idea to review sample clips and community feedback on specific coaches rather than basing it on their price. Just because a coach costs $100 per session doesn’t always mean they’re good at coaching.

Where to Find LoL Coaches

The most common website used to book LoL coaching services is ProGuides but there are other options such as Fiverr and Patreon. The best LoL coaches in the market advertise themselves on social media platforms and forums such as Twitter, Reddit, Tiktok, and even in a lot of Discord channels. It’s really up to you to choose where you want to find your potential coach but it’s always a good idea to go for trusted websites so that you don’t end up getting scammed.

YamatoCannon coaching his team - LoL coaching
Make sure to be smart about your choices.

When looking for LoL coaches in social media and forums, it’s a good idea to look for people with a lot of followers and gets a lot of interactions (views, likes, comments). There are also a lot of YouTubers who double as coaches. If you find a channel that provides good guide videos, take a look at their channel if they have a link for their coaching profile. The last place to look for LoL coaches is on live-streaming websites like Twitch but it’s pretty rare for a coach to be streaming their lessons since most students are shy.

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