Should You Play League of Legends in 2024?

The 2024 League of Legends season has officially begun and if you’re a person looking to get into a video game or an old-time veteran looking to make a grand return, you might have some reservations about jumping into this game when there are so many haters that say otherwise. Let’s take a look at some important notes you need to know about League of Legends in 2024 to give you a better idea on the decision you want to make.

League of Legends in 2024

League of Legends in 2024 has had a lot of changes and if you haven’t played League for at least 6 months, you’d probably not recognize the game already. Unlike a lot of other video games out there, League of Legends makes major changes to the gameplay every year that it’s widely considered the most active live service game in the market. For the past 14 years, every season felt like a completely new experience.

Season 2024 Gameplay Teaser | League of Legends
Here is League of Legends in 2024!

If you are looking to play League of Legends in 2024, you probably want to double think your decision. Most people just want to play a new game that everybody else is playing to experience a completely fresh gaming experience. However, there is always the chance that League of Legends can provide you with the gameplay that you need with the formula that it took more than a decade to polish. Here is everything you need to look at for League of Legends in 2024.

Player Count

In terms of player count, League of Legends’ popularity has not decline. League of Legends is definitely NOT dying anytime soon because they still have millions of players around the world and tens of thousands of active players each day per server. Unless you are playing in the higher ranked divisions, you don’t have to worry about your queue timer to take a while before you get matched into your next game.

A huge crowd at the League of Legends World Championships - League of Legends in 2024
Are there a lot of players out there?

The game is active enough that you’ll get to experience it at a level where you don’t feel like there’s no one left playing the game or that the playerbase is too saturated. There are no issues regarding the servers being over capacity so your overall gameplay experience isn’t ruined by these issues that most other massively multiplayer games run into. Once in a while, you’ll run into some familiar names in your games which is also a fun aspect of this game.

Accessibility For Non-Veterans

In terms of gameplay accessibility for new players or those who are returning after a few years, League of Legends might have a bit of an issue. The game provides a lot of ways to give players access to their champion roster without the need to spend money but it would be a lie to say that new players have the overwhelming task of trying to collect 160+ champions if they want to have access to all the characters which will take about at least 6 months of playing non-stop.

All the masteries in League of Legends rosters - League of Legends in 2024
Is it friendly for new players?

Other than that, there really isn’t anything that veterans have that new players don’t have access to. Luckily, Riot Games understands that gatekeeping new players from having content that veterans have is a completely horrible idea. Although, not having a large champion roster can be a big issue for all types of players. If you want to skip all that horrible grinding, we suggest buying a LoL smurf account that provides all the perks that a veteran account has.

Community Behavior

League of Legends isn’t known for having the friendliest and most calm community. There will often be a lot of toxicity in your games, especially in lower ELOs because players take everything too seriously. In a competitive PvP game, it is often an issue that players fight tooth and nail against both their teammates and opponents to make sure that they can win. It’s just that a lot of League of Legends regions are toxic.

KogMaw as a monstrous monarch butterfly - League of Legends in 2024
Is League of Legends toxic?

On the other hand, League of Legends has one of the most passionate communities out there in gaming. You’ll often find a lot of sub-communities out there where thousands of players have found a sense of belongingness. Both the esports and casual gaming community have lots of people who you can interact with regardless of what you like about the game. Finding those communities would be the real problem you’ll be facing.

Amount of Content

League of Legends has used the same formula for over a decade in terms of their gameplay. League of Legends in 2024 is completely different from its predecessors without taking away from what makes the game fun for its target audience. If you played League of Legends before, you’ll be happy to hear that you can expect a massive change in the game that it won’t feel like simply going back to a game that you already played before.

The three game modes in League of Legends - League of Legends in 2024
Is there enough content?

Aside from the main game mode, Riot Games makes sure that it always adds new game modes that players can enjoy if they’re tired of playing ranked or normal game modes. There’s also a lot of content outside of the game like updated pieces of lore, esports matches from various regions, music videos, cinematics, spinoff games, and even more that’s related to the game.


One of the thing that Riot Games ensures with all of its games is that it’s never pay-to-win. League of Legends isn’t pay to win but it does have a lot of cosmetic items in its cash shop that can really entice players to spend money on the game. Items like skins, emotes, chromas, battle passes, loot boxes, and so much more are available to the game. However, they don’t offer any relevant gameplay advantages.

The League of Legends store containing important items - League of Legends in 2024
Can I buy my wins?

If you want to enjoy the game without spending a single cent on the game, you can do so without any impact on your experience. The only real pay-to-win feature in League of Legends is gaining access to all 160+ champions which you can do by having an XBox Game Pass or simply paying RP to unlock all of them. It’s definitely something that Riot Games needs to keep in mind when planning what to do next.

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